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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
The Making of Lounge Lizard

"Distorted guitar riffage flies from the speakers, along with some quick-picked rock soloing. Harrelson aka..TL2 is quite comfortable mixing a disparate range of styles - it's quite likely the full CD release will feature more of the same.".......

The Making of Lounge Lizard

After recording material for the CD "Life Without Light" and "TWO" I had plenty of material that was left over that simply did not fit into either of the other two projects. Some of the songs where just practice tracks that I recorded so I could warm up before settling in to a night of serious recording.

Fans of TL2 might run for cover after listening to this CD. The music is a far cry from the guitar dominated works of TWO" and "Life Without Light" projects. Led Zepplen did the same thing with Zepplin III as they simply took a different direction prior to being type casted as strickly a blues influenced metal band. Lounge Lizards had a couple great rock tunes but the direction I was trying to take was not guitar dominated music. I was more into the groove and I was not trying to impress anyone.

The CD begins with a rock inspired track called SLACB. The letters stand for Shaking Like a Crack Baby. During the early 90's I was suffering from a debiliating series of wrist pains and after about 20 minutes of playing guitar my hands would start to fall asleep. To revitalize my hands I would shake them vigoriously to regain the circulation. While recording the guitar tracks for this song I went through that phase of issues with my hands. My friend Jeff Williford was listening to the guitar parts and commented that I was shaking like a crack baby, so the title stayed.

The CD had a few other high points of interest such as Return to Silence, Crystaline and the instrumental ballad "Something that would last." Something that would Last which featured a haunting sound bite at the end of the song. The words "something that would last" where repeated as the song was ending. The comment came from a tape recorded message that was sent to me by my best friend as she was commenting about the thought of me recording music for here for a future CDRom series that she was working on. Her haunting voice was the finishing touches on a great power ballad.

Crystaline, featured a wonderfully exciting instrumental rock song with a powerful guitar solo that really expressed my love for the Joe Satriani, Tony MacAlpine power solo. This song belonged on the TWO project but I simply didn't have room for another song because the TWO disc clocked in close to 74 minutes.

The CD cover was simply a situation when all the stars lined up. A lady was in the studio that I was working in and I noticed a part of her tattoo. When I told her I was planning to release some songs on a CD called Lounge Lizards she instantly wanted me to see her tattoo. After taking a few pictures I realized thatone of those pictures would become the CD cover. The rest is history!

To listen to lofi samples click the song title. All TL2 CD's are out of print until later this year.
Big Blue /  Eyes Are Blind /  Babylon /  Medicine Man /  A.S.H. /  Logical /  Slink /  Blue /  That's All Right /  Centerfuse /  No Sleep /  Autologic /  Fragile /  Respite Under The Sun / 

Charlie Harrelson, is the founder of the EvO:R organization as well as the EvO:R website designer. He has worked with countless Independent musicians over the years helping them promote their personal music. Charlie has been fortunate enough to have been asked to play guitar on a number of EvO:R members CD releases. He has also been voted as one of the 12 best undiscovered guitarists by, a website dedicated to great guitarists all over the world. To learn more about Charlie Harrelson's music visit him on the web at: TL2 on EvO:R.

 I'll start this out by saying Charlie has some great guitar chops. He can do it all, and he does it well. TL2 mixes synthesized backgrounds with killer solo guitar. If you have any love for Steve Vai, you'll like TL2. He has the same way of speaking through his guitar rather than vocally. The guitar sound is great and he uses interesting beats and time signatures to keep things interesting. The mixes are excellent and boast nice production values where you can take in the entirety of the mix, nothing is lost in the booth. This is no triple A rookie, folks, this guys a real pro. Give him a listen.......IUMA Review
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    by TL2
    Released 2006

    Esoteric Visions
    by Quad Cranium
    (featuring TL2)
    Lounge Lizard
    by TL2
    Released 2006
    Tracks Across America
    By Various Artists
    Released 2006