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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R-Pedia Musicians Tips Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Tips Section. We call this section EvO:R-Pedia because it is like a complete reference library for Indie musicians...Just about every tip has been used so you won't find false promises and a series of books to buy after reading each tip. This section was put here by musicians so that people that followed can take this knowledge and use it's power.

    Behavioural Patterns Of Musicians
    By Steve J. R. Allen

    These last few weeks I've been doing research in groups and forums about independent musicians and bands. I wanted to know how they would react when I sent sometimes controversial articles and messages to these groups.

    I received several different types of reaction, some diplomatic, some just downright rude and some even contradicting themselves in the the same reply

    Why did I do this exercise? Simply to see the different reactions from the musicians. I found it interesting that the more successful musicians were more diplomatic and used good reasoning when replying to the messages.

    Those contradictory replies, in general came from the more younger musician who had a rough idea of more or less how the music industry works, but were not absolutely sure.

    The third group, of the rude answers, in general came from musicians that tried and failed to make some sort of impression in the music world. They believed that the music industry was working against them, that everybody was corrupt, speaking of bribery and exclusive groups, they even said that the discussion groups didn't want to discuss this sort of topic, etc, the list of their arguments was quite extensive.

    After doing this research I came to three conclusions.

    When we are talking to somebody we don't know personally, we shouldn't abuse them, because it could be this very person who has the key to open up the door we are needing to get to the next level in the music business. Just because they have a different opinion as we do, doesn't make them an enemy.

    Those people who never reached a successful conclusion in their career still should be asking themselves why they never managed to get that 'helping hand' or opportunity, a lot of the time very necessary in their attempt of making some sort of success of their music career.

    There was one person in particular who stood ot for his extremely abusive manner. He insisted that he never wanted and doesn't want to be successful with his music, he just wants to get his music out there. He gave me a clue as to his identity. I did some extra research and found out that he was the King Midas of failure. Anything he turned has hands to musically was a faliure, be a member of a band, be a 'music producer' he even tried it as a solo artist.

    Sure, everybody around him were to blame for his failure. It could never be him. He was just simply a victim. He managed to turn himself into an isolated person, an island of frustration.

    Be honest. If we are not sure about a certain subject, say so. Never be ashamed to say 'I don't know'. Be open. Find out. We could learn something. Everybody learns new things every single day. Even if it's not the right time for your star to shine at this moment, have patience and determination. Your star could be waiting for you in the future.

    Always be diplomatic. The true professionals are not professional by accident. They know it's not easy to always be working and that without allies, they would lose the war. One more contact is one more possible ally to offer you that tip or inside information of what's happening.

    For a person, who is seriously considering making a career in anything, it's fundamental to be surrounded by people who are our allies. Knowledgeable people, technical people, people who become our friends, people who offer us incentive, positive people.

    Steve Allen is consultant and music producer.

    Author of "Marketing Your Music - Success Strategies", "Personal Management in the Music Industry" and "Street Teams - Expand your Fan Base"


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  • Charlie Harrelson- Founder of EvO:R and solo guitarist TL2
    A Message from the founder of EvO:R
    The Independent Music world has become so fragmented that anyone entering into this arena will be lost without having a chance of survival. What every independent musicians needs is information, understanding and a path that leads to success. Sure, you can buy a few books from authors that never played a note or loaded a single amp into a moving van. Pipe dreams are all over the Internet.

    At EvO:R we pride ourselves with sections dedicated to Independent Music News called (The EvO:R Street Journal), Musicians Success Stories and Tips called (EvO:R-pedia) and a Musicians Testimonial Section called (The Goods) dedicated to Internet based companies that deliver on their promises.

    All this news and information and we don't charge a single penny. We also respect your online privacy by refusing to track your browsing habits while on our website. We simply want to deliver the BEST news, information and success stories for the Independent Musician.

    Thank-you for visiting EvO:R and tell the world that we are out here..
    Charlie Harrelson
    Founder of EvO:R
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