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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R-Pedia Musicians Tips Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Tips Section. We call this section EvO:R-Pedia because it is like a complete reference library for Indie musicians...Just about every tip has been used so you won't find false promises and a series of books to buy after reading each tip. This section was put here by musicians so that people that followed can take this knowledge and use it's power.

    Secrets? What Secrets?.
    By Joel Pirard

    There is no secret formula.
    For us, it has gone like this:

    JDA completed A Fine Time in 1997. For 2 years it was just that. We did not do anything with it, it just was. When we started on the second one (Through A Moving Window) we actually decided to market the first. TRIAL AND ERROR!

    After some research we found a site called ( http://www.CDFRONT.com ) that allowed artists to send in inventory just like ( http://www.CDBABY.com ) . CDFront.com was offering a service whereby they would set you up on MP3.com for a small fee.

    We explored this and learned that we could do it ourselves. We found that the best thing for us was to stay on ANY site that would host our music. That was the beginning. We then decided to sell some CDS on CDFRONT anyway, so we paid their fee, and sent in the stock.

    We set ourselves up on MP3.com. ( http://www.mp3.com ) Mp3.com actually worked OK for awhile, but as we all know, they are not that great anymore, still ALL my SEVEN SOURCES (solo) CDS are still there, and JDA and AVALON USA. A message on an MP3.com bulletin board about ( http://www.Musicbuilder.com ) sent me there, and so all of my projects were added there as well. I also first encountered FRANK COTOLO during this time, although we didn’t know each other. At that time, he was doing reviews apparently for fun of anyone who asked him! We did, and he was really professional in his evaluation. I was intrigued by him due to his biography on MP.3.com, and started reading his reviews frequently, and accessing his site. Checked out some of his links and signed up to ( http://www.iuma.com ) (note now owned by Vitaminic). Upon ‘following’ Frank ( I was stalking him ) I discovered http://www.evor.com. Once accepted at EVOR, JDA started to ‘ascend’ so to speak: first by getting involved, and mostly by joining up to thehttp://www.VITAMINIC.com, signed up (JDA), and later AVALON USA, and SEVEN SOURCES. I even won a TELECASTER!

    We were noticed by http://unsigned-bands.com which is a start-up CD sales site in England, and have since been included on a compilation disk.

    We joined and formed clubs:
    CLUBS JDA is affiliated with:

    If you like music from musicians that are not household names, (but are still very talented) you should be checking out our website at: www.evor.com Welcome all quality musicians that actually want to talk music, not insult other people. This club will begin growing and the input we get from each of you will only help to make us better. Tell all your friends to join, we need members!

    Not just "MY" songs, your songs too. I am looking to start a dialogue about the songwriting process, the inspiration, what moves you, etc. Really into what your 'muse' may be, etc.... Also please add a link to your site! And check them out too!

    Members come on in and make yourself at home, and enjoy many music subjects, and make new friends**** Important... all new members: Please, read post #468 "Rule" and post #595 "Den's Band of the Week" Songbear and Clayaura JDA and TL2 have been featured artists here!

    Independent artists unite. Join up and share your artistic, production, songwriting talents. Post your music webpage link, get reviewed, get crazy (One of Frank’s Clubs)

    MIC is the only Yahoo! club that is designed to give you the knowledge to operate in the music business.

    Attention all Unsigned Bands..if you are looking for a place to get some publicity..you have come to the right place. So come on in..and join the fun!!

    Hi! I'm Luigi from Japan. MP3 is the great media, you can send your music all over the world. Why don't you join us?

    It very well could be the most ambitious project since sound became data. Come here to keep up with its progress. This is the site for Frank Cotolo’s ‘King of Monkey Island’ Project.

    We set up a free website for ourselves ( will probably convert to a domain soon ) http://trak.to/OURSONGS is the site address. We have found that if we link everything possible, we have a bit of saturation happening. After almost 2 years at this we are starting to actually be ‘known’. We have continued to network with others, and have been participating in discussion groups such as those above and we continue to search and evaluate as many as we can.

