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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R-Pedia Musicians Tips Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Tips Section. We call this section EvO:R-Pedia because it is like a complete reference library for Indie musicians...Just about every tip has been used so you won't find false promises and a series of books to buy after reading each tip. This section was put here by musicians so that people that followed can take this knowledge and use it's power.

    Tim Sweeney and Bob Baker help you get your music website rockin'.
    Avoiding The Mistakes Other Artists Make In Their Websites
    By Tim Sweeney (http://www.TSAMusic.com)

    One of the great secrets of the music business is that successful artists avoid the mistakes that other artists make. Especially when it comes to the internet and their web site.

    For example, most artist’s web sites don’t generate the kind of response or CD sales they want for the simple reason they have designed it for the wrong people! Too frequently, I meet artists at my workshops or who call me before listening to my new audio book, TIM SWEENEY’S GUIDE TO RELEASING INDEPENDENT RECORDS PART 2, who have designed their web site for their friends and current fans. Big mistake! Why? Because their not the people coming to it! The people who are coming to it are "their friends" and new fans you met by handing out CD samplers.

    You see, whether they are your current fan’s friends or the people you have met promoting your next show, they are coming to your site to learn more about you. Your current fans have only told their friends how great you are and that they enjoy your music and they should come to a future show or buy a CD. Well as you know when someone talks to you about a new artist, you are not going to wait a month for the next show. You are going to go to their web site to find out about them and listen to their music. Even if you gave the person a CD sampler, they aren’t going to remember everything you told them!

    So with that in mind, they will be coming to your web site to learn more about you. Then do what the successful artists do! Use your Artist Profile materials in the site NOT YOUR PRESS KIT! Since your Artist Profile bio talks about who you are as an artist and what your music is about and its value, use that to build the personal bond with your new fans. Not a press kit bio that’s full of hype no one cares about. Since your press kit isn’t getting the response or results you want from the media, why try to pawn it off on new fans that won’t care either? Give them what they want!

    Successful artists understand what new fans want to know about them and their music. Learn what you need to give them and leave the other artists behind.

    Don’t know what an Artist Profile is? Get a copy of my new audio book, TIM SWEENEY’S GUIDE TO RELEASING INDEPENDENT RECORDS PART 2 at http://www.TSAMusic.com

    The Lost Q&A on Music Web Site Tips
    By Bob Baker

    Q: How can artists get fans to keep coming back to their web site?
    A: Before I answer that, let me emphasize that an artist's goal should never be to reach a certain number of hits or return visits to a web site. The goal should be to establish ongoing relationships with a growing number of fans -- relationships that lead to lots of CD sales, bodies at live shows and positive word of mouth (also known as "buzz"). Keep the focus on connecting with fans, and then view your web site and other marketing tools through the lens of how they can help you accomplish that.

    Hands down, the best way to keep fans coming back to your site is to get permission to contact them by e-mail. This is most commonly done by offering a free e-zine or e-mail update. Place a sign-up form on every web page and give visitors a compelling reason to sign up. Simply announcing "Sign Up for the Free Band Ezine" is better than nothing, but there are better ways to inspire people to hand over their contact information.

    Make it sound as if, by signing up, fans are gaining access to a special club with cool benefits for members. Offer exclusive downloads, access to a members-only section of your site, timely updates on upcoming shows and new releases ... all this for free, if only the fan fills out a simple form.

    Once you have a database of people interested in your music, you can communicate with them by e-mail on a regular basis. And you can make them aware of new reasons to visit your web site. But the bottom line is that you are furthering the relationship you have with your fans.

    Q: Why is an e-zine a good way to keep in touch with fans?
    A: Because once a fan has given you permission to contact him or her about your musical activities, it puts you in control of the relationship. A web site without an e-zine component is a crapshoot. You sit on the sidelines and hope that people find your site and return to get the latest news on your act. An e-zine is essential in building fan relationships.

    However, for an e-zine to be effective, you have to make the most of it. That means sharing a bit of yourself with your fans through your writing. Let them know about interesting things that happened on the road, personal experiences that influenced your songs, etc. Also, don't just list places where you'll be playing; describe the venues and create an appealing reason for people to attend.

    Also, offer discounts on your CDs and merchandise and make other special offers to your subscribers. Share yourself with your fans, reward them, make them feel special -- and they'll reward you with their time, money and support.

    [Note: For dozens of tips on publishing a free fan e-zine, check out my "E-zine Music Marketing" special report at http://www.bob-baker.com/buzz/quiz.html ]

    Q: How important is it these days to be listed in a search engine?
    A: It helps, but I don't think people should get too preoccupied with search engine rankings. Again, focus on reaching fans and networking with site owners who can help you reach those fans.

    Q: How can artists find web sites to get reviewed in?
    A: Simple. Go to a search engine like google.com and type in key words related to your music or the names of popular artists similar to you. You'll have to wade through a lot of unusable listings, but you should find many sites that review the kind of music you perform.


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