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    studio links pages on EVOR
    Welcome to the EvO:R Ultimate Links Section. This section is dedicated to Recording Studios. Be sure to bookmark this section and use it as often as you like. The Featured links at the top of the page have been selected as the best of the bunch by our staff. That doesn't mean anything, but we though you should know. We currently list over 3,000 Indie Bands, 2,500 Music Industry Links, 350 College or Indie Radio Stations and over 5,000 Indie CD's.

    To have your band or Industry service added to our database simply visit the Contact Us section of this website and follow the directions.
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    Studio Links- Page 1

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  •   Shelter Island Sound
    After 15 years at our 21st studio we relocated in September 2005 to 40 West 27th Street, 7th Floor Same great equipment, a larger tracking room, and a great control room.

    In October 1988 the studio opened on Shelter Island, two hours east of NYC. Producer/ engineer Steve Addabbo purchased all of the equipment from a well respected east side studio that was closing and set up the studio in the basement of his home. The timing was perfect, Steve had just had a huge success with Suzanne Vega's "Solitude Standing" album and Shawn Colvin had just been signed to Columbia records. Steve and the studio began working on Colvin's debut album, "Steady On"(a Grammy Winner), Eric Andersen's classic, "Ghosts Upon the Road" and other major label and indy projects.

    In October 1990, the studio was moved to 30 West 21st Street in New York City. Now in its fifteenth year of operation, the studio continues to be a vital part of the New York recording and mixing scene.

  •   BKP Music
    BKP Music is one of leading Dubai Based Music, Audio & Video Production Company with over 9 state of the art Sound Studios established across the Middle East.

  •   Pacifica Studios
    Pacifica Studios is a state-of-the-art, Pro Tools|HD recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio. The system is running the Digidesign proprietary TDM II bus architecture and combined with the computing sophistication of Apple technologies means that your musical inspiration can be translated into professional productions.

    The completely renovated Pacifica Studios has equipment that offers sound and character that are second to none. Founded by Byron Nemeth, Pacifica Studios is celebrating resurgence as one of the premier boutique recording facilities in North America and the world. Pacifica Studios provides both classic and cutting edge equipment and a highly skilled technical staff that helps you to create your immersive music.

  •   Sound Farm Studio & Recording Environment
    Sound Farm Studio Recording Environment is a 6,000 square-foot recording environment that houses a full-service, professional recording studio and comfortable living quarters located in rural Jamaica, Iowa. Established in 2006, Sound Farm was constructed and purposefully located in a secluded environment to minimize distractions and provide musicians with all of the comforts of home while recording in a cutting edge, high-quality environment. Offering superior digital and analog recording platforms, Sound Farm has been the studio of choice for bands from around the world, including Grammy Award-winning Slipknot, Outrage (Japan), Mindless Self Indulgence, The Envy Corps, and Puscifer.

    Tucked into a quiet farm in rural Iowa, the remote site allows musicians to completely absorb themselves in their projects while relaxing and enjoying the surroundings to provide a playground of endless sonic possibilities. Guests are welcome to take residence in the beautiful living quarters connected to the studio while in session. The attached residence consists of four bedrooms (sleeps 11), two full baths, full kitchen, dining area, and a cozy living room, which features a 42” wood burning fire place, 54” plasma TV, and two story windows overlooking a scenic walking path and creek.

  •   Online Drum Recording
    Online Drum Recording is a recording studio specialised in recording drums and making optimal use of the internet. You can upload your songs on this site and custom drum tracks will be recorded for you in the studio. You will have plenty of opportunities to express your thoughts about the drum tracks and to comment on the different takes. At the end you will have your own separate drum tracks (like kick inside, kick front, snare top, snare bottom, etc.) that you can import in your recording software and mix them to your own liking.

    Since the drummer is one and the same guy as the engineer, who also has his own studio, prices are much lower than conventional studio recordings where these individuals and facilities all have to be paid separately. Because of the professional quality of these recordings and the inviting prices this will be a relief for both the professional music industry and the recording enthusiast. The first having the opportunity to save studio time and money without having to compromise on the sound quality, the second finally having access to affordable real drums. Last but not least, Online Drum Recording can be very quick. If you need to, you can have your own custom drum tracks within 24 hours!

  •   Creekside Studio UK
    Creekside has been one of south london's finest rehearsal and recording studio complexes since 1989. Based in the musically vibrant Deptford, we are open 7 days a week and offer 5 well equipped air-conditioned rehearsal studios, and a recording studio capable of 24 track live recording with 3 separate live rooms. Our client base includes touring professional rock / pop bands and artists, some of the worlds largest record labels, as well as a vast array of local musicans covering most genres.

