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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R-Pedia Musicians Tips Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Tips Section. We call this section EvO:R-Pedia because it is like a complete reference library for Indie musicians...Just about every tip has been used so you won't find false promises and a series of books to buy after reading each tip. This section was put here by musicians so that people that followed can take this knowledge and use it's power.

    40 hits 15 downloads!

    by Elonna(Clayaura)Jandro

    From the computer desk top of Rob(Songbear)Walters, Personal Manager, Elonna(Clayaura)Jandro.
    First, I would like to Thank Charlie and the Evor Family for letting me send in my subject.
    "How I got Rob Walters, 40 hits,15 downloads, and started a chain of e-cards, from just using one song, in just one day from only sending out 100 e-cards."

    Special Note:
    This tip sheet of information is not to be used or abused in any format. This tip sheet should be used for information only. And, please use your instinct to find your group style personality on the net (This is a Test tip!!!) To find the group personality,that will understand your music lyrics and music style, for they will show a large support for your music, plus,With this test, you may find the personality group that will give your song a vote,listen or download. "This tip is base for testing ONLY,it will not make you famous,but it will open your mind to the personality type that will like your song from the net." Remember,that playing out live is the main base to commit your music for a fan base. This "TEST" only tip, is going beyond your normal fan live base and zoning in on the type of net personalities that will understand your lyrics and music of just one song.

    Main Subject:
    When we first placed Rob Walters's song "Blindman" on MP3.com as our free demo. We like everyone else sent out masses of e-cards and shameless post of spam in clubs on the net.
    What did we get in return? One or two hits to listen if lucky a download. My instinct kicked in one night! What group of people would want to listen to Rob's song, other than his live fan base, what type of personality would they have to have on the net?

    That night I sat down, and listened to Rob's song "Blindman" 10 times.
    Then I wrote out my master personality list.
    1) Universal spiritual groups
    2) Universal groups for peace and change
    3) Universal groups that had a cause

    Then I made a sub-group for each group under the master personality groups.
    1) Universal spiritual groups
    a) Mixed spiritual groups
    b) Spiritual pagans groups
    c) Spiritual christains groups
    ect..., with rest of the groups in the sub listing.

    I wrote out a plan, to go to clubs on the net that fit my personality group. I collected 100 e-mail (The most current posters,so I would know my list was current) from each group of personalities I had made on my sub listing. I would then send my test e-cards to each group,and wait for their reply on how they would react to the song "Blindman". In the e-card message, I would write what the song lyrics and music ment to me,why I felt I should pass this songs lyrics and musical style song on to them,and if they felt the same way about this song "Blindman" could they pass it on to their friends for support on this song.

    Here is what happened to my test with net personalities groups.

    Day one:
    I sent out 100 e-cards from MP3.com with the above style message, and the nice request to listen to the song "Blindman":
    To my a) group: Mixed spiritual group list of e-mail addreses. Test return, 6 listens, 2 downloads, one e-card passed on Waited four days (for any more reaction from this personality group)
    Day Six:
    I sent out 100 e-cards,
    To my b)group: Spiritual pagans group list of e-mail addresses. Test return, 2 listens, 0 downloads,0 e-cards passed on Waited four days (for any more reaction from this personality group)
    Tenth Day:
    I sent out 100 e-cards, To my c) group: spiritual christains group of e-mail addresses. Test return, 40 listens, 15 downloads, 31 e-cards passed on Waited four days...and still waiting...the song "Blindman" is still being passed on. Somedays slow with listens and downloads or even being passed on, and on other days with a up side with a good amount that will listen or download and still pass on the e-card.

    Note, I have not yet contacted my personality group listing, for I believe the spiritual christain may be the best personality on the net to market the song "Blindman" to.

    Again, I would like to stress this important note: Please remember when sending out e-mail to people who are not in the knowing of your sending it to them, it is Spam. Please, use your mature instinct when you use this test tip on finding your personality group that will support your song.


    More About Rob and Elonna

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