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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The Independent Musicians CD Reviews

    Welcome to the EvO:R Independent CD Reviews Section.
    I would like to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves to everyone. The EvO:R review section features reviews from various independent musicians that submit material for our consideration.

    I wanted to let you know a little about our review teams collective thoughts on music. It's important to let the people we review know what we think of their music and how we listened to their creations.

    We hold nothing back! The team has been instructed to be honest and respectful of all CD's reviewed.
    The EvO:R CD Review Team
    Artist: Phourist
    Album: Terrestrial Daydream
    Genre: Progressive/Folk-Pop
    Rating: 7 out of 10 stars
    Strenth: Solid musicianship, great use of reverb.
    CD Baby: Download Album
    Reviewed by: Charles Harrelson
    Edited by: Charles Harrelson
    Review Comments: next2zero@yahoo.com

    Composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and founder of Phourist - Nick Hill - takes a minimalistic approach to writing and performing music, typically honing the melodies into fruition as dictated by the soul of the song. The new release, Terrestrial Daydream, was a concept born out of daydreaming.

    I usually cringe when I get a CD from someone who wrote, produced, recorded, mixed and played all the instruments. Only Mannerisms Magnified by Guitar Player contributing editor Dale Turner and Two by TL2 (My self-indulgent solo release) have been the only self-written, recorded, produced, mixed and performed releases to ever draw any real excitement from our review team. The issue with self-indulged CD's is the lack of focus and in many cases the flow of ideas can become a bit dry due to the lack of additional human musical interactions.

    Terrestrial Daydream, suffers this devastating effect by having very little focus and the music tends to drift off into space on a number of occasions. Based on the song titles Floating Along the Milky Way, Creatures in the Infinite Cosmos, Speaking to the Moon, and Carried Away I tend to get the notion that the artist (Nick Hill) was intending to be a bit spaced out musically so I won't hold it against him.

    I will give him top honors for his exceptional use of reverb. He really has the concept of "drenched in reverb" down to a science. He has obviously spent a lot of time studying the works of The Moody Blues, early Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel and others. He also has a good nose for knowing when to pull the plug on the drenched effects which is great for reducing listener fatigue. His ability to weave reverb in and out of the mix shows great studio skills. Nick would make a great producer for a quality pop/rock band. Careful listening to his work reveals that he seeks to leave no instrument lost in the mix. Every instrument, sound effect and vocal nuance is pronounced in this final mix. His careful use of mic placement shows he is a student of the studio.

    Best Song: Clearly track 6, Sacred has what it takes to be a fantastic song. This version is stripped down quite a bit but still holds up well. It could be a top 40 rock/pop tune with drums and additional guitars, maybe even some strings. I can see a concert venue with thousands of people holding up their smart phones with the fake lighter app singing along to every word.

    Songs available on CD Baby:
    Floating Along the Milky Way /  The Signal /  Listen /  Carried Away /  Storm Approaches /  Sacred /  The Truth /  Waking Up /  Creatures in the Infinite Cosmos /  Optimism in D Flat Major /  Hello Nothing /  Speaking to the Moon  / 

    Nick is a very talented up and coming musician. He just needs to learn to work well with others and incorporate the effects of human interaction. Maybe start out with another musician who can play percussions and branch off into a full featured band. I think his music would grow exponentially with this new experience. I would say his music would be a great fit for a movie soundtrack but that comment is just a polite way of saying your material has no real focus. With that in mind, Nick's material does have soundtrack possibilities.

    Reviewed by: Charles Harrelson
    Edited by: Charles Harrelson
    Review Comments: next2zero@yahoo.com
    The EvO:R CD Reviews Home Page

    Want EvO:R to review your music?
    It will be honest and above all, very interesting. You will be granted permission to reproduce the review or link to the review on any artist websites or social media sites.

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    EvO:R Reviewer
    855 Markham Wood Rd
    Longwood, Fl.

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    Reviews will appear in the order that CD's are sent so don't delay as it takes a few weeks for reviews to appear! If your CD is good enough it may qualify for the top 25 Indie CD's of all time.

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