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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R-Pedia Musicians Tips Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Tips Section. We call this section EvO:R-Pedia because it is like a complete reference library for Indie musicians...Just about every tip has been used so you won't find false promises and a series of books to buy after reading each tip. This section was put here by musicians so that people that followed can take this knowledge and use it's power.

    Perseverance Works.
    by Ellen Lindsey

    Stick to your guns and sometimes to your roots.
    Never insist the vendor is wrong even if they are. We've lost good bookings this way though felt good to let them know they f...d up it didn't help our finances at all. Unless you can afford it it's a big no no. If particulars are what is wanted I can send some though seem unneccessary. Surround yourself with good reliable people, sound crew, roadies, agents/managers and musicians this may force you to choose between the best musician or the most responsible/reliable. No matter how good they are if they don't show for a gig they suck and so do you. PEZZ

    Addition : Never openly air problems between group members on stage or even at the venue, period. Wait and hash it out at a diner over coffee or something not always the easiest thing to do. Though have to say we worked with a terrific guitarist for awhile we noticed when his life was in turmoil he played brilliently we used to purposely piss him off before a gig just for this reason but we never displayed the turmoil on stage the only way it manifested itself was in the brillience of his playing.

    Respect your audience no matter how numb they may sometimes seem. Remember you never know WHO MAY BE OUT THERE LISTENING. Exposure gigs, it has been at least our experience that most of these are very disappointing, no money,poor organization, bad things seem to happen to equipment at these also, don't know why it just does and someone usually just gets pissed off.Could lose a good bandmember over this.

    Benefits, do only the ones that are near and dear to your hearts. Together ten years now we each have our favorite causes we have all agreed to do one a year for each member.

    Would like to add regarding exposure and benefit gigs that in most cases it is run by a new committee member that usually hasn't the first clue as to what they are actually asking you to do for the org. as soon as you say "Yes" guess who is going to be expected to organize, publicize and promote this event? In most cases it is YOU. We learned this valuable lesson the hard way after never having worked so hard for so little or nothing and treated so poorly even after the gig itself was a huge success! I can go into details if need be but it still pisses me off and this one was almost ten years ago. Most of these are due to having a friend involved, it is a good way to lose a good friend as well, we speak from bitter experience.

    It is best to get some pay. They appreciate you and they will work harder to promote something they have an investment in. We do American Kidney foundation every year they pay our rate, they do all publicity they raise funds are always happy to have us. They have budgets for this stuff. On the other hand, we did Maine Tourist Day to promote the City of PORTLAND, as volunteers. We were put in a place that had very few spectators, we blew up our PA, when they decided they liked us they then asked us to move our act to a prime location, across town, we all know how much fun it is to set this stuff up in the first place, we did move in this case but being acoustic we decided to play that way and not amplify at the second location besides we had no PA remember?

    Then there is the "do this for me now and you will be working at a big event later". Kind of like let me hold the ice creame for you while you shoot at the carnivals. Later usually doesn't come they are off the committee or something most always happens.

    Managers at campgrounds or bar gigs!!! This job has one of the fastest turnovers. Make sure the person that booked you is still there or that the gig is on in most cases they take their book with them and someone else ends up being booked.

    ALWAYS check it out before showing up looking foolish with all your equipment and band members who are not very happy when they realize they went to a lot of changes to make this gig only to find it not happening. Usually it is on a day when life itself has added extra stress like once our guitarist (yes same one, only he didn't even get to play brilliantly but bet it would have been his best show ever) his wife totalled their car he had to find another ride to get to this gig and he had an accident on the way BOY was that a tuff one to explain I even tried long and hard to talk to the owner to at least cover some expenses to absolutely no avail.

    Hope some of this is usefull. Now if someone could show me how to get my spell check back it would be appreciated I lost it somewhere when I up-graded. PEZZ

    Ellen Lindsey is a member of the folk band Zingo Zango Generic Jug band and a valued member of the evor.com group of free agent musicians. Give the band a look and listen at Zingo Zango on evor.com.
    May 2003 Zingo Zango Generic Jug Band joined the ranks of Elite Veterans of Rock. We would like to say that having them join this ultra exclusive group of Free Agent musicians makes the whole organization that much better....Charlie Harrelson, Founder of EvO:R.
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