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When the decades have passed, no matter what becomes of internet-based performers or their music, EvO:R is bound to be looked upon as one of the forefathers in the history of Web music's development...

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Welcome to EvOR Entertainment
  •  The EvOR-Pedia Section

    Musician Tips and Tricks (learn from the masters)
    Welcome to the EvO:R-Pedia, Musicians Tips Section.
    We call this section EvOR-Pedia because it is like a complete reference library for the Independent musician...Just about every tip/trick has been used by the author or his/her clients. You won't find false promises and a series of books to buy after reading our tips. This section was put here by successful Musicians, A&R Reps, CD Distributors, Independent Producers and Business Owners so that people can learn from their experiences. Harness this sections knowledge and use it's power.

    For a listing of some of the more recent contributors check out the
    Recent Contibutors page.

    Bend'em, Don't Break'em
    Charlie Harrelson
    Founder of EvO:R
    Music Marketing
    How to Market Your Band

  •  Watch the Video
  • How to Make Money
    On Itunes

  •  Watch the Video
  • Making Money While
    Playing the Guitar

  •  Watch the Video
  • About the Business
    How To Make Money In Music

  •  Watch the Video
  • CD Baby became A $22
    Million Dollar Business

  •  Watch the Video
  • How to Sell 15,000 CDs
    in 18 Months

  •  Watch the Video
  • How To Get A Manager
    Ask For Directions

  •   Watch the Video
  • Promote Your Music
    Online for Free

  •  Watch the Video

  • Music Industry Tips
    This section is in video format with links to Industry leaders giving presentations on a wide variety of subjects.
    Watch these great videos
    This section is on video. All links lead to a video that have been posted on YouTube.com. The speakers are generally considered the leaders in their respective fields. You could search websites for days and not find a better collection of helpful tips for Independent Musicians.

      Making Money in the Music Business Playing Guitar / Video Feed
      The Impact of Internet on Music Industry / Video Feed
      How to Build an Online Radio Station by Mike Purdy / Video Feed
      Setting Up a Sound Card for Online Radio Stations by Mike Purdy / Video Feed
      Tim Sweeney talks to music artists about independent distribution at Music Strategies. / Video Feed
      A look at the changing state of the music industry. Multimedia produced by Calvin Luu / Video Feed
      Tim Sweeney talks to music artists about the music business / Video Feed
      There are no rules. Tim Sweeney talks to music artists at Music Strategies. / Video Feed
      Learn how to get your indie album on the radio in this free video series / Video Feed
      Defining your niche as an independent musician / Video Feed
      How To Sell More Of Your Own CDs This is an extract from "CD Release Party Strategies" / Video Feed
      Terry Prince explains how he sold 15,000 music CDs in 18 Months / Video Feed
      How to Sell 200,000 CDs Without a Record Company by Ty Cohen / Video Feed
      Tim Sweeney's ideas to sell your first 800 CDs / Video Feed
      Internet Changes Music Industry / Video Feed
      Bandplanet for Independent bands and musicians / Video Feed
      Jimmy Iovine on Having a Successful Career in Music / Video Feed
      Would You Like to Make Money with Music? / Video Feed
      Jimmy Iovine- Advice for Being a Successful Artist / Video Feed
      The music industry likely one of the first casualties of the new Internet economy. / Video Feed
      What makes an artist instantly signable / Video Feed
      How To Make Money From Music Business Opportunities / Video Feed
      How Good Do Your Demos Really Have to Be? / Video Feed
      Frank Zappa on the Music Industry Decline / Video Feed
      Music Industry suffering of lack of CD sales. / Video Feed

