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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R-Pedia Musicians Tips Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Tips Section. We call this section EvO:R-Pedia because it is like a complete reference library for Indie musicians...Just about every tip has been used successfully so you won't find false promises and a series of books to buy after reading each tip.

    This section was painstackingly put here by musicians, for musicians so that artists that followed can take this knowledge and use it's full power.

    It's not always who you know, sometimes you just have to read the road signs.
    Charlie Harrelson
    Founder of EvO:R

    Online Digital Distribution
    By Billy Rock

    Basically, distribution of music alums is the process of placing or mobilizing these albums into shops and stores. Various record labels enter into a contract with distribution companies, for these companies to distribute and sell all their label's products. The distributor earns from every piece of the album sold, and his earnings are therefore dependent on how well these albums are doing in the music stores. This is the conventional way of music distribution.

    Today, with the advent of technology, there are better and faster ways of music distribution. The internet provides an awesome venue for marketing, selling, and distributing various products including music and music albums. This set-up works as an advantage most especially to independent musician who could not afford to put up a large amount for production and distribution of their music. With the internet though, there are no limits and boundaries to the promotional opportunities of music albums. Moreover, the internet reaches a wider coverage, and a bigger market. Therefore, most musicians, and even record labels are now doing their distribution and promotion in the internet. This is effectively done through digital distribution.

    Digital distribution is the process of providing content in an entirely digital format. This is also known as electronic software distribution or digital delivery. This is probably the easiest and the most convenient way of distribution because anybody can have access to it at any time of the day. In other words, you do not really have to beat the closing hours of stores in order to get a copy of your favorite music album. Practically, digital distribution eliminates the conventional distribution media like paper and DVD's. With digital distribution, you can easily download or stream the contents that you need.

    In the artists' perspective, digital distribution may be one of the best options also. Not only would they be able to save money, but time and effort as well. However, the major loophole is illegal downloading. Unlike the physical marketing of CD's and DVD's where the artist can firmly have an idea of the number of these CD's and DVD's distributed and sold; there is no such control in digital distribution. On the other hand, it still boils down to an advantage for the artists, as well as for legal downloading services as well. Undeniably, a large chunk of the production costs is saved, and consequently, digital music albums are cheaper because there minimal overhead costs.

    There are a lot of legal downloading services in the internet that provide the newest music albums in excellent quality. Moreover, these downloading services offer a wide variety of music genre for you to choose from. There are practically all sorts of music available in these downloading stations with affordable and reasonable downloading charges.

    Billy Rock is an authority of providers in music distribution services. Get your music heard with single song distribution on iTunes, AmazonMP3 and many more.

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  • Charlie Harrelson- Founder of EvO:R and solo guitarist TL2
    A Message from the founder of EvO:R
    The Independent Music world has become so fragmented that anyone entering into this arena will be lost without having a chance of survival. What every independent musicians needs is information, understanding and a path that leads to success. Sure, you can buy a few books from authors that never played a note or loaded a single amp into a moving van. Pipe dreams are all over the Internet.

    At EvO:R we pride ourselves with sections dedicated to Independent Music News called (The EvO:R Street Journal), Musicians Success Stories and Tips called (EvO:R-pedia) and a Musicians Testimonial Section called (The Goods) dedicated to Internet based companies that deliver on their promises.

    All this news and information and we don't charge a single penny. We also respect your online privacy by refusing to track your browsing habits while on our website. We simply want to deliver the BEST news, information and success stories for the Independent Musician.

    Thank-you for visiting EvO:R and tell the world that we are out here..
    Charlie Harrelson
    Founder of EvO:R
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