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TL2 Music Reviews on EvO:R

"Distorted guitar riffage flies from the speakers, along with some quick-picked rock soloing. Harrelson aka..TL2 is quite comfortable mixing a disparate range of styles - it's quite likely the full CD release will feature more of the same.".......

TL2 Reviews
I just finished my review of TL2. Y'all need to get this cd. It will give you a taste of just how talented our own Charlie really is.

A review of TWO by TL2
by Jef Peace, PeaceWork Music Net

If it's true that great guitarists are a dime a dozen, I just found one that's worth a dozen dimes all by himself.

From the first slow-building whirlwind intro of the title track, I knew I was in for a treat. "TWO" delivered on its promise and had me tapping my fingers on the desktop throughout. A blend of heavy metal and dark ambient, "TWO" moves the listener through several emotions and prepares him for what is to follow.

"2.2.2" continues in the metal/ambient theme, but with a flavor all its own.

Then, with simple percussion and slowly wakening guitar " Monsta Mash" takes us deeper into the dark in an almost Santanaesque fashion. Very hip, very smooth with some incredible guitar licks not to be missed.

"D-Kay" dips its toe into the electronica pool without losing the somewhat dark feel of the preceding tracks. The guitar is still there, its shining beacon adding a depth to this song that is lacking in most electronica. The vocals are very interesting as well . . . sort of a chanting almost-drone, they feel like an instrument more than anything else . . . quite creative.

"Spin 8" has a strong fusion feel and could hold its own with the masters of that genre. A cacophony of sounds that causes a bit of a mental spin, leaving the mind feeling as though it's visited a theme park, which is a perfect intro to the short and whimsical "Serkis" which immediately places the listener in a seat under the big top.

Then comes one of the strongest tracks on the cd, emotionally speaking, "Malcolm's Hand" . . . a rock ballad paying tribute to a giving and caring man.

After this brief side-trip, we're taken back to the darker side of the human spirit with "Out Of Sync." In true trance spirit, this one slowly introduces different elements then slowly backs them out, then back in again. Very tasty guitar is subtly intertwined throughout, almost as an after-thought. Single men on the prowl take note: this one could melt your lady du jour.

Keeping it on the softer side, "Man Of The Forest" is like a slow walk in the woods, eyes wide open, all the wonders of nature coming into view slowly as we hike along. Some of the finest guitar work I've ever had the pleasure of hearing brands this song as one worthy of anyone's time and attention.

"Blinded" picks the pace back up with a bit more fusion, leaning toward the jazz side. The guitar in this one purrs like a woman being made love to . . . by a lover who definitely knows what makes a woman tick. Another one for the single men on the prowl.

I'm curious about the name of the next track . . . " Slam Dunk" is anything but. It has a smooth new age intro that develops into another fusionesque montage that is the backdrop for incredible guitar work that makes me want to buy one so I can learn to do that.

"Technodrone" is something straight out of a futuristic, intergalactic lounge. I can close my eyes and see the Cyborgs and Venutians swaying to the beat as they bitch about their jobs and try to find someone to go home with while sipping exotic drinks from bizarre containers.

East-European trance in flavor, "Empty" starts out like it's got something to say . . . then proceeds to say it with style. This is probably my favorite track . . . the name is somewhat ironic in that the song itself is rich and full, like a fine espresso or mousse. The amazing guitar takes this otherwise trance tune to another level, complimenting the techno sound rather than competing with it.

Next comes about the sexiest tune I've ever swayed my body to . . . "Slo-Mo Groove Thing" is exactly that and it is very, very tasty. Color this one another weapon in the single-man-on-the-prowl arsenal.

TL2 wraps up their debut cd with " Triskelion Matrix," another techno-flavored rich and sweet dessert topped with a heaping spoonful of very tasty guitar.

All in all, TWO proved to be a sometimes sexy, sometimes tantalizing, sometimes relaxing backdrop for the creative and tasteful guitar work of Charlie Harrelson aka TL2. Music world, take note: there's a new king on the throne and he's ruling with velvet strings.
Listen to all the songs from the album (CD has 2 hidden tracks not available for download).
TWO /  2.2.2 /  Monsta Mash /  D-Kay /  Spin 8 /  Serkis /  Malcolm's Hand /  Out Of Sync /  Man Of The Forest /  Blinded /  Slam Dunk /  Technodrone /  Empty /  Slo-Mo Groove Thing /  Triskelion Matrix / 

A review of TWO by TL2
by Jimmie D. Caterine, Solo Artist, Producer and former Guitarist for Scared Rite.

