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        The Indie/College Radio Links Section

    Frank Cotolo with the legendary Wolfman Jack Welcome to the EvO:R Ultimate Links Section. This section is dedicated to the Indie and college Radio webistes. Be sure to bookmark this section and use it as often as you like. The Featured links at the top of the page have been selected as the best of the bunch by our staff. That doesn't mean anything, but we though you should know.

    We currently list over 3,000 Indie Bands, 2,500 Music Industry Links, 350 College or Indie Radio Stations and over 5,000 Indie CD's.

    To have your band or Industry service added to our database simply visit the Contact Us section of this website and follow the directions.

    "When the decades have passed, no matter what becomes of internet-based performers or their music, EVOR is bound to be looked upon as one of the forefathers in the history of Web music's development"...Frank Cotolo

    Search EVOR Below
    EVOR has almost 2,500 pages of music news, independent CD reviews, indie and major label artist CDs, music business tips, imported guitars and guitar building questions and answers. Search the web or use the drop down menue to search EVOR.

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  •   WPKN 89.5 FM
    WPKN is a challenge for the new listener. We've been carefully taught to expect all radio stations to be consistent and predictable, and WPKN is simply not that kind of radio. WPKN's programmers enjoy extraordinary freedoms. They conceive and deliver their programs without interference from funding sources or concerns about popularity.

  •   WTUL
    The station operated with a huge 10 watts but was nonetheless heard pretty well throughout the metro area‹which was great for people living off-campus who, up until then missed out on WTUL. Through some freak conditions the station even got a report from, I believe, upstate New York. The radio band wasn't quite as full as it is today and with the right combination of natural phenomena such was quite possible. The massive transmitter responsible for pumping out the radio waves looked a little like a dorm refrigerator with a row of meters across the top.
    Tulane University Center New Orleans, LA 70118
    (504) 865-5887 / FAX: (504) 862-3072

  •   WUOL
    WUOL is the only all-classical-music station in the whole of Kentucky and Southern Indiana. All types of classical music, from the earliest to the latest, are presented 24 hours per day -- every day -- at 90.5FM and on the website.
    University of Louisville Louisville, Kentucky 40292 (502) 852-6467 FAX: (502) 852-1621 note-@wuol.org

  •   WWNO
    WWNO is an affiliate of National Public Radio (NPR) that presents a 24 hour daily schedule of classical music, NPR News, and several complementary programs, including jazz, "A Prairie Home Companion," and "This American Life."
    c/o Cheryl Dring University of New Orleans
    New Orleans, LA 70148 (504) 280-7000
    FAX: (504) 280-6061

  •   WWUH
    WWUH is an alternative radio station operated as a community service of the University of Hartford. We offer a wide selection of music, specialty and public affairs programming. Our signal is carried on three other stations in Connecticut: WAPJ (89.9) in Torrington, WDJW (89.7) in Somers and WWEB (89.9) in Wallingford.

    WWUH has a CD and LP library consisting of over 90,000 albums which is available to all of our announcers. WWUH celebrated 36 years on the air in July '04, and has operated 24/7 since 1972 with an all-volunteer announcing staff. Music Department: (860) 768-4701. WWUH, University of Hartford 200 Bloomfield Ave. West Hartford, CT 06117 (860) 768-4703 FAX: (860) 768-5701 wwuh@hartford.edu. Our Listener Line is (860) 768-5913.

  •   WWVU
    WWVU-FM! We are college radio at West Virginia University. We're found at 91.7FM, running on 2600 watts of power. U92 has been on the air since 1982. We're the best source of new music, giveaways and what's going on around campus! U92 has brought back the station's mascot, the Moose. He will be making special appearances all over Morgantown, so watch out! As you check out our page, you'll see that U92 has tons of specialty programming in addition to sports, news and public affairs.

    Airplay, Contacts, Reviews,Interviews, Indie resources, Band listings, pics and much more.

