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    The EvO:R CD Review Team

     CD title - After All
    by Sali Hagan
    Review by Charlie Harrelson

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    Song from the CD
    All songs are from the artist's CD After All.
    Laila  /   Whiskey  /   Soulbury Castle  /   Pretty Little Big Deal  /   The Lift  /   Flight  /   Betty Was Black  /   After All  /   Clangin' Bells  /   Lps  /   Social Boys  /  

    CD title - After All
    by Sali Hagan
    Review by Charlie Harrelson

    Nothing like a great vocalist who has a uniqness to her style. I have listened to Sali Hagan and reviewed her CD's over the years and although she has a little touch of Bonnie Ratte in her voice she is by no means locked into that southern blues/rock style. Sali really let's her hair down on this latest CD. She sent me a note saying this CD was what she wanted to do and the hell with what people thought (not those excact words). The offering is a bit more rebelious then prior releases. Like someone who is aware of themselves and wants the world to know who they are through music.

    One thing I really apprieciated was the fact that Sali takes the time to list all the musicians for each of her songs. Inside the CD liner was this note. "I am in awe of the musicians on this record! Their chops, their souls and their willingness to play on my songs. Just far out." I get countless CD's from solo artist's who don't even mention a single person other then themselves in the liner notes. This unselfish offering means a lot to me as I have been part of the non-mentioned players on other CD's.

    One shout out to guitarist Steve Holeman who lays down some nasty swap blues on a number of tunes. I absolutely love his style and would love to hear him as a solo act just to see what he can do. I may Google him soon and see what I find. He shows great flexibilty and versatility on the instrument. Holeman never over powers the mix but when called to action he is ready to bend some stings and make it happen. Years ago I was asked to play guitar for a well known signer on the west coast. I could not fly out there and work a week or two and the signer wanted me over hundreds of local players who could be available in a moments notice. We came up with the idea that I would record everything in my humble recording studio and create "wav" files and email them to their studio on the west coast. This was back in the day when a 56K modem ruled the world and it only took 8-9 hours to email a 4 minute music file. I was told to do anything I wanted with the songs. This freedom made what seemed to be a luxury into something very stressful. When you are the side man for someone else's project you wish you had the freedom I was given but you also had that comfort zone of being directed around every corner. I really felt the pressure to make every song come alive with whatever it took to achieve this directive. Steve was equal to the task as I feel he was given cretive license yet he did not over stay his welcome (musicially).

    I was momentarily disappointed with the fact the drum tracks where created by a programmer. I know getting a live drummer into a studio these days is expensive and time consuming but no programmer can replace the real thing. Bill Crabtree covered all or most of the drum programs. He did an amazing job. To be honest, the drum tracks were pretty creative but the sound of stretched skins being pounded by sticks can't be replaced by software. Bill came close! It's nit-picking so I'll move on.

    In the Studio:
    This is a class act recording on par with any great recording past and present. Vocals were clear and crisp and placed perfectly in the sound field. The drums had depth and sounded very tight. The guitar work stole the show as Steve Holeman really explored multiple sounds, effects as well as instruments and amps. while not dominating the mix but improved every song with his skills. My only negative comment about the guitar work was the conservative solo work. When a guitar player is given the go to do an extended solo it is time to break out every technique he/she has. Leave nothing on the table. I feel Holemen fould a comfort zone during solo's and did little to challenge himself musically. It's an issue only a 30 year guitar playing veteran would comment on. The average listener would be completely satified.

    Once again Sali produces a kick tail CD. Plenty of soulfull bluesy tunes and Sali's great vocals. If you like Bonnie Ratte you will love Sali Hagan because Sali expands the blues genre to include elements of rock, pop, soul and some really good funk. This is the second CD from Sali which I have reviewed. I loved the first CD and think this one is a little better. The musical styles show her vast range as I think Sali can sing and perform in many genres. The fact she mentions her band members on her CD shows she really apreciates the folks that put so much time and effert into making "After All" a glowing success.

    I have only given out Six 5 star ratings this year, make that seven now!

    Reviewed by Charlie Harrelson
    Founder of EVOR

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