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  •  The Independent Musicians CD Reviews

    Welcome to the EvO:R Independent CD Reviews Section.
    I would like to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves to everyone. The EvO:R review section features reviews from various independent musicians that submit material for our consideration.

    I wanted to let you know a little about our review teams collective thoughts on music. It's important to let the people we review know what we think of their music and how we listened to their creations.

    We hold nothing back! The team has been instructed to be honest and respectful of all CD's reviewed.
    The EvO:R CD Review Team
  • Artist: Lemon Hill
  • Album: Two Song Demo
  • Genre: Classic Rock
  • Website: Band Official Website
  • Downloads: Music
  • Rating: Final Rating 8/10
  • Reviewed by: by Michael Post
  • Edited by: Janne Zawa
  • Review Comments: jannezawa@gmail.com

    Lemon Hill is a hot running new band from Philadelphia who just digitally released 2 tracks on the URL linked above. More songs are pending this Summer. Below are the titles of the two tracks in question.

    Track 1 Love Arrives
    Track 2 Medium Man

    Nowadays making music is so accessible to anyone and being that we have the do it yourself attitude, it just makes sense. Most bands don’t want to sit around just waiting for someone to make our dreams come true, they are doing it themselves. These latest songs by Lemon Hill are extremely bright, cheerful, at times thoughtful music that captures the pure essence of Classic Rock, Jam Band Soul at its best. Both tracks provide a intensely exhilarating experience that can tingle the senses into submission. In this aspect I think I get Lemon Hill. If you’re looking for a sappy love record this may not be for you.

    If your looking for The White Stripes – again not for you. If you are looking for something in between – it’s the perfect band for you. The core members of Lemon Hill Jake Dean (bass), Lou Graff (guitar), Domenic Malandro (lead vocals and Saxophone) are without a drummer in the line up – although there are drums on the demo. The voice of Malandro fits this style of music like a hand in glove. Again these 3 deliver middle ground music between sappy love songs and raw honest alt-rock subject matter. The second track (Medium Man) is like pouring gasoline on a fire and is a great closer. Some bands I would compare them to are: William Fitzsimmons. I can also hear Ray Lamontagne, Ryan Adams, Forest Son and Joshua Radin. Lemon Hill also harmonizes well and the tasty saxophone chops and voice (especially paired with a rock band) is a bit magical. Some feel music is a way to buzz the senses during any activity i/e concerts, clubs, dancing, exercising, getting drunk, all of the above and more - you get it. Some want to hear about love while other listeners want to go deeper and darker. The bottom line is despite only having 2 tracks to go by this band still shows us a lot.

    Criticism: Releasing just 2 songs to the public is a bit unorthodox, I recommend releasing at least 5. Also there is no drummer listed anywhere – a bit confusing, Who’s the drummer?

    Final Thoughts:
    Lemon Hill offers an ample listening environment via these 2 tracks with a spirited, youthful sound that will appeal too many. I feel it will encourage the listener to delve in life’s ride, no matter what the circumstance. In this aspect Lemon Hill deserve a lot of credit for bringing all that tougher. Lemon Hill’s energetic, stimulating sound can be appreciated by anyone that enjoys music, even those who typically may not enjoy one particular style. I enjoyed this album sitting on my couch on full blast, with eyes closed eager to see where the musical journey took me. To be honest I had a few beers as well. This sounds so simple but it’s in this setting Brandon White’s rollercoaster ride music works its magic best on your senses.
  • Reviewed by: by Michael Post
  • Edited by: Janne Zawa
  • Review Comments: jannezawa@gmail.com

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