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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R-Pedia Musicians Tips Section

    Welcome to the EvOR Tips Section. We call this section EvOR-Pedia because it is like a complete reference library for Indie musicians...Just about every tip has been used successfully so you won't find false promises and a series of books to buy after reading each tip.

    This section was painstackingly put here by musicians, for musicians so that artists that followed can take this knowledge and use it's full power.

    It's not always who you know, sometimes you just have to read the road signs.
    Charlie Harrelson
    Founder of EvO:R

    The Independent Artist and Social Media
    By Leemanuel Hightire

    As an Independent Artist, you're told that you have to have a presence at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Tumbler and plenty of other sites. These sites are collectively referred to as Social Media, but what is their true value?

    What does a Facebook "like" really mean? What do thousands of followers on Twitter translate into? Do the people that read your posts or tweets actually take action?

    It probably feels better to have lots of followers and fans on these sites than to have very few. And it's great to be able to communicate with your audience or potential audience. But it's very important to assess the real value of having a social media presence. Beyond having your "brand" visible and providing updates on the kind of pizza you had for lunch, the ultimate barometer should be whether you derive any sales from your investment in social media.

    How many of your fans on Facebook or Twitter have actually bought something from you? How many of them respond to a call to action, to visit your blog or website or some other action?

    If you've discovered that your large following is not producing the results that you've hoped for - it begs the question of what to do about it.

    While social media is great for what it does, there's still nothing like good old fashioned email. Get those fans and followers onto a mailing list and now you've opened the door to more possibilities.

    Why would this be you ask? Aren't I in contact with my base via social media already? Why is email any better you ask?

    Well, first there's no way to know that your base is logged in when you post or tweet to them. That's a hit or miss proposition. And while your post or tweet will be sent, depending on how many other people they follow your post or tweet could end up way down the list. And it would require some pretty dedicated followers to go wading through a bunch of posts or tweets looking for your latest message.

    On the other hand, most people actively engage with their email inbox. After all, lots of important things come to them via email. The inbox represents communications that they have asked to receive, and yes a lot that they haven't. But most people are still going to at least take the time to review their inbox, if for no other reason than to clean it out from time to time.

    So, your communication is at least guaranteed to be seen. And once you get them to open your email, then you have the opportunity to deepen your relationship with your followers.

    This doesn't mean that social media isn't useful or necessary. You still need to be where the people you want to reach are. But if your ultimate goal is sales, instead of providing pizza updates, then you may want to invest some energy into moving those followers onto your mailing list.

    I'm Leemanuel and I'm an independent artist also. It's not as easy as you might think to get fans or even potential fans to give your their email address. People are very protective of their email address, as they should be. One proven method to get people to provide their email address to you is to offer something of value in return.

    I'm offering a free download of 3 songs in MP3 format at http://ez.leemanuel05.com .

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Leemanuel_Hightire

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  • Charlie Harrelson- Founder of EvO:R and solo guitarist TL2
    A Message from the founder of EvO:R
    The Independent Music world has become so fragmented that anyone entering into this arena will be lost without having a chance of survival. What every independent musicians needs is information, understanding and a path that leads to success. Sure, you can buy a few books from authors that never played a note or loaded a single amp into a moving van. Pipe dreams are all over the Internet.

    At EvO:R we pride ourselves with sections dedicated to Independent Music News called (The EvO:R Street Journal), Musicians Success Stories and Tips called (EvO:R-pedia) and a Musicians Testimonial Section called (The Goods) dedicated to Internet based companies that deliver on their promises.

    All this news and information and we don't charge a single penny. We also respect your online privacy by refusing to track your browsing habits while on our website. We simply want to deliver the BEST news, information and success stories for the Independent Musician.

    Thank-you for visiting EvO:R and tell the world that we are out here..
    Charlie Harrelson
    Founder of EvO:R
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