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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
The Songs that changed my musicial life on EvO:R

"Distorted guitar riffage flies from the speakers, along with some quick-picked rock soloing. Harrelson aka..TL2 is quite comfortable mixing a disparate range of styles - it's quite likely the full CD release will feature more of the same.".......

The Making of the CD TWO

   The Two CD was a combination of music that was recorded between 1998 and 2005. I was very fortunate to be able to work with a number of incredible artists during that time. Artists like Mark Bell (Triskelion Matrix), Neal Allen (Southern Logic), Vance Savage (ASH) and Jeff Williford (Tonearm Project). During this period I spent some time recording some of my own material which has been a cause of great pride. I am not a good song writter. I work better when I can take someones idea and embellish my thoughts on their piece of music.

"If it's true that great guitarists are a dime a dozen, I just found one that's worth a dozen dimes all by himself."
"TWO delivered on its promise and had me tapping my fingers on the desktop throughout. A blend of heavy metal and dark ambient, TWO moves the listener through several emotions and prepares him for what is to follow." Jef Peace Peacework Music Network.

The title song TWO was a song that I really had fun working with. I spent months working on the drum program to create an almost live drummer sound. I used a Roland DR-5 for the drums and avoided the preset kits and simply pounded out the sounds with my fingers. The guitar riff sound was created by routing the processed guitar through a reel-to-reel recorder and then back feeding the sound through another guitar processor. This created a very compressed guitar sound but eleminated the normal breathing problems that too much compression would create.

The song breaks in the middle for the extended guitar solo and if you really pay attention to the keyboard and rhythm guitar part you can actually sing the theme to the LOVE BOAT. If I didn't mention this you would never know to listen for this little tid-bit.
  •  Listen to- TWO / 

  • Spin 8 was another interesting tune because I was working with a software called Mix Man and by using this software I was able to create a very cool beat. The song was never designed to have any guitar on it but one day I got the inspiration to create a melody line and the rest is history. This song was also remixed by Daniel Johnson with vocals. That version is still under lock and key because Daniel Johnson did not want to release it.
  •  Listen to- Spin 8 / 

  • Man of the Forest was originally recorded by Jef Williford for his Tonearm Project soundtrack. The song was to have a drum track added but for some reason we never could get the correct feel so we deep sixed the song. While working on the TWO CD I wanted another song to finish the CD. I had nothing new to add so I went looking through my demos to find something interesting. That was when I rediscovered this piano piece and I added my guitar thoughts. My proudest moment was when the song was reviewed.
    "Man Of The Forest" is like a slow walk in the woods, eyes wide open, all the wonders of nature coming into view slowly as we hike along. Some of the finest guitar work I've ever had the pleasure of hearing brands this song as one worthy of anyone's time and attention." Jef Peace
    What else could I add?
  •  Listen to - Man Of The Forest / 

  • The CD also includes a couple hidden tracks. These where songs that where planned for the ASH project. ASH was an EvO:R supergroup consisting of Neal Allen, Vance Savage and myself. We had 6-7 song demos completed and where in the process of cleaning them up and releasing an EP to the public. I also had demos scheduled to go out to a couple label friends in the hopes of taking this project up to another level. Then disaster happened! All the songs where lost in a complete and total computer crash. The only hope would have been to start all over again. This simply wasn't in the cards. ASH could have been a huge success. I thought we had 3-4 songs that would be rock chart toppers.

    The songs that are on TWO where demo tracks that I had. The sound is a bit thin but the energy was there. No samples of any of these songs are available, you will have to purchase the CD from Peacework Music to hear them.

    I wanted to thank Jef Peace of Peacework Music Network. Jef is the EXCLUSIVE distributor of everything TL2. The Peacework Music Network is currently going through reconstruction. Jef has been great to work with and I would suggest him to anyone else that wants an online retail solution.
    Listen to all the songs from the album (CD has 2 hidden tracks not available for download).
    All songs are downloadable MP3 files. If the track does not play when you click on the song title simply right click the song title and save to your computer.

    TWO /  2.2.2 /  Monsta Mash /  D-Kay /  Spin 8 /  Serkis /  Malcolm's Hand /  Out Of Sync /  Man Of The Forest /  Blinded /  Slam Dunk /  Technodrone /  Empty /  Slo-Mo Groove Thing /  Triskelion Matrix / 


    Charlie Harrelson, is the founder of the EvO:R organization as well as the EvO:R website designer. He has worked with countless Independent musicians over the years helping them promote their personal music. Charlie has been fortunate enough to have been asked to play guitar on a number of EvO:R members CD releases. He has also been voted as one of the 12 best undiscovered guitarists by, a website dedicated to great guitarists all over the world. To learn more about Charlie Harrelson's music visit him on the web at: TL2 on EvO:R.

     I'll start this out by saying Charlie has some great guitar chops. He can do it all, and he does it well. TL2 mixes synthesized backgrounds with killer solo guitar. If you have any love for Steve Vai, you'll like TL2. He has the same way of speaking through his guitar rather than vocally. The guitar sound is great and he uses interesting beats and time signatures to keep things interesting. The mixes are excellent and boast nice production values where you can take in the entirety of the mix, nothing is lost in the booth. This is no triple A rookie, folks, this guys a real pro. Give him a listen.......IUMA Review
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