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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The Tracks Across America Players Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R-Tracks Across America Players.
    taa merchandise
    This section explains many of the details about a music sharing project that has created a huge buzz in the Free Agent Musicians arena.. You may listen to us, read about us, support us, but whatever you do please don't mistake this for a serious music project! We are all having a good time and the music that we are producing is still pretty good, all things considered.

    Tracks Across America - The Players
  • TL2  -Guitar
    TL2 does TAA
    From heavy metal to fusion jazz, this guy is a great guitarist. Reviewed as "both smooth groove and heavy speed" TL2 holds down the main lead guitar lines for most of the songs. He is not just another flashy lead player, he fills in the blanks with some very clear fills. This guy is truely a guitar players, player!
  • More on TL2  To the Music Page

  • Chris Patrick Chamblee  -Bass, Vocals
    Ever heard a singer and know within two words of the opening tune who he/she was? Add another to that list, CPC has that voice that you will know in seconds. His bass playing is not as noticable as CPC holds down the bass groove without extensive coloration. Teaming up with TL2 on a number of songs for this project and hopefully many more.
  • More on Chris Patrick Chamblee   To the Music Page

  • Mark Bell  -Sampler, effects
    Mark Bell
    This guy is nuts! I really mean it, nuts! His music is even crazier then his personality. As the frontman for the Goth Rock band Triskelion Matrix, Mark Bell has been known for creating some of very bizzare work. The tracks he has submitted only added to his persona.
  • More on Mark Bell   To the Music Page

  • Daniel  -Vocals, piano
    Daniel has a solid music history working with a number of 70's rock heavy weights. His debute CD, U See Berkeley Cool has had many wonderful reviews. His vocals are also very noticable, meaning after you hear him, you will remember his sound and rearly confuss it with any other vocalist.
  •   To the Music Page

  • Celestial Spawn  - Vocals
    Celestia Spawn TAA
    Her range is from angelic to deranged as far as lyrical content and her singing style has been described as "Chelleigh is a female vocalist with an angels voice and a forked tongue. She is describe as the Anti-Deva.
  • Catch this new TAA song!

  • J.D.A.  -Vocals, guitars, Keyboards, Drums
    JDA/Cotolo TAA
    Joel Pirard, the leader of the super group JDA meets another EvO:R Legend Frank Cotolo and discuss working together on a song to feature on TAA. The result is Rapt Attention..The song is about asking for intense communication, and how important it is to be focused, delightfully (hence the word "rapt") in the process of understanding.
  • More on JDA   To the Music Page

  • Nannette Stephenson  -Bass, Vocals
    Nannette TAA
    Unlike most of the male singers in this project that have their own personal vocal style (like it or not) Nannette has a voice straight out of the Dream Boat Annie era from Heart. Close your eyes and listen to Ann Wilson. She also plays a killer bass with the power rock trio Snakes-n-Angels!
  • More on Nannette and the band   To the Music Page

  • Frank Cotolo  -Piano, guitar, vocals
    Frank Cotolo TAA
    How could we go another day without the ultimate song writer himself, Frank Cotolo. This guy can pump out hits like rabbits (well you know). Frank joined us on two Tracks Across America songs, Rapt Attention, and Gideon Blues.
  • More from Frank Cotolo   To the Music Page

  • J.P. Hunt  -Piano, guitar, vocals
    J.P.Hunt does TAA
    Heavy, hard and fast music. Tattoos, Hemp & cousins, art, movies, books, vampires, hell "Discordian Quote for the time being: "Half the trick is knowing the CyberPunks from the CyberPinks."
  •   To the Music Page

  • Jimmie Vestal  -guitar, vocals, Drum machine,
    Jimmy Vestal TAA
    Want to listen a musicial about a time when life had real meaning, and people respected one another? Jimmie Vestals writes music that returns you to this time and we are proud to have him submitting a couple tunes for us to work on. One Tracks Across America song, "That's All Right" was one of the websites top downloads.
  • More from Jimmie Vestal   To the Music Page

  • Neal Allen  -Piano, guitar, vocals
    Neal Allen of Southern Logic on TAA
    Leader of the Rock-Techno group Southern Logic, Neal Allen has offered to team up with us for a couple tunes. The song Centerfuse is already a big hit on his Soundclick website and it was recently added to Neal will be featured in Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 editions.

  • More from Neal Allen   To the Music Page

  • Karl Kalbaugh  -piano, percussions, digidaro, other world instruments
    Karl Kalbaugh TAA
    What a great addition Karl has made to the TAA line up. The Vol.1 project was not completed until we finished 2 songs that he submitted to us. Adding both songs to the volume 1 edition has really raised the bar on the overall project. Karls world music (and world class studio work) will keep the compilation very interesting. Karl also mastered the final CD, Thanks a million Karl!
  • More from Karl Kalbaugh   To the Music Page

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