    THESE are some new (to me) sites that I have learned of. I have looked into them, added part of their pitch, and my comments.

  • http://www.starpolish.com
  • At StarPolish, we are dedicated to educating and empowering artists, with an emphasis on artist advocacy and artist development. We are also committed to supporting the arts by rewarding and highlighting the most hard-working and deserving artists. StarPolish is a collaborative effort between artists and music industry professionals.
    (Joel's Comment):Extensive 'TIPS' page! http://www.starpolish.com/advice

  • http://www.besonic.com
  • Music anytime, anywhere, tailored to the individual likes of users. Direct digital distribution via the internet and mobile phone networks. Precise music marketing with small financial risk. Especially responding to those consumer groups, who have become less receptive to music from the conventional mass media and heavily fragmented market.
    (Joel's Comment): Similar to MP3.com WITHOUT the BS!

  • http://www.mp3charts.com
  • - your first stop for mp3s on the web mp3charts.com is proud to announce a prime and independent online ranking organization for free music downloads. What it means for you the surfer... You can think of our charts as the cyberspace counterpart to real world music charts. Want to know what mp3s the rest of the world is listening to? Just check out our charts and find out. ... and what it means for bands....Bands no longer have to rely on the individual and unrelated rankings produced by the sites that host their mp3s. Because our charts reflect the downloads from all sites that promote their music we can offer bands the highest possible visibility. (Joel's comment): Seems to be a kind of online trading post.

  • Java Music
  • Register as an Artist if you would like to: Upload your music for FREE Earn money, Sell your CDs and other merchandise, Gain Backstage Access Reach the Asian markets, Take advantage of discounted services, Access Fan benefits as well, Increase Distribution, Stay current on industry developments, Access special promotions, Increase your chances to become a star! JavaMusic Indie Label. Register as an Indie Label if: You are the Authorized representative. You want access to all your artists from one page You want to sell your CDs directly to fans You have at least one Artist to manage You want unlimited "shelf" space for distribution You want more Web presence for your Artists.
    (Joel's Comment): AN ASCAP Site! JDA and Martin Paul are here!

  • http://www.stationMP3.com
  • WHAT THEY SAY: What are the benefits of being a stationMP3.com artist? StationMP3 has capitalized on the founder's years of experience, industry knowledge, and extensive resources to provide artists with the very best tools available online. We've coupled this with the wisdom of our industry contacts to build the most complete artist services site on the Web. StationMP3.com is the best place to reach your audience and build your fan base. stationMP3.com gives you the tools you need to market and distribute yourself effectively and efficiently online. It's FREE! Upload your music, build a website, and manage your fan list free of charge.
    Distribution - Post your music on stationMP3 as well as other top sites through one form .It's non-exclusive! You control your music and can terminate the agreement at any time. .Online events calendar that lists your gigs and events. HTML-enabled web space to showcase music, pictures and other artist information. Track your success with comprehensive real-time stats.
    Joel's Comment: The free services look about the same as MP3.com and others, Some other 'Pay' services also.

  • http://www.hotbands.com
  • Our goal is to help independent artists pursue a career in music, so this website is reserved for original artist and bands. The only thing we ask of you is to add our link to your site. This helps promote us which in turn helps the world-wide music community grow.
    (Joel's Comment): Looks kind of new, free band promotion, links to your own site.

  • http://www.traxinspace.com
  • At Trax In Space, we understand that the Internet has become a new medium of expression for artists. As such, we wish to encourage artists to use the Net as a tool to further their music careers. Moreover, becoming a musician requires time, patience, practice, and a bit of luck. We wish for all artist, regardless of experience, to explore their musical abilities. Therefore, all musicians are welcome.
    (Joel's Comment): Similar again to MP3.com, CDs not sent in jewel cases at this time.

    We are not kings of the Internet by any stretch, but have found that a presence, with a LOT of Marketing, (learning as we go) is slowly but surely getting us heard. The perspective is that a year ago, no one cared if we existed, now JDA, and soon, I predict, AVALON USA, and even SEVEN SOURCES, will be better known through efforts like this and "with a little help from our friends."


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