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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Band Links Section
    Louis Lamp playing at the 2009 Festival Atitlan Guatemala

    Welcome to the EvO:R Band Links Section.
    Welcome to the World/New Age Music artist link page. Find your favorite artist below and click the link to visit their website. The Featured artists on this page come from the Best of the EvO:R website. If you are in a World band or World solo artist and you would like to be added to this list, click the Add my site link.
    Send me: Band name, Website URL, and a paragraph about the band. Add my site.
    Please follow the instructions for submission fully so we can add you to the pages. Any incorrect artist submission will simply be deleted.. (and we get plenty so don't be one).

    World/New Age Artists Page 2

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      The Vanilla World View
    The Vanilla World View is the site of composer/author Sassure, whose project, The Songs of the Tarot, is well underway. "The Hierophant", the most recent song, is available for free download here, as are a number of other songs. Sassure's music ranges from New Age and World Fusion to Pop and Rock.

      Echo Luna
    Imagine finding yourself in a mystical dark forest at twilight. For a few shimmering minutes the sun meets the moon. A beautiful darkness is descending, but the last silver rays of the setting sun still break through the veil. You are caught somewhere between the darkness and the light. Deep in the woods you know a primal force awaits you...something not of this Earth. Mixed into the tranquility of your surreal surroundings are echoes of an electronically surging native rhythm. This is the world of Echo Luna.

    Invoking the spirit of artists like Enigma, Deep Forest, and Amethystium (not to mention Mythos, E.S. Posthumus, and Tangerine Dream); the music of Echo Luna breathes a fresh breath of life into the realm. Echo Luna contains elements of Ambient, New Age, World, ChillOut, DarkWave, Electronica, and other related genres; but does not subscribe exclusively to any. Echo Luna abounds with contrast: Electronic and glitch grooves meet world percussion, shimmering synthesizers meet native flutes, subtle electric guitars meet orchestral strings and choirs, solid melodies meet ambient alien rhythms. While being primarily instrumental, Echo Luna's "Emerald Shadows" sporadically contains seldom-heard remote Russian ethnic vocal elements (a refreshing change from the all too common samples of chanting monks).

    The music you can hear on this site is the result of a sideline project of mine which I started in 2001. Karl Valentin said: 'Art is nice, but it makes a lot of work'. Now, if you want to make money with the work of your hands, you have to create such work in a way that your audience is going to like. In this case, you would have to tend to what people like to hear, that is to say in the popular charts of mainstream music. This is not what I wanted to do. I chose not even to try to adapt to what most people might want to listen to.

    A crossover style between everything and anything. Exhausting, exciting, sophisticated, multifaceted, heavy, mellow, powerful, beautyful, electronic, acoustic, concept-oriented. From pop to metal, from house to baroque, from progressive to art rock and back again, there is something for everybody. Each track is different from the last. Prelistening each track for five seconds will be useless, most tracks will end completely different than they started. Music for music freaks. Have fun!

    Karl Valentin said: 'Art is nice, but it makes a lot of work'. Now, if you want to make money with the work of your hands, you have to create such work in a way that your audience is going to like. In this case, you would have to tend to what people like to hear, that is to say in the popular charts of mainstream music. This is not what I wanted to do. I chose not even to try to adapt to what most people might want to listen to.

      Louis Lamp
    An Open Mind is destined to be an epic recording in the new age genre, possibly even being the album that redefines the genre for coming generations.

    Possessing both the soul of the warrior and the soul of the musician, Louis Lamp has breathed a fiery calm into these songs, almost in spite of himself. Anything but restrained, there is still an obvious cadence to the melodies that can be felt as well as heard, leaving the listener wanting more but not sure they could handle even a note beyond what they've already heard. This album both soothes and energizes the listener with a passion that has seldom been heard in any genre, let alone new age.

    It's in your hands now and now it's your turn to play a part in musical history by giving this album the attention it deserves, encouraging Louis Lamp to give more of his talent to the world in the form of more music, more albums.

      Trombone & Flugabone
    Born and raised in Israel, Trombonist, composer and bandleader Reut Regev started shaping her impressive reputation on the Jazz scene at a young age. At only five years old she was introduced to the piano, and then added the trombone to her repertoire at age thirteen. While in high school, she had the opportunity to play with some of Israel’s most creatively improvisational musicians, as well as perform at Israel’s top Jazz Festivals. Reut eventually decided to concentrate on her beloved trombone, and has proven to be a remarkably inspiring innovator.