    The Latest Additions Hot off the press!
    Get them while they are hot!
     NUMBER ONE Tip for Getting MORE Fans of Your Music
     Tips and Tricks for Music Promotion on SoundCloud
     Secret to Using Social Media to Build a Massive Fan Base
     Indie Music Marketing in 2014
      Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Ads for Band Members
     Tips to Beating Stage Fright
      The Basics of Music Law - Authored by Ken LaMance
     If You Record An Album And No One Ever Hears It..
     21 Recording Studio Tips for a Smoother Session
     7 Ways to Monetize Your Music - NOW
     A Success Blueprint for Unsigned Artists
     How to Build Your Fanbase Using Social Networks
     5 Secrets for Selling More Music Online
     5 Very Fun and Effective Ways to Promote Your Music
     Why Most Artists Fall Short
     Close Look at Independent Music
     The Indie Artist and Social Media
     Releasing Your Own Record-A 15-Point Legal Checklist
     Hiring a Music Attorney – Some Insider Tips by Burt Day
     Net Profit Deals A Recent Alternative to the Traditional Record Deal
     The Best Way to Promote Your Music Online
     Three Simple Lessons Everyone In The Music Industry Should Learn From Taylor Swift
     Don't Ever Forget It's the Music Business by Steven K Grossman
     Social Media Marketing For Music Artists
     To Succeed in the Music Industry, Make Your Fans a Part of Your Story
     29 Ways to Make Money in the Music Industry by Bill Hartzell

    Creativity & Ideas
    from- Lance Trebesch
     News Releases are Best
     Don't Wait for someone else
     Inspiration for the Times
     Fan Mail Made Easy
     Successful Press Releases
     Promotional Steps Needed
     11 Social Networking Steps
     Utilize Website to Promote Music
     Blog for your band
     Blog for your band II

    Archived Tips and Relevent Articles
    Plenty of excellent industry tips to help you become more successful.

    Creativity & Ideas
    Makes you say "hmmmm"
     The State of the Music Industry
     Newgrounds For Band Promotion
     Digital Recorder Features
     Digital Promotions Report Card
     Rules When Using Facebook
     Indie Music Promotion Strategy
     Gigging in a Bad Economy
     Old Way to Looking
    At New Things
     Getting Song Idea Underway
     Selling from Your Music Site
     Double Your Gig Revenues
     100 Tips to Market Your Music
     Work together- Not Compete.
     Breaking up the Band
     Well-Rounded SEO Program
     Using Videos for Radio
     Cultivate Relationships
     Perseverance Works
     Hits and Downloads
     Creativity Returns
     Creativity Returns II
     Creativity Returns III
     Website Tips
     How to Find Fans
     Alternative Marketing
     A Great Website
    Avoiding Failure
    It's a tuff world.
     Management-Make Or Break
     Get music to a Publisher
     Why Sign with a Music Publisher?
     Demo Recording Costs
     Time to Fire a Band Member
     A Successful Original Band
     Stage Fright
     Your Music in the Movies
     Successful Press Releases
     Getting Into The Music Biz
     Controlling Performance Nerves
     Shooting a Music Video
     How it is!
     Tools for Success
     Why Demo's Get Rejected.
     Write Your Bio.
     Your Musical Talents?
     Describe Your Band
     Success Requires Change
     Succeeding On-Line
     Making Money Playing
     Killer Music Promotions
     Getting Signed
     Dreams vs Goals
     5 Deadly Demo Sins
     Tools for Success
     Irritating, Marketing

    Music Marketing
    Great ideas that actually work.
      Online Radio, Your Music Heard
     Steps Before Marketing a Song
     Marketing for Indie Bands
     Ways to Market Your Music
     3 CD Release Strategies
     Extract and Integrate
     Vastly Increase Sales
     Promotional Steps Needed
     Tip From Capitol Records
     CD Reviews for your music
     15 music promotion tips
     Tail of Sales
     Affording Distribution
     Attracting Distribution
     Coding Your Recordings
     Maximum Royalties
     Marketing a CD
     Online Marketing
     email isn't working
     Sales vs Economics
     Unique Visitors
     FREE traffic
     Read your ad
     Improve Marketablity
     New Marketing Plan
     Promoting your music

