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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R-Pedia Musicians Tips Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Tips Section. We call this section EvO:R-Pedia because it is like a complete reference library for Indie musicians...Just about every tip has been used so you won't find false promises and a series of books to buy after reading each tip. This section was put here by musicians so that people that followed can take this knowledge and use it's power.

    Time, and how to take control of it...Pt. II.

    Time, and how to take control of it. Part II
    (lets get focused)

    By EvO:R founder Charlie Harrelson

    Last time I talked about "taking an inventory of your time." If you did not read that section yet I would strongly suggest reading it first as some of the ideas on this series are based on the groundwork established on prior tips page. Go here to read

    Now that we know just how much time we have available let us put time to work for us, remain focused, reduce distractions, and eliminate stress (at least most of it).

    We all know that we get distractions every day. Not knowing how to handle them will cause stress, and many times we are not able to complete all or most of our assigned tasks for that day.

    How many times have you finished the day after working your tail off only to realize that you did nothing that you had planned for that day? If this happens a couple times a week you need to get focused and this series will cover Getting Focused!

    Some distractions require our immediate attention even though they were not part of our list of things to do today. Did this distraction REALLY need our immediate attention, or did we simply lose focus?
    The old saying "the squeaky wheel always gets the grease" is very true. Unless you are truly focused on your current tasks you will be ruled by that squeaky wheel. This wheel has one goal, and that goal is to keep you off track, so to know it is to understand and defeat it.

    How do I create a path based on what needs to be done now and what can wait until later or be turned over to someone else?
    We create 4 boxes. I call them Task Boxes and they look like this:

  • Box#1: Important and can't wait

  • Box#2: Important but can wait

  • Box#3: Not important but can't wait

  • Box#4: Not important and can wait

  • Now let us have a look at each box so we can understand what they mean and how to avoid working in the wrong box.

    Box #1 Important and can't wait.

    This is really a simple box to fill. It is what we have scheduled to have done today leaving a few openings for events we did not plan on that will also require our immediate attention. Another name for this box is the to do today box. The day will not be finished until this is done. This box is the most important box that we have, but the other 3 boxes want our attention as well and knowing how to deal with each one will determine how much work you can get done today, tomorrow, and this month.

    Box #2 Important but can wait.

    This box is where the Squeaky wheel lives and often attempts to take your focus off of box#1. This is the honey do this box, the box that is full of interruptions that are cleverly dressed as IMPORTANT. The problem with this box is that some interruptions will require us to drop everything and handle it.

    The toilet is overflowing and water is everywhere, a death in the family or medical emergency, the final out of the last game of the world series. None of the issues above where planned but they must be handle immediately. They would go straight to Box#1.
    While the above mentioned interuptions are legit let us look at other ones that are not even thought they will try and trick us if we are not prepared.

    Anything that starts with Honey Do! Anyone asking for your help on something because they know you will do it for them rather then tell them how to do it themselves. The phone! PLEASE use voicemail or an answering machine while your working, phone distractions will kill you! Reading emails. If your work load is heavy, schedule a time to read and respond to email. DON'T check email out of the blue because 70%-80% of all email will take your attention away from your tasks..Schedule 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes after lunch or before finishing the day.
    As you can see, this box is full of tasks that LOOK important and appear to need our immediate attention.

    Box #3 Not important but can't wait.

    This is the box that is full of distractions and tasks that may be fun to do but will not result in accomplishing any of your scheduled tasks. They will stop you in your tracks if you do not realize what they are.

    A phone call from a friend asking you to join them at a local club. The call of the Internet chat rooms. A buddy wants you to come over and set the timer on his/her DVR. A friend wants you to drop everything and come over and look at their new car, van, guitar, mixer, etc..
    Realize that this box is also full of squeaky wheels that look like mild breaks in the day. Most of what is in this box is stuff that would be great to do for a few minutes just to break the day up some. What starts out as a few minutes will augments into hours and before we know it we are of track and the day is lost.

    Box #4 Not important and can wait.

    This box is full of stuff that will make you lazy. They are easy to realize, but sometimes they are hard to correct.
    Spending time working (or not working) in this box means you have totally lost it! Many times we find out that the most counter productive people spend most of their time here. You have little or no focus, and you are easily distracted.

    Watching Television while working, talking on the phone, sitting in chat rooms, sleeping, visiting the local pub before finishing your work, looking through magazines after you pick up the mail (it can wait till later), stop drop and shop!

    So to make full constructive use of your time you must:

  • Take an inventory of how much time you have

  • Plan your day in advance (the night before)

  • Understand what is important

  • Learn how to recognize distractions

  • Learn to turn duties over to others

  • Plan your work and work your plan

  • Stay Focused

  • Next issue we will talk about how to pass duties to others so you can focus 100% on what is in Box #1..

    Bend'em Don't Break'em
    Charlie Harrelson
    Founder of EvO:R

    On to Chapter 3

    Charlie Harrelson is the founder of EvO:R and solo guitarist TL2.
    He's a manufactures representative for a computer chip manufacture, maintains multiple websites, provides guitar tracks for many artists that need something extra in their mix, records his own music, and just opened a guitar kits company.

    Catch his latest CD release TWO today! It is available exclusively from Peacework Music Network.
    Plus, be on the lookout for a couple Tracks Across America CD compilations featuring the guitar work of TL2 along with a number of members of the EvO:R organization.


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