As an EvO:R reviewer I have come across some amazing recordings and some not so amazing recordings. Now I get to review our fearless leader. Since I only have bias towards my own music – I think that I can remain honest in my opinion during this review and hopefully, I don’t get reprimanded for being unbiased and critical towards my good friend Charlie Harrelson.

When I first met Charlie, I was new to the world of the World Wide Web. I found my first CD, Cognition, in the Kiosk at and I was confused as to how it got there unauthorized. After a few emails back and forth with Charlie Harrelson, I came to understand how the net worked and that Charlie distributed many CD’s as a CD Baby affiliate. Charlie sent me some of his work as TL2 ( which came from his old AOL screen name TwoLucky2 )and I have been a fan of Charlie Harrelson ever since. I love hearing guitarists get their ya ya’s out. Especially ones as well balanced as Mr. Harrelson.

TL2 gives us a beautiful and sometimes confusing canvas of colors that make you have to listen to this disc again and again. I had a new perspective with every sitting. It’s not hum drum or run of the mill. It’s art and should be viewed as that. The grooves and the depth of the background instrumentation resemble an industrial/ techno feel throughout most of the disc and on top you get 31 flavors of Charlie Harrelson’s guitar styling.

Another reason I like discs like this is everyone who listens to it will come away with something different. I’d like to go in depth on a few tracks that really stood out for me. I know this isn’t the standard EvO:R format but sometimes I feel the need to emphasize certain points.

Monsta Mash is the 3rd track. Charlie uses the chromatic blues riff from the fifth to the sixth as the main theme of the song. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the progression used in this way before. It works well and I came away thinking how cool it is that such a simple idea can speak a thousand words. The song is both eerie and a bit jazzy at the same time. VERY COOL!!

Serkis is just a little minuet –so to speak. But again shows TL2’s creative nature using a melody that we are all accustomed to hearing at one time or another and adding his own sometimes demented twist on it. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! (in an eerie, twisted sort of way.)

Malcolm’s Hand –with Neal Allen (another EVOR member singing). This song creates a great diversion and lifts TWO to a new level. WOW –anyone who listens to this song will feel something. The canvas is even more colorful than the rest of TWO with awesome tones and delay. It’s like a lush ethereal ocean which makes a beautiful bed for this ode to one’s father. I can relate.

Out Of Sync –Is that a kalimba in my left ear? Again, the artist moves in mysterious ways – Blinded and Slam Dunk are two others that stood out for me. I love the clean tones on Slam Dunk. Maybe I can get a few pointers from TL2 on this particular tone. VERY NICE!

The low point of TWO (for me) was Man Of The Forest. It was a cool progression but I failed to find the groove in this piece. Although, that may have been the artist’s intention –so it is merely an observation.

 Artist: TL2
 Album: TWO
 A review by Dale Turner - Contributing writer for Guitar Player Magazine

Be nice to everyone you meet. You never know who you are dealing with. In late 2010 I was contacted by Dale Turner to "please remove all downloadable files of his new CD from my website." Usually I hate it when people do this because artist's that are very protective of their music typically are not very good to begin with. I agreed to pull his music and told him that I would also pull the review I was about to make. A week later I am contacted by a mutual friend (Cyrus Rhodes) who asked me to please review Dale's CD.

Reluctantly, I did listen and review Dale's CD. It was one of the best CD's I have listened to in 2010 so as expected, I gave him a great review. Little did I know but Dale was the editor of a now defunct Guitar magazine, a renowned instructor at the Musician's Institute and is a monthly contributor to Guitar Player Magazine.

Had I been an jerk and refused to review Dale's CD I would have missed out on some amazing music and also would not have made a good friend. So the moral to the story is to be nice to everyone you meet. You never know when you might be brushing with greatness....

Now to the Review
Sorry for the delay in blasting you, back, man! The music school I teach at (Musician's Institute) just had all their finals last week, and grading all that stuff is a time killer! Plus, I wanted to take time cranking your tunes and share my thoughts :-) (See below...) Oh well, time to start revving up for "holiday mode"! I hope you and yours have some fun planned, man!!

Thanks for sending me a link to your tunes! I cranked a bunch of them, and wrote some stuff... NICE!!!!

You should be able to click on the song title and listen to an MP3 file of the song.

Cool "b5" riff!! And I dig all the background guitar activity, as well as variety of drum grooves! And killin' Lydian guitar melody!!!! Great tone on the solo! I really like your legato stuff, as well as that "octaves" lick in there! Outro solo is wicked!

