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We love to review the work of great Independent Musicians. Our team of first class reviewers consist of top ranked musicians, music distributors and studio engineers.

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Current Independent Cd Reviews

The Will McBride Group
3 Play

 Read the Review
Paul Jordanous Ensemble
An Now I Know

 Read the Review
Justin Young
Clean Slate

 Read the Review
The Lion

 Read the Review
Matthew Nimegeers
Mystery Man

  Read the Review
Doug Prescott
Journey & Deep Blue Sea

 Read the Review
Drunk Souls

 Read the Review
Paul Collica
It's not Me, It's You

 Read the Review
A.B.Clyde and Kitty Litter
Smokiní Catnip

 READ the Review
Upside Down

 Read the Review
Jack Jeffery
The Constant that Remains

 Read the Review

 Read the Review
Bill Kapac
Cross Country Serenade

 READ the Review
Noodle Muffin
Time to Redux

 READ the Review
Nancy Tyler
Let Go

 Read the Review

 Read the Review
Boy with a Fish
Tongue on the Window

 READ the Review
Fang I-Liu

 READ the Review
Karl Young
Lost in the Woods

 Read the Review
Wet Pinkey
Wet Pinkey

 Read the Review
Battle of the Soul

 Read the Review
Prone To Wander
Kurt Prond

 Read the Review
Lisa Bianco

 READ the Review
Peter Galperin
Perfect World Today

 READ the Review
Bust Out
Ron Campbell

  Read the Review
Son of the State
Senioritis EP

 Read the Review
Malenky Slovos

 Read the Review
Thelonious Dub
Master Plan B

 Read Reviewed
Stockholm Street
Phil Celia

  Read the Review
My Silent Bravery
Are You Prepared

 Read the Review
Tempting Tragedy
Persuit into Madness

 Read Review Here
Jeff Cochell
Between the Lines

 Read Review
I Wanna Tell you a Story
The Venetian

 Read the Review
J Trey
Blue I Soul

 Read the Review
Tha Bill Collectaz
Fresh outta Hi Skool

 Read Review Here
12 Followers/Metro Xavier

 READ the Review
The Good Evol
Butterfly Crash

 Read the Review
Maurio Marcus
Simple but True

 Read the Review
Symonís New Blue Diamonds Why I Quit The Business

 Read Review Here
Music for the Modern Monkey

 Read Review
Tim Ryan OíKane
The Monsters Kiss

 Read the Review
Innocence & Experience

 Read the Review

 Read Review Here
Transmetal Age

 Read Review
Molly Thomason
Beauty Queen

  Read the Review
Jodie Levinson
In The City

 Read the Review
Robin Delorenzo
Wanta Fly

 Read Review Here
Assaf Kehati
Flowers and other Stories

 Read Review
Sounding Rick
Acoustic Projects

 Read the Review
Kobo Town

 Read the Review
The Human Resourceful
The Love Load

  Read the Review
Accidental Tribe

 Read Review Here
Theatre of the Distraught
The Workers

 Read the Review
Ryan Robinson
Second Bar on the Right

 Read the Review
Lee Negin
The Hungry Ghosts

 Read the Review
Professor Pandemonium's
Cabinet of Wonders

 Read Review Here
Rock & Soul
Dane Drewis

 Read Review Here

 Dale Turner Review
Jumpin' Juba
Slap Happy

 Read Review
Mike Ian
Puzzle Pieces

 Read Review
Carol Martini
Petals of the Red Magnolia

 Read Review
Catherine Anderson
Fashion Accessories

 Read Review
Steve Warner
Train of Life

 Read Review
Chron Goblin
Chron Goblin EP

 Read the Review
Dan Rivers
Acoustic Sunlight

 Read Review
Capital Theory
Meet at Midnight

 Read Review
T-Minus Band
The Morning After

 Read Review
Kelly Pettit
These Days

 Read the Review
Blue Delusions
Ab Intra

 Read the Review
Cheryl Fare

 Read the Review
Hardcore Lounge
Dance of My Life

 Read Review
Cary Clowser
Finger Painting

 Read Reviewed
Eight Feet Deep
Eight Feet Deep

 Read the Review
Stranger on a Staircase
Skeletons in the Piano

 Read the Review
David Silva

  Read the Review
Mannerisms Magnified
Dale Turner

 Read Review Here
Sali Hagan

 Read the Review
Matt Burke Band
Pretty Close to Very Good

 Read the Review
Alone on the Sun

 Read the Review
American Nightmare

 Read Review Here
Mr. M.I.A.

