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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The Tracks Across America Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R-Tracks Across America Section.
    taa merchandise
    This section explains many of the details about a music sharing project that has created a huge buzz in the Free Agent Musicians arena.. You may listen to us, read about us, support us, but whatever you do please don't mistake this for a serious music project! We are all having a good time and the music that we are producing is still pretty good, all things considered.

  • What is this about?
    In 1999 EvO:R founder Charlie Harrelson wanted to create a track sharing project via the Internet. Musicians from anywhere could join in and make music. This whole process had many pitfalls as Internet connections where slow and people where a bit protective of their music. As time passed musicians began to trust each other and Internet connections got faster. This allowed the Tracks Across America project the time it needed to run and grow.

  • How does this whole thing work?
    One musician would record some music on a 4 track (or digiatl multi-track) and send the tracks to another musician ( It could also be the foundation tracks s/a bass and drums). The next musician is responsible for adding another track, then sends the song to another artist and so on. The artist that has the music is in total control of the arrangement.
  • How many musicians can get involved in one song?
    Normally we try to keep the number to two or three. This allows each artist a chance to be totally involved in the process. We also depend on each artist to work fast so the momentum never slows down. After every track is completed the song is mailed back to me so I can make a master and a slave copy. This way if something is lost in the mail we still have a song to work with.
  • Will a CD Compilation be available?
    Yes, we already had Volume I-II and III completed and official Bootleg Editions where made available for sale but they are all currently sold out. This compilation series was about having fun, not about selling thousands of CD's and making money.

    Our latest offering is a much better production and the result of years of experimenting to find a workable final result. This CD is now sold exclusively via our friends at Peacework Music Network and we are offering the CD at a great price! See the bottom of the page for ordering information.
  • Will additional CD Compilations be available in the future?
    Yes, we have just wrapped up our fourth volumn Tracks Across Time and it smokes! Based on the pre-issue sales of our latest release we have been asked to produce a Tracks Across America anthology. This offering will be as many as 4 CD's with some of the best and worst offerings we had. We will be releasing this anthology via Peacework Music Network before the end of the 2010 calander year. Check on this section for an announcement in late April 2011.
  • Any new songs upload?
    Actually, we have been very busy lately. We have completed over 40 songs and I'm in the planning stag to add about 40 more during the next few months. Below are a number of new songs from the Tracks Across Time CD.

  • Big Blue
  • Eyes Are Blind
  • Babylon
  • Respite Under the Sun
  • Autological
  • Songs will be added from time to time at our Music Downloads section. That section has MP3 samples from a number of great compilation CD's that we have completed.
    Compilations include:
     Tracks Across America Vol. I
     Tracks Across Time
     The Best of EvO:R Vol. IV
     The Best of EvO:R Vol. V
     The Best of EvO:R Vol. VI
     The Best of the Ladies of EvO:R
     Industrial EvO:R
     Contemporary EvO:R
     EvO:R Covers
     The Best of TL2 Vol. I
     Instrumantal EvO:R

      Is a CD and other merchandise planned?
    The TAA release from a number of EvO:R artists is ready! Click here to get the new released at a very favorable price. You can also help support TAA by purchasing some of our great merchandise. We have T-Shirts, caps, coffee mugs, and more Go here now.

    We would like to thank all of you that have already purchased the new CD. Many of you have sent us emails telling us how much you liked the material and when you realized that NONE of the artists ever meet one another during any phase of any song the CD is that much more impressive.

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