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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The Independent Musicians CD Reviews

    Welcome to the EvO:R Independent CD Reviews Section.
    I would like to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves to everyone. The EvO:R review section features reviews from various independent musicians that submit material for our consideration.

    I wanted to let you know a little about our review teams collective thoughts on music. It's important to let the people we review know what we think of their music and how we listened to their creations.

    We hold nothing back! The team has been instructed to be honest and respectful of all CD's reviewed.
    The EvO:R CD Review Team
     Artist: Horst Weber
     Album: Steps
     Genre: Guitar Instrumental
     Social Media: My Space
     Rating: 9.0 stars out of 10
     Downloads: Music
     Reviewed by: Charles Harrelson
     Edited by: Charles Harrelson
     Review Comments: bendem56@yahoo.com

    This is the second CD I have reviewed by Horst Weber. The first revew was the 2013 release, "Island View." The CD was filled with joyfull melodies and some exciting guitar technique. On STEPS a nylonstring, steelstring and an electric guitar are again talking together in a gentle way. It's a coalescence of jazz, folk and classical music. "The genesis of some of these songs is nearly 30 years ago." Even with the genesis of many songs dating back thirty years the music never sounded dated or old. In fact, I felt the music to be very modern in style and substance. This CD seemed to be extremely relaxed. Kind of like a soft pair of slippers. You simply pop this CD in your CD player and sit back and allow Horst to take you on a remarkable journey. A journey of sound and melody.

    Horst has this ability to effortlessly play very complex line. He makes everything seem as if the notes flow from his fingers without hesitation or any degree of difficulty. He is like an olympic downhill skier. They make skiing downhill at 90 miles an hour seem like a Sunday walk in the park.

    The last review I spent a lot of time discussing Horst's technique as a jazz guitar player. I discussed his hand techniques and his phrasing. This CD I wanted to concentrate on the music and not how it was achieved. Finding out that some of the songs dated back some 30 years explains why I felt the CD was so relaxed. Songs that are brought to life after being dormat for over 30 years reminds me of a High School reunion. There is so much to catch up on with old friends. Everybody is in a good sprits and can't wait to tell his/her stories to an audience interested in hearing everything.

    Listen to "On Steps" and understand what it is like to be musically relaxed and just having fun playing. Although I would love to hear Horst add additional musicians like a bass player and some percussions the music is still very rich and pleasing to the ear. If you like solo guitar in a jazz idium or you want to kick back and relax while listening to some amazing guitar work then "Steps" is the perfect solution. The music is relaxing yet complex in structure. This CD should be on every guitar players wish list.

    This CD is a bit more relaxed then his prior release. The songs are well constructed and polished to a prestine shean. No diamonds in the ruff in here but this CD is full of gems and pearls. If you want to set a mood to sit back and enjoy lifes little plearures, start by putting this CD on to get everything started. I would not suggest this release for long drives or commutes. It's too relaxing and may cause extreme relaxation while driving. I would recommend it with a glass of red wine.

    This CD gets 9 out of 10 stars!
     Reviewed by: Charles Harrelson
     Edited by: Mindy McCall
     Review Comments: next2zero@yahoo.com

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