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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R The Goods Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R-The Goods Section.

    Many websites have been put up to warn people about scams and services that do not live up to expectations. As a result we have had a huge void in websites that list services that reach or exceed our expectations.

    In March of 2004 I sent out emails to thousands of people requesting that if they had a great experience with any company, service, or website involved in the music business to please send me that information. Well, it seems as if it is much harder to get people to respond and share a good experience then a bad one so we will slowly build each of our sections based on the results of the March 2004 emails and we will continue to add more and more topics and compliments as we move forward.

    EvO:R does not take responsibility for any site or service in this section. We are simply providing websites and services that have exceeded expectation in the past.
  • Marketing Services Suggestions
  • Sheheshe Music Services - has offered free radio station promotions and special discount offers to promote to radio stations. All as transpired with excellent efficiency, excellent reporting, and excellent results.
    Sheheshe Music Services has my recommendaton.
    Website: Sheheshe Music Services

  • MusicDish Network - "After the personal phone conversation with Holly Day, I knew that I was on my way to having a successful story. The communication with Artist Express leaders couldn't have been any better. If you are a singer, songwriter, manager or song promoter this will be the best investment into the music business with results better that what you could ever do. To view what they did for me please go to Crissy Cummings
    Website: Artist Express

  • The Syndicate - I can't say enough great things about The Syndicate. They worked my Hit Me CD to college radio a few years ago and did a wonderful job. They're great people & well-loved in college radio circles. They're pretty advanced, and work mainly with artists and labels that are completely ready, with all the puzzle-pieces in place, ready for a serious radio campaign to compliment their marketing plan.
    Website: The Syndicate

  • Music Dish - Music Dish, did a wonderful job for internet media with their feature article " From Africa to the World," Yaya Diallo Unleashes His Music.
    Website: Music Dish

  • MusicDish Network - My site Online Bands gets syndicated music news from this site and they have run a professional and high quality service to bands as well as media outlets like mine.
    Website: Music Dish

  • Luck Media - Steve Levesque, who started out originally as a manager of the California-based surf/punk band Agent Orange, has handled the media campaigns for a wide variety of new and established artists including The Cramps, Devo, Sonic Youth, Nick Cave, Bush, Lollapalooza, Neil Diamond, MC Hammer, Chaka Khan, Moody Blues, Heart, Deana Carter, Billy Ray Cyrus, Michael Jackson, The Dickies, Sara Evans, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy/The Derby, Bug Music Publishing, The Temptations to name a few.

    Steve and the gang at Luck Media have worked with all kinds of clients through the years. They're wonderfully persistent and very into helping independent artists get attention. I see James and Steve around Los Angeles, staying very involved with the local scene. Highly recommended.
    Website: Luck Media

  • Ariel Publicity - A great publicist and a great friend. Ariel Publicity is best for bands on tour. Her company has a long history of getting great press for bands who are on the road, working it, but need more help calling attention to their concerts.
    Website: Ariel Publicity

  • Deluxxe Media & Management - Deluxxe Media & Management founder Barbara Mitchell has been in the business for over a decade, originally working at Triple XXX records, then at Sire (part of Warner Bros.). Now she heads her own publicity and management company, handling management for artists such as The Posies/Ken Stringfellow/Jon Auer, Steve Turner (of Mudhoney), and Marc Olsen. She also handles national and tour press campaigns for bands with the media side of Deluxxe.
    Website: Deluxxe Media & Management

  • Reel Sound of Music - Back in the good old days when MP3.com ruled the Internet JoAnne offered to take one of my songs to the top of the MP3.com charts. I had never had a song reach the top 125 via my merger promotional efforts. Within 3 weeks she had me charting on the top 10 Rock charts! Not some distant chart like "Southern Idaho Rockers with less then 4 instruments" she had me charting on the big board next to a few of my favorite bands.
    Now that MP3.com is gone she has turned her attention to graphic design and artist promotions (other then MP3 charting). She is a powerhouse grapics artist and she has a huge grasp on the music business as a whole...Charlie Harrelson, EvO:R
    Website: www.reelsoundofmusic.com

  • Foley Entertainment, Inc. - Gene Foley, head of Foley Entertainment Inc., comes with years of experience in career consulting, including major label experience, as well as clients that have gone on to earn gold and platinum records, and a few Grammys. He is offering a free CD evaluation to help you better understand your target market, and thus market your CD accordingly. He's a stand up guy, to boot. Always fun to talk with on the phone. Don't forget, he'll give you a free, in-depth evaluation of your CD too if you tell him CD Baby sent you, which will help you get a leg up in the industry.
    Website: Foley Entertainment Inc.

  • Kathy Acquaviva - Los Angeles, CA - 818 893 8458- KathyMedia@aol.com
    Kathy is still a teenage rocker at heart, though she's been doing music publicity at the major labels for over 15 years. A natural energetic extrovert, her enthusiasm for music and publicity is infectious, and she knows everyone in the biz. She was at Atlantic Records for a long time, then Hollywood Records, and now with her own company, available to work directly with independent artists. Though she doesn't have a website, drop her an email and introduce yourself.
    Website: none....

  • Makato (Mary Gilbert) Mary likes to promote bands. She has many different avenues of promotion on the web. The Makato search engine and the promo page that she put together for me at Makato are key to driving additional traffic to my home page.
    Website: Makato

  • Cafepress - still one of my favorite sites for promotion, I have bought many items for the different groups I am involved in due to being able to buy just a few of each. We set up a catalog of many items available to order and have a few samples on hand to show the quality. Not a great margin of profit, but sometimes for promotional reasons, just breaking even is worth it.
    Website: www.cafepress.com

  • The Sticker Guy - I have had a few projects done by this site and have been really happy with the quality of work and turnaround time. The prices are very reasonable too.
    Website: thestickerguy.com

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