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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R The Goods Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R-The Goods Section.

    Many websites have been put up to warn people about scams and services that do not live up to expectations. As a result we have had a huge void in websites that list services that reach or exceed our expectations.

    Every March I send out emails to thousands of people requesting that if they had a great experience with any company, service, or website involved in the music business to please send me that information. Well, it seems as if it is much harder to get people to respond and share a good experience then a bad one so we will slowly build each of our sections based on the results of the March emails and we will continue to add more and more topics and compliments as we move forward.

    EvO:R does not take responsibility for any site or service in this section. We are simply providing websites and services that have exceeded expectation in the past.
  • Studio Services Suggestions
  • Flora Studios -
    Flora Studios, one of Seattle's most respectable recording studios, is owned by producer engineer Tucker Martine. Flora has been responsible for records by Bill Frisell, Jim White, Wayne Horvitz, Modest Mouse, Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, Kelly Joe Phelps, Danny Barnes, Carrie Akre, Orbiter, Transmissionary Six, Petra Haden, and many other notable indie artists. By the list of their clientele, it seems to be on of Seattle's favorite recording spots. And he's one of CD Baby's favorite recording engineers, too. Go figure, with his impressive roster.
    Website: Flora Studios

  • Smart Studios -
    Who has recorded at Smart Studios, the legendary studio owned by Garbage drummer Butch Vig (and producer and engineer of Nirvana's "Nevermind"), you ask? Well, who hasn't! Everyone from Garbage, Son Volt, Rainer Maria, Beck, Hey Mercedes, U2, The Promise Ring, Smashing Pumpkins, Paris Texas, and Nirvana!! And tons of cool indie bands you've never heard of. That's right! This isn't Butch Vig's private studio, as some think. Smart Studios is open to the public. They'll work with ANY budget and get you in - should you want to record there. Any why wouldn't you want to? Smart Studios in Madison, WI. Wow! That's all I can say. CD Baby members take notice. If you're in the area, record here. Need I remind you who recorded here? We love them!
    Website: Smart Studios

  • Jackpot! Recording Studio -
    Portland-based recording studio that is ran by Tape Op editor Larry Crane. Crane has recorded everyone from Sleater-Kinney, Elliott Smith, The Go-Betweens, Stephen Malkmus, Pavement, Quasi, and Richard Buckner at Jackpot!. Besides loving so many records he's recorded, I also read Tape Op! like crazy. I've been a subscriber for years and have always been a fan of Larry Crane. To hear he's a fan of CD Baby, well, it made me quite happy....
    Website: Jackpot! Recording Studio

  • Makeshift Studio -
    Ran by engineer Darron Burke, Makeshift Studios has done recordings for everyone from Folk Implosion/Sebadoh front man Lou Barlow, the Damn Personals, Mary Timony, and Troma Studios Films. What is even more impressive is that the studio features a bunch of cool, eclectic tube and solid state analog gear that Burke personally hunted down from old movie houses, studios, film companies, and more. A huge Devo fan, Burke loves to record those quirky pop records! He's also a swell guy and we here at CD Baby can't say enough good things about him.
    Website: Makeshift Studios

  • Piety Street Recordings -
    A hot studio in New Orleans owned by producers John Fischbach and Mark Bingham that has done recordings for Ryan Adams, Blind Boys of Alabama, Boy Sets Fire, Dick Dale, Dixie Chicks, Less Than Jake, Dr. John, and Three Doors Down. And they've worked with engineers and producers such as Trina Shoemaker, Rob Cavallo, Ethan Allen, John Porter, Rik Pekkonen, Jim Watts, Joe McGrath and Brian Sperber. And, labels like EMI, Parlophone Records, Lost Highway, Real World, TVT Records, Universal Records, Warner Brothers Records, Wind-Up Records. Yes, they have an amazing roster, an amazing sound, and an amazing team behind the studio. Great, quality records at an affordable price, too." ..
    Website: Piety Street Recordings

  • Bakehouse Studios -
    I can recommend Nigel Derricks at Bakehouse Studios in Fitzroy as being an excellent Engineer/Producer to work with- very professional, great approach, really into helping you get what you want out of your recording experience- not to mention a very talented engineer, too....Mark Hughes
    Website: Not Listed

  • Love Juice Laboratories Recording Studios -
    based in Riverside California with studios in La Habra California as well as new ones going up. I have recorded 2 albums with Dave Swanson Owner and President of Love Juice Studios and have only good things to say, Awesome Price, Awesome Experience, Awesome Technology in house, Full Service, Professionalism is Outstanding, oh and did I mention the price $175 per 8 hour day, Yes that's right!
    Website: Love Juice Studios

  • Retro Media -
    here is where we mastered A FINE TIME and THROUGH A MOVING WINDOW. GREAT STUDIO! Great atmosphere, great price, and excellent camaraderie with John Noll.
    Website: Retro Media

  • Company Zero -
    Evan Rabby did some incredible work on Yaya Diallo's CD Nangape. Not only did he do a superb mastering job ... he meticulously cleaned the oxidation off a 22 year old 15 ips studio tape as preparation, resulting in a much sharper sound than the 7 1/2 ips tape that was used in 1980 to master the LP version would have given. Evan also does remote and studio recording and small CD duplication runs. Needless to say, Evan Rabby also mastered Yaya Diallo's Live at Club Soda, again a remarkable job working only from a sound board cassette. Not much he could do about the original recording which was not set up to record a record but the result is so fabulous giving a totally different side of Yaya Diallo's music that it just had to go on record.
    Website: Company Zero
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