    The Music Business
    Make your own machine.
     Getting Your Band Booked
     Make An Early Career In Music
     Making Music/Money
     Career Prospects in Music
     Selling Music On The Internet
     The Big Break (great)
     Consumption of Music Rising
     Websites vs. MySpace
     Something for Nothing
     What Is My Music Worth?
     Lack Of Time To Your Benefit
     Fair and Corp. Gigs
     A Good Press Kit
     What Publishers Really Want
     Music for Business Clients
     Your Music on Television pt1
     Your Music on Television pt2
     Sponsorship Deals that PAY
     Create Your Own Business
     The Road Warrior 1
     The Road Warrior 2
     Understanding Your Music
     More about A&R
    Fun Articles
    Serious or Lampoon?
     Why Most Artists Fall Short
     Close Look at Independent Music
     Music Labels Offer Retail 360
     Innovative Music Teachers
     Should You Allow Free Downloads
     Increase You Tube Views
     Internet Shelf Space Secrets
     Is Rock Deader Than Dead?
     Video Tech For Working Bands
     Be on Commercial Radio
     Obama Can Help You
     Top 10 Pissers
     Music Industry Scams
     Piss me off #132
    & Self Promotion

     5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Music
     Critical World of Promotion
     Produce Your Music Online
     Indie Music & Promotion
     Musicians Self-Promotion
     Succeed in Music Biz
     Ways to Promote your Music
     Promote Your Concerts
     Musicians Behavioural Patterns
     Most Powerful Tool (ever)
     DIY Music Production
     Dealing W Industry Pros
     Make 30K this year (minimum)
     In-House Retail Sales
     Getting Your Phone to Ring
     Winning Evaluation Team
     Indie Artist Management
     To Be an Amazing Musician
     Shopping Agents-Management
     Always send in the BIg Guy!
     Press? Any Press!
     The Big Picture
     Success as an Indie?
     Tax Tips pt1
     Music Money Strategies
    Time Management
    The power to take comtrol
     Prioritization and Focus
     Simple Website Promotion
    and Time Management
     Are You Always Out of Time?
     Time - Do You Have Enough?
     Managing Time pt1
     Managing Time pt2
     Managing Time pt3
     Technology Costing You Time?

    To Label or Not?
    This is the real question
     Get a Record Deal
     Do You Need a Record Deal?
     Really Going Independent
     Start Your Own Record Label
     Indie Labels Vs Major Record Companies
     Success with No Record Deal
     Without Major Label Support
     No Label Needed
     For The Masses
     What Label Scouts Look For
     Majors/Indie Labels Together
     No Label, No Problem
     Pros and Cons of "the deal"
     Selling Your Soul
     Don't Get Scammed
     Labels are Loan Sharks
     The Independent Mindset
     What's in A Record Deal?
     Increase Your Odds

    thousands of new music and movies to download

    Everybody is doing it.
     Key Ways to Get Started
     Do Your First Podcast
     Earn Money with Podcasting
     Become Great at Podcasting

    EVOR-Entertainment on Facebook
    Follow us on Facebook

    Networking/Social Media
    You can't make it alone!
     Build a Fanbase Using Social Networks
     A Close Look at Independent Music
     The Indie Artist and Social Media
     Increase MySpace Band Plays
     Social Media & Indie Music
     Adjusting to New Social Media Outlets
     11 Social Networking Steps
     Blog for your band
     Blog for your band II
     Building a Fan Base
     Music Heard on the Internet
     Fan Email made Easy
     7 Reasons to Start Blogging
     Definition of Blog
     Building an E-Mail List
     Webmaster Interview
     Stop Burning Bridges
     Understanding Your Audience
     7 ways to Network
     Markets and Mailing Lists
     No Secret Formula-Really!
     How Creativity Returns III
     Attracting Music Fans Fast
     Creating a online buzz

    EvO:R Merchandise
    EvO:R gear now available
    Recording and Playing
    This is what it's all about.
     Home Recoding Studio
     Mistakes Recording Artists Make
     Your Computer Recording Studio
     Professional Sounding Demo
     Audio Mastering - Online
     Home Recording Studio Design
     Recording Engineers Know
     Recording Engineers Know 2
     Audio Recording Tips
     Music Must Be Seen
     Home Recording Studio
     Home Music Production
     Break Songwriting Ruts
     Don't Miss Opportunities
     Hits From Just Eight Tracks!
     The Art of Pre-Production
     Mixing Meter Madness
     More Microphones
     The Mic Solution
     multitrack recording
     Make Music Now
     Great Guitar in a Home Studio
     Acoustic Recording
     Tips for Bass Players
     Practice without Playing
     A Sparkle to Drum Programs
     Drum Programs pt2
     Drum Programs pt3
     Basement Studio
     Killer Guitar Tone
     Lou's 'Fat Tracks'
     Digital Audio Workstation
     Avoiding Mix Problems
    Just Plan Fun Stuff
    We can us a little of that!
     Make Your Own Radio Station
     Concerts Stay Safe
     The X Factor - What Is It
     Thoughts that Kill inspiration
     The world is your market
     Healing Power of Music
     Artistic Freedom
     Doing What You Love
     Integrate Your Band Story
     Making Money Making Music
     A Fresh Start
     Stop Burning Bridges
     Why Demo's Get Rejected.
     Write Your Bio.
     Greyhound Bus Tour pt1
     Ripping MP3 Files
     Charting Sales
     Some notes about Mp3's

