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  •  The Independent Musicians CD Reviews

    Welcome to the Become a CD Reviewer for EVOR!.
    We are opening up the CD review process to anyone that wants to write a professional review. All you need to do is listen to the MP3 files that we provided for the band or artist and write your review.

    Reviews follow a specific format so use the form below to write your review. Once we have published 5 of your CD reviews you will be mailed an official EVOR Reviewer Baseball shirt. They look great and are made in the USA! So pick out any CD listed below, listen to all the MP3 files then write your review.

    The EvO:R CD Review Team

     CD title - Convergence
    by New Latitude
    Review by Charlie Harrelson

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    Song from the CD
    All songs are from the artist's CD Convergence.
      /   New Day  /   Sunset  /   Trailblazing  /   14 & Green  /   Seven Falls  /   Fleeting Passage  /   Foothills Wonder  /   Reflections  /   No Matter What  /   Eastern Square  /   Best of Times  /  

    The Review
    Twenty years ago I was selling high end audio products at a ultra high end audio/video retailer in Atlanta, GA. No, ulta high end wasn't an i-Phone played through dr. dre headphones. We sold real CD player which ranged from $350 to $3,000. We sold amazing speaker systems powered by real power amplifiers. Speaker wires and inner connect cables costing hundreds of dollars rounded out the purchase. Music was a passion back then and people searched for musical nirvana.

    One day a well educated looking man walked up to me and asked "do you have any music featuring acoustic guitars in a jazz idium?" Was he testing me? Just because I had long hair did he think I only had Guns'n Roses CD's in my demo pouch? I responded with an almost immediate "I think I can play something you will like" and I pulled out the latest Acoustic Alchemy release. The well educated looking man was surprised by my ability to provide the perfect demo material for his listening pleasure. I do not recall if he bought anything that day but I have never forgotten his expression when I was able to deliver on his request.

    New Latitude's music plays like a book off the groundwork layed out by Nick Webb and Greg Carmichael of Acoustic Alchemy. Guitarists and composers Dave Erickson and Jim Carr started New Latitude to play original music and share their passion for instrumental acoustic guitar music. Their debut release CD “Convergence" is 100% original music with great synergy and acoustic guitar interplay on every song.

    Dave Erickson is an acoustic and electric guitarist and composer from Denver, CO, USA. Dave's influences and passion for music have spanned many genres of music including jazz, rock,blues, folk, and classical. In 2014, Dave collaborated with Jim Carr and formed the acoustic guitar duo New Latitude. Dave released the contemporary jazz CD Pinnacle with the Dave Erickson Project (DEP) in 2013. Songs from the DEP Pinnacle CD continue to be heard on radio stations world-wide.

    Jim Carr is an instrumental recording artist who resides in Golden, Colorado. Jim’s acoustic guitar playing has been described as “expressive and flowing” (Raffaella Berry, Progressor) and “hyper articulate” (Ryan Cunningham, Recoil Magazine). Jim has released 3 instrumental acoustic guitar-oriented CDs for Uma Nota Records: The Space Below (2012).
    NOTE: The Space Below CD was reviewed by EvOR. It was listed as one of the Top 25 Independent CD's of 2012.
    The Green Room (2002), and Acoustic Legacy Sessions (1999). He can also be heard on the recordings Gain (2008) and extended_play (2005) by instrumental fusion/progressive band Jam-Lab, also on Uma Nota Records.
    In the Studio:
    Eduardo Bijoux Barbosa: Acoustic bass (on all songs except No Matter What) David Young: Drums and percussion (on all songs except Seven Falls and Eastern Square) Deon Kuhl: Drums (on Seven Falls and Eastern Square)

    Produced and Arranged by Dave Erickson & Jim Carr
    Mixed and Mastered by Steve Sundberg at FTM Studios, Denver, CO

    Playing Convergence through reference studio speakers was a musical fantasy come true. The instruments were placed solidly within the sound stage. The drums had amazing depth. I felt the drummer was actually set up 6-8 feet behind my wall. This added depth is an amazing phenomina when listening to a great audio system. This is often lost with todays compressed music formats played through headphones.

    Switching to Dolby Pro Logic II to test simulated surround sound introduced me to a new layer of listening experience. The simulated five channel mix was actually better then many discs which were encoded for 5 channel playback.

    Jim Carr has already graced the review pages of EvOR with his 2012 release "The Space Between." He has out done himself with this release. I look forward to sening this CD listed as one of the top 25 Indie CD's of 2014. The CD is still in my player after a month of listening. I really loved this work.

    Reviewed by Charlie Harrelson
    Founder of EVOR

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  • Charlie Harrelson
    EvOR Reviewer
    855 Markham Wood Rd
    Longwood, Fl.

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