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    Welcome to the Become a CD Reviewer for EVOR!.
    We are opening up the CD review process to anyone that wants to write a professional review. All you need to do is listen to the MP3 files that we provided for the band or artist and write your review.

    Reviews follow a specific format so use the form below to write your review. Once we have published 5 of your CD reviews you will be mailed an official EVOR Reviewer Baseball shirt. They look great and are made in the USA! So pick out any CD listed below, listen to all the MP3 files then write your review.

    The EvO:R CD Review Team

     CD title - iLLacrimo
    by iLLacrimo
    Review by Montey Zike

  •    You Tube Page

    CD title - iLLacrimo
    by iLLacrimo
    Review by Charlie Harrelson

    This is a unique blend of sounds from Italy. iLLacrimo take radio friendly rock, inject it full of heavy metal and then add a Mozart atmosphere to it by incorporating orchestral keyboards and piano to fill in the nebulous areas. They are radio friendly but have enough groove and rock elements to appeal to music fans of all ages. Not to mention singer Federica has an intoxicating voice that can go from loud to quiet on the drop of a dime.

    The five songs on this short EP are a fine introduction to the band. Nothing is too rough on the ears, but the guitarists will sometimes wander into murky, dirty riffs and intense solos that soar above the drummer’s pounding footwork. Each tune has its own identity which isn’t easy to manage in the rock world nowadays. Take for instance lead-in number, “Burning Fields,” a piece that can’t seem to decide if it wants to be a grand piano ballad or a raging, heavy metal anthem. It’s beautiful in that it shows incredible restraint and sleight of hand in regards to melody, but roars into an aggravated second half full of distortion and sweltering guitar harmonies straight from metal 101. Not many bands can be passive yet aggressive all in the same breath.

    Gross tonnage is something the band specializes in. “Chains in the Cold” is made for a mosh-pit crammed with sweaty rock fans ready to slam dance to the first sweep of dirty, down-tuned riffing. They avoid the drop D guitar craze of the 90s by filtering in soaring harmony runs that haven’t been a metal trademark for quite some time. They strip away the hard stuff on songs such as “1,000 Reasons To” and “Non Credi,” both tracks being sweet and sugary enough to garner them airplay in the States. They take a foundation of keyboards and piano with the vocals gliding over it gracefully and blissfully. Just when the changes are needed the most to keep the listener involved, they raise the volume with a harder guitar style, regal guitar harmonies and dense drumming that really packs a wallop.

    “No Longer” is the intersection where all of the band’s influences meet with some of the best vocals on the album really driving the chorus home. iLLacrimo succeed because they aren’t just making noise. You can tell that all of the musicians are accomplished with their respective instruments, and concerned about constructing songs that rely on brains AND brawn. Metal in recent times has too often relied on growling, screaming, shouting and noise. This refreshing young group takes the genre back to a time where the players could play and the singers could sing.

    Even if you don’t like heavy guitars and crashing percussion, lead vocalist Federica and her interaction with the piano arrangements will make this worth the price of admission alone. One can sense a bright future when listening to this EP, though it would be nice to hear the band adopt even more of their own style in the future.

    At times this sounds like an angrier version of Evanescence, so originality needs to be achieved. Still, this is a great debut that you will want to check out.

    Rating: 8/10

    Reviewed by Montey Zike

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