    EvO:R Merchandise
    the New EvO:R merchandise is now ready
    Looking Professional
    Walking the walk.
     Booking Corporate Entertainment
     How to Ignore Submission Policies
     Sound Innovation - The Online Radio
     Independent Music Release
     Is Your Website Selling You?
     Make A Winning Press Kit
     Getting & Staying Employed
     Tips for business cards
     Get People to Open E-Mails
     Website Sales Essentials
     First Impressions
     My Press Kit?
     Amazing Musician
     Your Mission Statement
     Audition, Sell yourself
     Talk, Perform and Protect
     Promo Pak Blunders
     A press kit?
     The Magic of Follow-Up
     A product that sells

    Selling More Music
    Don't we all want this?
     Alternative Sales Sources
     The world is your market
     CD Cover Myths Debunked
     Is Your CD Cover A Mystery?
     Music Metadata
     Record store CD sales
     Making a Marketable CD
     More CD Sales
     CD Sales From Your Fans
     Selling CD's Online
     CDs Sales
     CD Cover is Your Ad
     Markets and Mailing Lists  

    Getting a Great Studio Sound
    By artists that have.
     Home Recording Studio Setup
     Home Recording Made Easy
     How to Create Backing Tracks
     Audio Mastering-The Future
     Tips for Guitar Recording
     In the Studio w J.T. Baker II
     Virtual Instrument Recording
     All in the Mix
     Pans for Clear Sound Quality
     More Home Demo Recording
     Great Home Demo Recording
     2 Tracks Are All You Need
     The Demo Doctor
     Does Your Mix Sound Good?
     Back to Basics
     That Place "the home studio"
     Great Sound/Home Studio
     Digital Home Recording
     The Mic Solution
     In the Studio w J.T. Baker
     Mixing Meter Madness
    Successful Affiliation Programs
    & Search Engine Optimization
     Google Rankings For Indie Bands
     Websites Fail w/o Keywords
     Impact-Search Engine Visibility
     Search Engine Optimization
     How A. M. Helps Your Site
     Affiliation Programs
     Why You're Losing Traffic
     Successful Domain switch
     Writing for Search Engines
     Effective Keyword Research
     Web Designers Must Possess
     Powerful Revenue Streams
     Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing
     Successful Affiliate Program
     Successful Internet Income
     Test Before You Sign
     Great Affiliate Program
     Whose Customer?
     The balancing Act
    Success in Music
    from leading experts
     Bands and local hero Syndrome
     Parents can help minors
     You can't teach talent
     10 people you should know
     Early Career in Music
     Steps In Community Building
     Eliminate The Competition
     Selling CDs BEFORE Shows
     Lack Of Time To Your Benefit
     Who’s On Your Mailing List
     Rejection & Praise
     Success Requires Change
     Sponsorship Deals that PAY
     CD Sales vs Economics
     Your New Marketing Plan
     Increase Your CD Sales
     Consignment vs distribution?
     Alternative Thinking
     Learn From Your Fans
    Independent Artist Tips
    Featuring Bob Baker and Others
     The Power of Personality
     A Secret to My Success
     Music Business Conspiracy Theory
     Top 10 PR. Tips
     Definition - Live Performance
     Believe in Yourself
     Music Biz Conspiracy Theory
     Finance your music projects
     Outrageous Music Marketing
     A Secret to My Success
     The Power of Personality
     Making Money-Making Secrets
     Reselling Indie Releases
     MySpace Self-promo
     Know About Self-Promotion
     Live Show Opportunities
     Talk, Perform and Protect
     The Magic of Follow-Up
     Formulating Your Promotion
     True Meaning of Being INDIE