    Over the years Creekside has played host to many established artists including Kasabian, Placebo, Paulo Nutini, and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. The Studios are based in a gated business site which means we can offer secure off road parking, 24 hour guards and CCTV ensuring security and privacy. We are easily reached being only one stop from London Bridge by train, and have excellent links by Tube, DLR, and bus.

  •  JL Studios
    JL Studios is an affordable 48 track studio specializing in Music Production, Voice Over Recording, Multimedia Recording, and Digital Media Services run by professionals, with the experience to help you realize your ideas, from pre-production, editing and mixing, to the final master - and everything in between.

    Our Control Room is focused around the EuroDesk MX8000 mixing console with bridge. The desk will handle over 48 channels. A 4-band EQ with two semi-parametric mid-frequency bands exists on 24 channels. Great monitoring. A MacPro 2.26 8 core 12 gigs RAM computer is the brain of the system and is interfaced to a Steinberg MR816 CSX. Crystal-clear, noise-free 24 bit audio and a signature with a musical sound. The control room is quite spacious (15.5' x 10.5' with a 10' ceiling) and features acoustical treatment with Primacoustic. A comprehensive MIDI package is installed and available. The Vocal Booth is well isolated and comfortable (8' x 7' with 8' ceiling).
    Neumann and a selection of other microphones are available.

  •   Electsonic Music Studio Ltd.
    Electronic Music Studios (London) Ltd. was formed in 1969 by Dr. Peter Zinovieff to market innovative ideas arising from his private studio and interest in musical applications of computers. Over the next ten years many seminal products were released and many talented designers worked for the company. EMS had its own peculiar brand of British eccentricity which could be both endearing and annoying, but should be viewed in the context of true pioneering. It is easy to copy and follow others, but not to think up new ideas in the first place and EMS had no shortage of originality. The EMS influence was significant and can be traced into many contemporary products.

  •   Big Cactus
    Big Cactus started in the mid 1980's as a rehearsal studio situated on Torrens Road, Adelaide South Australia. The business has since included: Recording, Engineering & Event Management Services, Multi Media Production, Booking Agent, and Artist Management. Dedicated to the Professional Enhancement of Artistic Performance.

  •   The Place on Earth
    An inspirational recording facility located on the West Coast of St. Lucia in the West Indies. It is the perfect place to relax and record your song or album, and while you are here you can enjoy the ambience of the Caribbean....Wow

  •   Apocalypse Cow recording
    Apocalypse Cow Recording is a different kind of studio for a different kind of band. We record, mix and/or master everything from full industrial rock bands to solo acoustic artists and story tellers to voice over/corporate work and everything in between. We're located in the west suburbs of Chicago, IL near Naperville, Aurora and Oswego.

  •   Wild Plum Recording Studio
    Wildplum offers a remote, on-location, professional recording service dedicated to capturing the sound you want anywhere you want it. We bring the highest quality studio equipment to the remote location, together with a sound understanding of how to go about recording on location. Whether you are a singer/songwriter, a symphony orchestra, a jazz trio, a rock band, or a classical chamber ensemble; you can make a recording anywhere you feel comfortable- at a concert or other gig, in a church, in a rented cabin at Tahoe, in a great sounding room in a home, even in an open field!

    Remote recordings of exceptionally high quality are achieved by knowledgeable techs using only top equipment, meticulously maintained. Our equipment selections, as well as our approach to recording, where developed specifically with remote recording as the primary focus of our recording activities.

  •   Alchemix Recording Studio
    - Marly luske, recording engineer, musician/songwriter, for all your budget quality recording. - The name Alchemix (Alchemist) comes from Alchemy, which is an ancient art as well as lifestyle devoted to discovering a substance that would transmute common metals into gold or silver, and to finding a means of indefinitely prolonging human life. Alchemix Recording Studios where the creativity, and the art of music, is meeting and mixing with the creativity and the art of recording technology...

    The best digital and analogue recording environments. Serious releases to flexible demo recordings. Experienced team of engineer/producers who know the set up back to front. Full range of production values, with the focus of creating world standard releases....... 2 professional recording studios ... range of engineers and producers

  •   Retro Media
    At Retromedia, we do computerized digital mastering directly from your DAT mixes utilizing software from Digidesign and Waves. Your mixes can be run through the Waves PAZ Spectrum Analyzer (top left) to evaluate the frequency balance. Any frequency revisions can then be implemented with the Q10 ParaGraphic EQ (bottom left). The L1 Ultramaximizer combines peak limiting with advanced requantization to give your tracks the utmost apparent loudness and highest possible digital resolution. Use it sparingly or max it out to give your mixes that "in your face" radio sound. Masterlist CD from Digidesign is used to sequence and burn your Red Book CD audio master. This one-off CD can be played on any CD player as a reference disc or used as the master copy for replication at a pressing plant. (This where JDA mastered their 2 JDA cds)

  •   Online Recording Studios
    Online Studios provides the most cost effective and efficient way of Recording to a professional high end standard. We offer a first class service for vocalists, musicians & performers and our Engineers have both the experience and expertise to make sure you achieve the very best results for your recordings.

