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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Links Section

    Welcome to the Evor Ultmimate Band Links Section.

    Find your favorite genre and browse through pages of great Independent artists. If you like what you read simply click the link to visit their website. If you are in a band or a solo artists we welcome you to be added to our list.. Simply make sure you are not already listed first then click the Add my site link.

    To be added to our links section-
  • Simply follow the instructons on the Contact site page.
  • You must fill it out completely.
  • Failure to follow a few simple instructions on the submission will result in your band not being added to our websites links section.

    What is required is: Website URL (yes 22% of the submissions last month missed this simple step), and a paragraph about the artist or band (yes, folks failed to fill this out as well).
    Add my site.

  • 60's Style Rock Artists
    Remember the Beach Boys, Beatles, Tommy James and the Shondles? If you do, we have plenty of Indie musicians that still cling to this 1960's style of music. Check out Jimmie Vestal for fun.

  • 60's Style Artists
  • 70's Style Music
    The 70's produced some of the greatest musicians of our era and this section links to indie artists that keep that torch burning brght. Artist Einar Vilberg and band J.D.A are some of my top picks.

  • 70's Style Artists
  • Alternative Rock
    Has this genre dried up or has it fallen victm to the I-Pod? If you love great alternative rock you must check out the now defunct ASH. This band had so much going for it. What happened?

  • Alternative Artists

  • Blues Artists
    I don't know about you, but I love the blues. As a result we have added some of the indie worlds best players and once you have a look around I'm sure you'll agree with me about our listings.

  • Blues Artists
  • Country Artists
    This genre has really taken off and we have taken off with them. Some of the best Indie twangers are listed in this section. Barbara Harley, David Issaacs and Rustic Blue top the list so be sure to check them out.

  • Country Artists
  • Easy Listening
    Want to relax to some great music? Have a look at this section as we feature Ruthie Foster, Nicki Sutherland, Frank Cotolo, JazzAddiction and Jeza just to name a few to get you interested.

  • Easy Listening
  • Electronic Artists
    The most dynamic artists on the planet come from this genre and we have uncovered some of the greatest. Visit the pages of Quad-Cranium and you will know what I mean. Was it a conspiracy or a wild adventure gone bad?
  • Electronic Artists
  • Folk Artists
    This striped down genre really reveals the artists true ability because nothing is covered up with electric samples. While looking around be sure to visit Zingo Zango- this band really has fun making music.

  • Folk Artists
  • Gospel Artists
    When it's time to get a little spirtual may we suggest checking out the bands that sing the praises of their God and Rev. Lawrence David Thomison does it about as well as anyone.
  • Gospel Artists
  • Gothic Artists
    If your into life on the darker side then you may want to check out the gothic artists and Suicidal Poets takes the cake even if the cake is black inside and out.

  • Gothic Artists
  • Grunge Artists
    Nobody plays power chords with more energy and power then Karen Sotomayor! Be sure to check her out when your on the grunge band links section. She really knows how to rock.
  • Grunge Artists

  • Hip Hop
    We never try to be the judge of what is good music or not. All we know is that the Hip Hop genre has been unstoppable so we support the genre. We just promise to spell everything correctly.
  • Hip Hop Artist
  • Industrial Artists
    Take a little bit of Gothic and add some Electronic then mix it with a little additude and you have the Industrial Genre. Full of power and energy and scary as hell! Check out Quad-Cranium..wow!
  • Industrial Artists
  • Jazz Artists
    Nothing beats a little jazz music to get yu in the mood to relax and kick back after a long day at the office. May we suggest having a look at our friend Jeza..

  • Jazz Artists
  • Metal Artists
    Take one part Rock-n-Roll and add 3 parts of pure kick ass and you have one hard-rock called metal. While in this sectin check out Jimmie Dee Caterine..This cat can blister the axe.

  • Metal Artists

  • Pop Artists
    Pop music has been a staple for many years in music and nobody does it better then New Yorks R.I.P.E. Not only do they sound awesome the front 3 looks awesome.

  • Pop Artists
  • Prog. Artists
    The intellegent arm of the rock/metal movement Progressive Rock adds a touch of classical to the Rock/Metal mix. While in the section have a look at Avalonusa.

  • Prog. Artists
  • Rock Artists
    If the band ROCKS, we have them listed. This section is the largest of the band links section. Check out EvO:R founder TL2 while in this section, he was voted one of the top 12 unknow guitarists.

  • Rock Artists
  • Southern Rock
    Take a rock band and replace the leather pants with blue jeans, the hair spray with a big hat and fire up the Bar-B-Q and pop a beer because the rockers from the south are ready!

  • Southern Rock

  • World Music
    Time to return back to nature? Then look at the Worl Music artists linked on EvO:R. While on the section you have to check out Roberto Luz from Guatemala.

  • World Music
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