    Better Website Design
    and Promotions
     Your Website a Click Magnet
     Symbols and Search Engines
     Writing for Search Engines
     Effective Keyword Research
     Web Designers Must Possess
     Sell Downloadable Products
     Viral Marketing
     Website Mistakes
     Focus Marketing Approaches
     Selling CDs Online
     Designing Great Websites
     Do Well In Google
     Targeted Traffic
     Nine Steps to Online Forum
    Creation for Band Websites

    Power Lunch
    The Legal Issues
      The Basics of Music Law
     Releasing Your Own Record
     Hiring a Music Attorney
     Net Profit Deals
     Got A Bridge To Sell You
     Realities Of The Music Business
     Music Licensing Business
     Poor Man's Copyright Binding?
     Music Copyright Bows To Fair Use
     New Musicians Need Legal Advice
     Copyright Laws For Music
     Finding a Music Attorney
     Attorney Fee Structures
     Music Business Attorneys
     The Problem With Music
     Pro-Engagement Contracts
     Entertainment Lawyers
     Licensing is Business
     Make them come to YOU
     Protecting the name
     Secure your band/name
     Protecting band names
     About music licensing
    Tour Survival Guides
    Successful Gigging Tips
     Make Money From Their Gig
     Booking more Gigs
     Your Market Value
     Getting the Gigs II
     Getting the Gigs
     A Successful Tour
     Being the Opening Act
     Promoting Your Band
     Double Your Gig Revenues
     Getting Opener-Support Slots
     Studio Basics
     Lighting Designs
     Running a Benefit Concert
     Lake Atitlan International
    Music and Arts Festival, 2004

     Get into the College Market
    Keeping those Guitars Playing
    Featuring Rick Andrews
     Tips for Guitar Recording
     Make cash playing guitar
     Pick Guard Static
     Truss Rod Damage
     Guitar Tone Questions
     Wiring Headache
     Keeping Strings In Tune
     Back Shape of Neck
     Painting a Guitars
     Piezo Wiring Question
     Guitar Wiring Question
     Pot Wiring Options
     Neck Discoloration
     Broken Truss Rod
     Fender Bass Care
     Fender Bass Care
     Broken Headstock
     Tailpiece Height
     Considering Upgrades
    Power Lunch pt 2
    The Legal Issues
     Internet Helps Growth of Piracy
     New Music Copyright
     Protecting Your Music and Your Money
     Music Funding - Ways to Pay
     Escape From A Music Business Mess
     First Impressions
     5 Steps to Protecting Your Music
     Common Myths About Copyright
     Copyright For Musicians
     Advice for Personal Mgrs
     Intellectual Property Rights
     Protect Your Creativity
     Copyright Infringement
     Trademarks and fair Use
     Communication Is The Key
     Tax Tips pt1
     Tax Tips pt2

    Notes from the Inside
    Featuring Jef Peace
     Winning Evaluation Team
     Display It With Pride
     Three P's
     Labels? Pro and Con
     Press Kit
     CD-Press vs Burn
     Sales by Product
     Irritating marketing schemes

    Web Trafficing
    They will come (bullshit)
     Google Page Rank For Indie Bands
     A Successful Music Website
     The Wonders and Woes of the Web
     What visitors see when
    they look at your website?
     Website Designing Planning
     Utilize Website to Promote Music
     More Website Traffic
     Content is Still King
     How To Increase Web Traffic I
     How To Increase Web Traffic II
     Promote Your Website
     Free Way To Promote
     Web Advertising Free
    Upcoming Slot
    Coming Soon
    Download Lennon on itunes

    Duplication and Distribution
    Getting Music to the masses
      Distributing Music in a Post-CD World
     Production Music
     Digital Distribution Tips
     MP3 Search Engines
     Online Digital Distribution
     Factors Effecting Music
     Download Site Reviews
     Selling Music Online
     Affording Distribution
     Attracting Distribution
     Future of Music Distribution
     HOW IT IS (music today)
     Seeking Distribution
     Getting My Label Distributed
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