  •   Soul Talk Radio
    Soul Talk Radio is a weekly one-hour radio show that has been broadcasting continuously in Austin, Texas since February of 1996. The program currently airs on Progressive Blend Radio. Our tag line is “A Spiritual Feast To Leaven The World Soul.” Your “Sacred Chef” for this spiritual feast is Chuck Freeman. Soul Talk will articulate spirituality from a pluralistic, universal perspective with relevance to current social and moral issues. Listeners will be encouraged and spurred to action through positive expressions of faith, in a playful setting.

  •   No Pigeonholes
    Broadcasting to the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas (KKUP 91.5 FM in Cupertino CA), the internet and also throughout Europe on Radio Marabu. I accept all styles of music for airplay on my variety show of underground unknowns. Send me your music! Any style, the weirder the better!

  •   Marquette Radio
    Marquette Radio is the student-run radio station of Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Marquette Radio broadcasts via cable channel 96 on-campus and to the world through the live stream on this website. While serving primarily as a training ground for students aspiring to go into the radio profession, Marquette Radio is open to all current students at Marquette University. Marquette Radio offers students the opportunity to have their own radio shows regardless of class, year, or major.

    Marquette Radio offers a diverse array of programming from talk to sports to news to a variety of music intensive shows. Marquette Radio is structured so each disc jockey can bring their own personality onto their show. It is our hope that you will find an eclectic mix of programming on Marquette Radio. We strive to provide an interactive medium using all of the resources of the web. Give us a listen and let us know what you think!

  •   WHPK
    WHPK a non-profit community radio station of the University of Chicago, broadcasting to Hyde Park and the South Side of Chicago for over 50 years. WHPK is dedicated to playing music not commonly heard on the mainstream. Our programming consists of a wide variety of music for an equally diverse listening audience. Such broad appeal is evident from the many formats we offer. These include: Rock, Jazz, Classical, International, Hip-Hop, and Folk, as well as specialty shows shows of avant-garde, Blues, dance music, and live in-studio performances.

    WHPK is not only dedicated to music. It has an equally renowned Public Affairs Format where concerns of the community are voiced and where interviews with local politicians and other public figures can be heard.

  •   WKSU
    WKSU is Kent State University’s award-winning NPR News and Classical Music public radio station. Serving more than 20 Ohio counties and parts of Western Pennsylvania, 89.7 WKSU operates from the station’s broadcast center in Kent and via repeater stations at 89.1 WKSV in Thompson, 89.3 WKRW in Wooster, 91.5 WKRJ in New Philadelphia, and 90.7 WNRK in Norwalk; and via translator stations 107.5 in Boardman and 95.7 in Ashland.

  •   WMBR
    WMBR is a federally licensed FM radio station, operating at 88.1 MHz from the campus of MIT. Our signal can be heard in most of eastern Massachusetts at 88.1 FM, 365 days a year, 20-24 hours per day. WMBR is a noncommercial, all volunteer radio station. None of its members are paid for its efforts. The majority of WMBR's funding comes from listener donations with additional support from MIT.

    WMBR's unique and innovative programming ranges from hip-hop to classical, punk rock to jazz, blues to celtic fiddle tunes. We offer the opportunity for MIT students and community members to learn about music, radio engineering, audio production techniques, electrical engineering, acoustics, news reporting and how to manage a small business.

    The offices and studios of WMBR are located in the basement of the Walker Memorial Building at 142 Memorial Drive (next to the Tennis Courts at the intersection of Ames St. and Memorial Dr.).

  •   Alchemical Radio
    There were nearly one hundred editions of Alchemical Radio produced by Stone Premonitions in the five years of the shows' existence from 2000 - 2005. Starting off in the early days with Supanova Radio, after the demise of this station it was aired firstly by Aural-Innovations.com and over the years was taken up by www.starshipoverflow.com, Radio Mi Amigo (broadcast from the ship the LV 18 off the Essex coast of England) and the Free Radio Network in The Netherlands (courtesy of Feddo Renier's Psychedelicatessen programme and Radio Tonka).

    Radio Six International (www.radiosix.com) is broadcasting a new Alchemical Radio series. From June 6, 2009 you can catch the show weekly at 02:00 & 11:00 GMT on Saturdays and 18:00 GMT on Sundays. Please see the schedule page at Radio Six for details. We will update this page with the playlists as the shows are broadcast.

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