      Shocks of Mighty
    Shocks of Mighty are the reggae ambassadors of the new millenium. By fusing the many subgenres of reggae - roots, rocksteady, dub, lover, soul, rockers, dancehall - they have created a real sound made with real instruments. Visit there website if you are a fan of reggae music or if you want to hear some consious and uplifting messages. Peace and Love!

      Hidden Symmetry
    Musician/ writer of contemporary, crossover & fusion based music. A mix of styles & genres including jazz & fusion, rock, blues & symphonic.Originally from the Detroit area formally trained on guitar & French Horn with college studies in music composition, scoring, big band jazz performance & improvisation. Professionally started performing at jazz & rock clubs in the Detroit at age 17. Touring & road experience as guitarist/ arranger in top booked acts around the U.S. & Canada. Currently writing, recording & releasing demos, several featuring internet collaborations via the internet with artists worldwide.

      Arthur van Horne
    Composer and Performer of Orchestrated New Age - Pop-Rock-Electronica-Percussion-Sound Tracks Music has traveled around the world - influenced by most all English groups of the past - Born in Germany - USA citizen - College Graduate of Kent State University.


  • Ikarus a.k.a. Wolfgang Stindl started to work on the Ikarus project back in 1995, after years of studying music, making first experiences in performing & producing. Inspired by vast journeys and all sorts of ethnic music, Ikarus started to combine Electronic Chill Out tracks with sounds & vocals from all over the planet. With the assistance of in 1999, Ikarus got the chance to reach a wider audience, work together with musicians over the internet and to sell his Cd..s worldwide. Encouraged by the incredible resonance from listeners and excellent chart positions on, Ikarus released his official debut album titled "Ikarus-Touch the sun" on Sonic Images Records/Earthtone Records in january 2001, after being discovered by the A&R manager of Sonic Images Records on Meanwhile Ikarus is featured on various compilations from different record companies and with different artists e.g. Moby, Faithless, Dead can Dance, Govinda, Tosca (Dorfmeister), Celtic Spirit, Miriam Stockley, Natacha Atlas. On the movie "The Matrix-Revisited" starring Keanu Reeves by Warner Bros, Ikarus is part of the soundtrack.

    We are moving to a deeper and more profound transition in awareness and awakening on our planet. This evolution in consciousness and being is a shift that reveals itself as transition, transformation and spiritual awakening. This shift comes from within. We have the opportunity to step into this sacred evolution. The past has informed our choices for awakening. It is the present, this sacred Now, that calls us to be open to new energies, new thinking, and new ways to live.

      Del Castillo
    Rolling Stone calls Del Castillo “tumbling brilliance on nylon-string classical guitars” with “eruptions of technique and taste (that) conjure images of Eddie Van Halen fronting early Santana (with an assist from the Gipsy Kings)." Film Director Robert Rodriguez attended a Del Castillo concert in 2002 and a great friendship developed between the two. Rodriguez then enlisted the group to contribute music to the soundtracks of his movies, such as “Spy Kids 3D”, “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”,“Sin City”, and “GRINDHOUSE”, and perform with him at the premieres. Rodriguez was so impressed with Del Castillo that he wanted to record with them, so together, they formed CHINGON and recorded an amazing electric rendition of the Mexican classic song, “Malaguena Salerosa”. Quentin Tarantino loved it so much that he re-did the ending sequence of “Kill Bill Vol. II” to fit the song into his movie.

      East Side Kirtan
    Many Years Ago I met a man who called himself Swami Rama. "Grease all that you do with love," he would say. "Love is the most ancient traveler in the universe." From the moment I first met this Himalayan sage, my life was never to be the same. In the years with Swamiji, kirtan filled our lives.The style of music, the call-and-response chants, somehow feels deeply familiar, as whispers from somewhere long ago. So now I share with you what has been shared with me. It is my prayer that we all awaken to our hearts, and to the dreams we had before we came into this lifetime.

      Janubia: Mother Tongue - InCreation
    Janubia sings 100% in her own language yet the songs sound like classics. The instrumentation is world-fusion.

    World/New Age Artists Page 3

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