 Read the Review

 Read Review Here
Sweet Wednesday
Wherever You Go

 Read the Review
Jeff Callahan
Empty Swings

 Read the Review
Chris Manning

 Read the Review
Soul Tree
1 Part Lonely, 1 Part Fire

 Read the Review

 Read the Review
Christopher Robin Band

 Read the Review
No Rules for Mules
29 Mules

 Read the Review
Street Dreams
JM Cruiz

  Read the Review
Wes Tucker
Beauty in the Broken

 Read the Review
Atlas Shrug
Atlas Shrug

 Read the Review
Arrows Made of Desire
Songs That Sell Out

 READ the Review
Dagger or a Dram

 READ the Review
80 Feet Deep
29 Mules

 Read the Review
Eric Frederickson
Underneath the Sky

 Read Review

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Meet our Staff Reviewers

At EVOR, we take your reviews seriously. That is why we have such a fine group of reviewers on staff. We are always looking to add to quality reviewers to our staff as the review requests continue to grow. To join our staff simply click on any of the reviews that are have "write a review" under them. Once we have accepted 5 of your reviews you will be added to the staff. Reviewers get cool EVOR merchandise and a chance to self promote yourself at the bottom of every review we publish by you.

Jef Peace is a Beatnik at heart and his poetry reflects this. In addition to being a music veteran, he is an accomplished web designer as well. He blends these two talents in his capacity as Senior Partner at PeaceWork Music (www.peaceworkmusic.net), an online music distribution company boasting nearly a thousand unsigned bands and artists.

Jef has lived in many places. He was born in Phoenix, Arizona and spent the better part of his life in Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, Colorado and Seaside, Oregon. He currently resides in Rochester, NY.
Jef Peace- staff reviewer and Senior Partner, PeaceWork Music
Jimmy Caterine has numerous album credits to his name. He is most noted as founder, guitarist and co-writer for 80ís metal quartet, Sacred Rite (Capitol Records.) He has worked with top name professionals in the industry. This would include Grammy Award winning producer Sonny Limbo (Bertie Higgins) and publishing coordinator Randall Wixen (Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Brown.)

Aside from his original projects he did a 3 month stint playing guitar for the live stage production of Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1987. He was the guitarist for MGM recording artist and power house vocalist, Sami Jo Cole (Tell Me a Lie) in 1995. He has also played with classic rock tribute act Time Machine, on the Las Vegas convention circuit in í97 and í98.

Charlie Harrelson is founder of EVOR and award winning guitarist TL2. Since 1998 Charlie has recorded 5 CD's and has been featured on countless albums and compilation releases. He records under the name TL2 and many of his current works can be heard from his section on EVOR.

Since opening the website, EVOR has been highly respected by the Independent Music Community. The Musicians Tips Section has become a reference library for up and coming musicians. In 2005 EVOR opened the worlds first Virtual CD Kiosk and has been responsible for selling in excess of 11,000 independent CD's.

Joel Pirard- has been playing, writing, and recording original rock music for years, as a guitarist, bassist and keyboardist. Pop-rock and Progressive rock explorations, are a big part of Joelís resume. Currently playing and writing in THE JDA PROJECT, and most recently, JESTERíS PROMENADE, Joel finds himself having the best of times working with musicians he has had a long association with. THE JDA PROJECT features Don Pitz whom Joel met in 1981 and in 1985, Arno Tietje.

JESTERíS PROMENADE features Joel, with ex-ORION and ex-AVALON USA bandmates John Curtin, and CJ Truitt, and ex-AVALON USA drummer and lyricist Bruce Henninger. Joel balances musical time with a rich family life, in New York State , with his wife Alexandra, and their 3 children.
Joel Pirard- staff reviewer

Cyrus Rhodes is also President of Katavi Arts kataviarts.com a record label based out of Seattle, WA. He also plays guitar for local rock band Seven Against Thebes, Over the years Rhodes has been a guitarist in a touring band, band manager, booking agent, A&R representative, talent buyer, executive producer and most recently a syndicated music critic. His reviews have been posted on USA TODAY and HEADLINE NEWS. In 2009 he launched INDIE MUSIC DIGEST. IMD is dedicated the helping Independent Artists and only accepts material from unsigned bands.

  •  Cyrus's Record Label kataviarts.com
  •  Cyrus's band Seven Against Thebes www.7at.net
  •  Drum Dynasty www.drumdynasty.com

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