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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R-Pedia Musicians Tips Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Tips Section. We call this section EvO:R-Pedia because it is like a complete reference library for Indie musicians...Just about every tip has been used so you won't find false promises and a series of books to buy after reading each tip. This section was put here by musicians so that people that followed can take this knowledge and use it's power.

    How To Vastly Increase Your Music Sales And Downloads By Dominic Hough

    There are loads of musicians around completing for increased music downloads. If you type in "dance mp3"you get about 3 million web sites that fit that phrase. So we have a slight problem attracting visitors to our site.

    There are people that make webpages that fit "unsigned dance mp3s". Now can I ask one slightly simple question...why would I want to search out someone who is unsigned? Unfortunately "unsigned" is just too general. You see we have to put ourselves in the downloaders mind. Or better still...stand back and become a web surfer. What would you search for? I don't regularly put in "dance mp3s", I know for a fact that I don't put in "unsigned music".

    I have actually figured out something that not alot of free rating MP3 websites are going to like.

    The public is not looking for unsigned tracks so they are not going to trawl through these sites like SoundClick and Garageband. These places make their traffic from:

    1. Artists- To get higher in their web site charts you increase your traffic to your site through links from somewhere else (or you get reviewed and progress...what a waste!). This only brings you attention to other musicians who are doing exactly the same thing.

    2. Record Labels- Yes they do sometimes search these sites, but I have suspected that true it may be great to have a record label deal, if you don't follow through and have a great following buying your music through the company, then I am afraid you will be dropped. Keeping the record company happy is hard, and I wouldn't advise it for the online musician- who has a much better chance of making it by themselves without record company help.

    As a side note, the record companies are dying. Not because of piracy, in truth it is because of their lack of fore-sight, and believing people will stick with costly CDs. They have had a great time in the past, but now it is the download generation. The record companies have realised what is happening and they can't really do much about it. So they clamp down on everything, which unfortunately makes the matters worse.

    So what do we do? If we go with the record companies we really need our heads examining.


    Again, as a side note- I like these side notes. Koopa have been signed to a UK record label. So what? Well, Koopa are the first Internet only band to get into the charts with downloads only. Wey Hey! Great! However, they signed a 4 album deal worth 128,000. So, let me get this straight.

    1. They have got to number 31 by selling a download track only - no CDs at all, so their fan base must be quite large.

    2. To get into the charts, hmmm let me see, at the lowest estimate maybe about 5,000 fans who bought, say at 2...a very low estimate. So that is 10,000 for one song?

    3. For four albums they have got signed into a 5 year deal....read again...5 year deal (so no selling on the side you naughty things) with four albums...say again, a low estimate but 7 tracks per CD...35 tracks for the 5 albums.

    4. So for 128,000 they make 35 tracks. Now if they carried on what they were doing by themselves, at our lowest estimates, what would they make?

    350,000...all their own money, all their own artistic licence, no interference.

    Let me tell you about Ziltoid. If you go into YouTube and type in Ziltoid, you will find some great 1-3 minute footages of the little alien. It is really funny, and frankly genius.

    It is the creation of Devin Townsend, a rock musician who has Ziltoid talk on some of his tracks. The tracks are great, funny and spreadable.

    Through YouTube, Devin has now got some great fans who will promote his music. He has high ratings and many comments left. In a sea of rock acts this type of music lightens up a dark genre and introduces new rock lovers to a genre they probably would have nver seen/ heard before. The result? A friend of mine bought Devins album and his friends did the same (online buying, not through a record company).

    Can you imagine a record company doing something like that? No, neither would I.

    With all these musicians popping up from no-where, we need to be different. Now it doesn't have to be something as radical as Ziltoid, but it does have to be something that people will remember or type into search engines.

    If you are into electronica- the best ones have to be game sound tracks. People search for those, so do a remix of your favourite ones. If you look up Machinae Supremacy- Great Gianna Sisters in Youtube, you will hear one of the best remixes of a game music track. This brought Machinae's music to a different audience and a greater audience. Their albums are advertised on their site with other game mixed tracks and also their own music on one album.

    How about orchestral music? The orchestra scene is being bashed down into no-where because people into orchestral music have actually got the classics- there is nothing else left. So how about remix some of those? It worked great for William Orbit and Adigio for Strings.

    Ultimately remix something that you like (give it away for free to stop copyright problems) that people are searching for. They are more likely to be searching for artists that they know rather than you (initially). So make sure that you reel them in, then show them your other songs.

    If you look up any musician marketing ebook, even most general music ebooks, they will tell you to send away a copy of your CD to record companies. They will tell you of the low success rate, the amount of times that you will be rejected.

    Do you know what? Reject the ebook. Throw it away, and do it yourself. It is very possible, it is do-able. So just go out there and do it.

    Dominic Hough has made music for over 18 years. On his site http://www.make-your-own-dance-and-techno-songs.com he has proved that you can make, and market your own techno songs for free. His site also covers sampling, MP3s, loops and much more.

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