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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R The Goods Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R-The Goods Section.

    Many websites have been put up to warn people about scams and services that do not live up to expectations. As a result we have had a huge void in websites that list services that reach or exceed our expectations.

    Every March I send out emails to thousands of people requesting that if they had a great experience with any company, service, or website involved in the music business to please send me that information. Well, it seems as if it is much harder to get people to respond and share a good experience then a bad one so we will slowly build each of our sections based on the results of the March emails and we will continue to add more and more topics and compliments as we move forward.

    EvO:R does not take responsibility for any site or service in this section. We are simply providing websites and services that have exceeded expectation in the past.
  • RADIO Hosting Services Suggestions
  • Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion -
    You can learn a lot about someone by how much they enjoy what they're doing. Bryan LOVES radio. Bryan LIVES radio. He gets excited talking about different ways to help get independent artists' music to radio. Read his GREAT articles! He's well-known around L.A. and seems to be very good at what he does.
    Website: Radio Media

  • Planetary Group -
    I knew Planetary Group mainly as college radio promotion, but now they do it ALL and I hear they do it well. I know people using them for not only radio promo, but publicity, website design and more.
    Website: planetarygroup.com/

  • The Syndicate -
    I can't say enough great things about The Syndicate. They worked my Hit Me CD to college radio a few years ago and did a wonderful job. They're great people & well-loved in college radio circles.
    They're pretty advanced, and work mainly with artists and labels that are completely ready, with all the puzzle-pieces in place, ready for a serious radio campaign to compliment their marketing plan
    Website: musicsyndicate.com

  • KMA Entertainment -
    after moving from an Internet Radio only format to a CD distribution format that plays music from the artists it is selling. This slight twist saves James Lowe from being a real radio station and subjecting himself to all those pesky rules and regulations that are crippling Internet stations right now.

    KUBC Radio will produce shows that feature ONLY those artists that have CD's for sale through his outlet. By playing ONLY those artists he can now say his show is simply a promotional stream that is available to all potential buyers!

    The whole idea has been embrassed by the EvO:R organization and many of their artists have seen great CD sales through this new format..
    Website: KUBC Radio

  • New Artist Showcase -
    I think KC Nash is a wonderful person...I really love his show, and he played us many times, as well as interviewed us...The New Artist Showcase was created by Keith "KC" Clifton in 1998 as a venue for New Artists and their work. New Artists can be brand new to the music industry or they can be experienced, seasoned artists who are new to a particular band or music style. Each month, KC attends as many New Artist gigs as possible and often interviews band members after each performance. Interviews are then included in their weekly Internet shows.
    Website: www.newartistshowcase.com

  • Kweevak -
    We very much appreciate your help.... and Kweevak's!! Sure is nice having someone out there backing us Indie. bands like you guys....especially in such a "BIG" way!! Your site is incredible!! ... Many Thanks Again, HI HO/Rock On, 'Turk'
    Website: www.kweekak.com

  • Kweevak -
    Many thanks for the review of UPROOTED and supporting independents. Your site is tops… P.S. I notice you’ve got fellow aussie Geoff Achison on your site also. Cool!! Thanks for supporting aussie independents also.
    Website: www.kweekak.com

  • M4Radio -
    A great indie radio station that has played our music and was great at communicating this to us.
    Website: www.m4radio.com.com

  • Rockland World Radio - together with Modern Metro Studios, can help you produce and broadcast the sound and vision, for any project, large or small. Modern Metro brings experience and creativity needed to develop and deliver your message in a powerful way to a wide variety of media, including television, radio, print and the web. RocklandWorldRadio.com broadcasts many original shows like Vet Pet, Movies on Plastic, The Kweevak Radio Show, What Women What, Man Talk, The Rockland Arts Hour, Café Latino, 3MNB Radio Show, Frank n' Steve, WMTZ Teen Talk, Rockland Reports, and the Modern Metro Music series. RocklandWorldRadio.com plays a wide variety of original music, broadcasting live music performances by exceptional bands and artists from the tri-state area or those passing through on tour.
    Rich recently invited me to join him on his show at Rockland World Radio for 30 minutes to promote my recent CD. He's a stand up dude.
  • Website: Rockland World Radio

  • New Artist Showcase -
    is a great site, run by DJ KC Nash. KC has played RIPE music many times; he even scheduled a wonderful show around us, including an phone interview, and playing 5 songs of ours during the broadcast. And he's a great guy as well, a real gem.
    Website: New Artsit Showcase

  • Radio Crystal Blue -
    is also a fine internet radio show, run by Dan Herman, out of NYC. He loves to support artistry, and helps book people around the NYC area.

    One Line Wonders:
    These are websites and services that people submitted, but did not actually take the time to state why (unfortunate). Hopefully others will see the site names and send in a few glowing comments.

  • Radio Seagull, http://www.radioseagull.com Gary Lee
  • The Upper Room, http://www.upperroomwithjoekelley.com Joe Kelley
  • The Global Jukebox, http://www.spydaradio.co.uk Paul Sheratt
  • Ison Live Radio, http://www.isonliveradio.com
  • Lord Litter Radio Show, http://www.lordlitter.de Lord Litter
  • New Music Canada, CBC,http://www.newmusiccanada.com/genres/artist.cfm/Band_id=7862
  • Garage Radio - www.garageradio.com
  • Roots Music Canada, CBC, http://www.rootsmusiccanada.com
  • M4 Radio: http://www.m4radio.com
  • Artist First Radio: http://www.artistfirst.com
  • New Artist Radio: http://www.newartistradio.net
  • Sun Radio Spokane: http://www.musicinspokane.com
  • WSVN Radio: http://www.wsvnradio.net

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