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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R The Goods Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R-The Goods Section.

    Many websites have been put up to warn people about scams and services that do not live up to expectations. As a result we have had a huge void in websites that list services that reach or exceed our expectations.

    In March of 2004 I sent out emails to thousands of people requesting that if they had a great experience with any company, service, or website involved in the music business to please send me that information. Well, it seems as if it is much harder to get people to respond and share a good experience then a bad one so we will slowly build each of our sections based on the results of the March 2004 emails and we will continue to add more and more topics and compliments as we move forward.

    EvO:R does not take responsibility for any site or service in this section. We are simply providing websites and services that have exceeded expectation in the past.
  • CD Duplication Suggestions
  • Oasis CD - I would like to recommend OASIS CD & MFG. in Sperryville, VA.
    They offer great prices, a tools-of-promotion package that is second to none & they have very cooperative staff to help us little people get our music out. That's my first choice. Brian Priest...
    Website: OASIS CD & MFG.

  • Oasis CD -
    I love Oasis CD manufacturing, they've done both our cds and were very fast, affordable and include a track on a compilation cd that goes out to radio. I will definitely use them again. I love the eco-packs, no jewel cases to break...Hoot
    Website: OASIS CD & MFG.

  • Groove House
    - I first heard about Groove House from some of the projects they've done: Fisher, Jackson Browne, Buck-O-Nine, and the Mighty Mighty BossTones. Those records sounded great on my stereo, and everyone else that has used them and I've talked to agrees... each job is given the time and care it needs to make sure it looks and sounds great.
    Website: Groove House

  • Springbound Music
    - A great short-run duplication company I use is Springbound Music. Brian White is the guy that runs it. Great guy, easy to work with. He's got good, quality product, decent prices and is in business because he loves the music.
    Website: Springbound Music

  • CD Marksman -
    (Paul Amarosi) I have heard a lot of good things about many cd manufacturers. I found that CD Marksman does a comparable job at a lower price than most. It was also convenient because they are here in Phoenix. They also have an in house mastering lab.
    website: CD Marksman

  • Productivity Central
    - You need $1 CDs produced? Forget Dollar CDs. Took them a week to answer my e-mail. I use a duplicator in Jacksonville, Florida. Have had excellent success with them. Order as many as you want in bulk . $1 each. They print black and white text and graphics directly on to the CD-R, no paper labels are used. Perfect for the "bootleg" series.

    Send them the business They duplicated my last two CD-Rs, "Songs You Will Love...After A 6-Pak" - Volumes 1 and 2.
    Frederick Addo
    Productivity Central
    5510 Philips Highway - Suite #12
    Jacksonville, FL 32207
    Website: http://www.pcentralonline.com

  • Sonrise Audio out of Vancouver
    - I work with Sonrise Audio out of Vancouver , BC. They were recommended by Cinram and they have my recommendation. My account representative is Charlie Whitley. 1-888-454-1544. Simple uncomplicated communication and a job well done. I had the shipment split in four directions to save some time and work.
    Website: http://www.newmediasource.com.

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