    We have carefully selected some of the best industry standard Microphones (Neumann, Rode, and Blue), combined with the latest high end hardware, software and equipment available to ensure that we produce the upmost quality recordings from vocalists, musicians, and performers.

    Online is a specialist Dance music recording studio for writing, production and mixdown of all the main styles of club music (House, Garage, Techno, Drum 'n' Bass, Trance, New skool Breaks and all other variations of these styles). We are 100% committed to the Electronic Dance scene and have our own extensive release history as well as having helped many others to produce, record and release their own music. We also offer professional recording services for DJ’s who need to record pro quality mix tapes and C.D’s with excellent results for a great price. Imagine your DJ mixing in a pro studio with effects, jingles, samples etc, the only thing limiting you is your own imagination.

  •   RockIt Records & Recording
    RockIt Records & Recording , A Division of Heavygunz Enterprises Inc; is an independent record label founded by musicians for musicians. RR&R is devoted to promoting the finest musicians, bands, ensembles, and composers through the production of quality recordings for release on our label and the distribution of RockIt Records, as well as other labels. RR&R handles the ‘business’ part of the ‘Music Business’, allowing the Artist to focus on the Art.

    Founded by musicians for musicians, RR&R produces quality recordings for release on our label and the distribution of recordings released on RockIt Records, as well as other labels. RR&R also provides a full line of services for independent artists and other labels, including Production, Recording, Mastering, Graphic Design & Printing, Photography, CD Replication or Duplication. We'll treat your project with the same care as one of our own releases… 100% professionally.

  •   Syndicate - Toronto Recording Studios
    Syndicate has full service digital recording studios in central Toronto. 128 Tracks ProTools HD. On staff music composers, sound effects editors, voice directors, and engineers. 416-977-8767

  •   KTP Music Productions
    KTP Music is an independent music label and multimedia production and reproduction facility based in Toronto, Canada. Its founder, Elliot Zeitoune, has been involved with the international music industry for over 15 years. A concert pianist, he has studied at the Paris conservatory, the Toronto conservatory and the faculty of music at the University of Toronto. Fully versed in all genres of music, instrumentation and programming, KTP has worked with and produced artists such as Love & Sas, NEZ, Collin Grant, Lana, Taboo, Larissa, Zig Zag, MTS, Baja, Cracker Jack, Sabrina, Sarina Paris, Chris Aris, Eternia, Errol Lee, Isis, Orly Cohen, Michael Ciufo and Miguel de la Bastide just to name a few. This continuing journey has taken us from Pop to R&B, Hip Hop to Rap, Classical to Flamenco to Opera and beyond. As inovators, we welcome you to browse our pages for our latest projects or simply for quotes in music and/or multimedia productions and/or replication.

  •   OMNIsound Studios
    OMNIsound Studios has been one of Nashville's premiere recording facilities for over 20 years. The goal has always been to push the sonic envelope by combining state-of-the-art digital with vintage analog gear. API, Focusrite, Urei, GML, Univeral Audio, DBX, Studer, Neumann and AKG is just some of the gear you'll find here. From the beginning, OMNIsound has recorded with top artists from many musical genres and styles. Let us record your next project--you won't believe the difference it makes! .

    Nashville Recording Studio. Affordable rates for independent artists and groups. Clients in include: Jewel, Alison Moorer, JD Souther, Roger McGuinn, Art Garfunkel and many more. State of the art digitial combines with vintage analog gear.

  •   Cross Chart Records
    Cross Chart Records is a membership Indie Record Label specializing in heavily discounted studio time, distribution, publishing, mastering and rehearsal space for it's membership. Here's how it works....You join the label for a small fee of $35/mo or $350/yr and sign a 1 year contract. We provide you with $25/hr studio time, mixing, editing, and mastering, including engineer. Since you are represented on a record label, doors open much easier and your music is out there creating income and recognigtion via the labels distribution networks.. Some of our cherished clients are Tony Tyler, Michael Allman, Stan Killingsworth, Grant Loosier, Tony Cooper, Big Mike Ventamiglia, Tom Harling, Kelli Smalls, Che Gougen, Chelsea Hughes, CJ Field, D Mac, Wu Boy Productions, Elbert Duncan, Eric Magouirk, Jason Griff Griffin, Mercer University Pep Band, Josh Daniel, Tiny mane, BLK Orpehus, Q. Perkins, Scott Lassiter Bad Boars , Tim Brooks, Twisted Beats, Wayne Brooks, Willey Perkins, and Crystal Johnson, to name a few. ..

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