Crushing riff! And I dig the way you harmonized the main melody with that quiet "in the background" line. And a killer "chorus effect" tone in the first solo! I'm digging your tones :-) Parts of this kind of reminds me of "Mr. Scary" (George Lynch/Dokken)! He's a fave of mine!
Monsta Mash
Wes Montgomery and George Benson would dig the "clean" lickage you're throwing down throughout this one! I like how it's bookended by that descending chromatic figure, for eeriness!!! Main solo is wailing! Sort of Santana like, but more maniacal! (He's rad!)
Groove-o-rama! I like the vocals! And more cool guitar lines! Nice fabric of interweaving parts throughout this: guitars, bass, rad drum groove, programmed elements keyboards. Then the explosive lead! I really dig this track. Have you tried going the "song licensing" route on any of these? It seems like the main body of this song (among other songs) could totally be synched to some sort of image (film, whatever). Either way, it's certainly funky & cool as is.
Spin 8
Nice background "pads" adding ambience to this almost "tribal" groove. I dig the tremolo picked, repeating bend that's before the 1st solo. Then really rawking solo, itself! You are a Dorian beast! And your groove programming is pretty kick arse :-)
Hahahaha!!! I knew it was gonna be "Circus" related by the title :-) even a slide whistle in there, or something! Hilarious :-) Nice kooky chromatic stuff! Wish it wasn't so short!
Malcolm's Hand
Man, your background, harmonized, single-note guitar stuff is cool in these. I like how you mixed them. And now I finally hear you sing for real! I dig your voice, man! TOTALLY different, in phrasing and tone, than what I expected your voice would sound like (since you were implying you didn't dig your own voice) I totally expected to hear something like a not-so-great version of James LaBrie, based on the way you kind of hinted at your singing. Here, and VERY appropraite, given the subject matter & vibe, your singing is almost Gordon Lightfoot/Cat Stevens-like, to my ears (they're also rad... that's a compliment!) Very much a matured singing voice, with lots of soul. Not a falsetto screeching rock guy *trying* to sing with feeling. I really like your voice, man! Is this song about your father? (My song "Taken" is about mine, FYI.)
Out Of Sync
I like the "plinkiness" throughout this! Is that a super high-pitched marimba sound? And all the little (subtle) "dive bombs" add a rad touch :-) Pinch harmonics are fun!!!
Man Of The Forest
Thunder!! (It's pouring rain here, as I listen to this.) I like how that all sets up the rock ballad vibe, and quasi harpsichord sound, with cool guitar lines over it. You ever hear this record? It's got cool stuff all over it as well.... David Torn playing guitar, w/ Michael Shrieve...
You're making me wanna bust out more cool octave sliding licks! Me like!!! And bladdy L, now you're sort of hitting me like David Gilmour.... with Vai-flavor. Suhweet! Again, killin' harmonies (w/volume swells). Nice note choices with those harmonies, man. (I often hear LOTS of "wrong" sounding harmonies when people got this wrote. You're totally nailing it!)
Slam Dunk
Harmonics and open strings in that rad opening riff? NICE!!! And I REALLY like that keyboard-ish riff that comes in right afterwards (with all the note clusters) as you play your octave guitar melody, and plays virtually through out. Great tone on those bitchin' bluesy licks between the "octaves" line. I freaked when that "Aerosmith" like riff came in! Coolness!!! But man, TOTALLY dig that cluster keyboard figure.
Funky groove rawk-o-rama! And killin' unison bend line!! Do you like Buckethead? Just wondering... He's a beast :-) Also dig the stuff you did in this mega outro solo.
Clubbin'!! What a cool, high-energy track! Cool vehicle for shreddin' :-)
Slo-Mo Groove Thing
Great sounds on this one as well... Textural trip-hop with leads!
Triskelion Matrix
Cool Jeff Beck-ish nutty bends in this solo!
You ARE all over the place, man--just as you said! What a cool mix of stuff, man! Thanks for sending me that link :-)

Well, Charlie, I hope you have a rad holiday season! We're bailing on this town between Dec 23-30. If I don't type at you before we take off, have a GREAT rest of the year, man! Thanks again for all the nice words, and the cool review :-) RAWK ON!!!
Listen to all the songs from the album (CD has 2 hidden tracks not available for download).
TWO /  2.2.2 /  Monsta Mash /  D-Kay /  Spin 8 /  Serkis /  Malcolm's Hand /  Out Of Sync /  Man Of The Forest /  Blinded /  Slam Dunk /  Technodrone /  Empty /  Slo-Mo Groove Thing /  Triskelion Matrix / 

by TL2
Released 2006

Esoteric Visions
by Quad Cranium
(featuring TL2)

Lounge Lizard
by TL2
Released 2006

Tracks Across America
By Various Artists
Released 2006