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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R The Goods Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R-The Goods Section.

    Many websites have been put up to warn people about scams and services that do not live up to expectations. As a result we have had a huge void in websites that list services that reach or exceed our expectations.

    Every March I send out emails to thousands of people requesting that if they had a great experience with any company, service, or website involved in the music business to please send me that information. Well, it seems as if it is much harder to get people to respond and share a good experience then a bad one so we will slowly build each of our sections based on the results of the March emails and we will continue to add more and more topics and compliments as we move forward.

    EvO:R does not take responsibility for any site or service in this section. We are simply providing websites and services that have exceeded expectation in the past.
  • Publishing Hosting Services Suggestions
  • CMJ Network -
    If I want to know what is hot in the college market, or read about the new sounds of tomorrow today, I read CMJ. They've got two cool publications: CMJ's New Music Monthly (consumer based music publication) and New Music Report (weekly industry magazine with college radio charts, news, etc.) Also, they put on one heck of a festival each year in NY - CMJ Music Since 1978, CMJ's mission has been to help lead the music industry's constant evolution and positively influence the economy and culture of music. Everyone from managers, publicists, DJs, artists, and advertisers read their publications and attend their festivals. And, CD Baby employees read the office copies of the magazine on their breaks. That is dedication..
    Website: www.cmj.com
    151 W. 25th St., 12th Fl.
    New York, NY 10001
    P: 917.606.1908
    f: 917.606.1914

  • Progression (John Collinge)
    - John was the first one I made contact with after being incapacitated for nearly 3 years. I would recommend his magazine for having progressive rock reviews done. It's basically an independent publication but in my opinion an excellent read. He also put a nice add together for me as well as getting me in contact with Peter Pardo from Sea of Tranquility.
    Website: www.progressionmagazine.com

  • Music Dish Network -
    "I just wanted to thank each and every person that assisted with the making of the Crissy Cummings singing "Lookin' Fine" Artist Express Campaign. This was truly more than I expected. I was a little bit leary when I committed to do it. After the personal phone conversation with Holly Day, I knew that I was on my way to having a successful story. The communication with Artist Express leaders couldn't have been any better. If you are a singer, songwriter, manager or song promoter this will be the best investment into the music business with results better that what you could ever do. To view what they did for me please go to www.crissycummings.com. Thank you again!" - Crissy Cummings
    Website: www.Musicdish.com

  • Music Dish Network -
    has added a lot of value to the Online Bands website by providing a constant flow of professionally written artist profiles to augment our own list of artists. The multi-media nature of these profiles makes them interesting to the fans that come to Online Bands looking for unique bands outside of the traditional media channels such as FM radio and print magazines. - Joe Purrenhage, Online Bands
    Website: www.Musicdish.com

  • Music Dish Network -
    As an editor and webmaster of a small independent website, I have been depending on volunteer writers to help provide me with a steady stream of content for my monthly e-zine. The word 'volunteer' says it all. Some months I am turning down articles and other months I am starving for any real content. Almost every month I was spending the first half of the month trying to get articles from my volunteer providers and as a result many articles arrived on the final days before my deadline. I don't have to explain to you what a "rush" job looks like, and that was what I was dealing with until I teamed up with the MusicDish Network....Charlie Harrelson (EvO:R)
    Website: www.Musicdish.com

    One Line Wonders:
    These are websites and services that people submitted, but did not actually take the time to state why (unfortunate). Hopefully others will see the site names and send in a few glowing comments.

  • Space Junkies Magazine, http://www.spacejunkies.net
  • Beowulf Productions and Treats From the Underground -www.beowolfproductions.com
  • Spotlight Magazine Contact the editor through this group-spotlight_magazine@yahoogroups.com
  • UndergoroundBeatOnline - http://www.undergroundbeatonline.net I've written some articles for these guys.

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