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When the decades have passed, no matter what becomes of internet-based performers or their music, EvO:R is bound to be looked upon as one of the forefathers in the history of Web music's development...

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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Links Section
        The Music & Artist Promotions Links Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Ultimate Links Section. This section is dedicated to Music and Artist Promotions and the companies that will help you. Be sure to bookmark this section and use it as often as you like. The Featured links at the top of the page have been selected as the best of the bunch by our staff. That doesn't mean anything, but we though you should know. We currently list over 3,000 Indie Bands, 2,500 Music Industry Links, 350 College or Indie Radio Stations and over 5,000 Indie CD's.

    To have your band or Industry service added to our database simply visit the Contact Us section of this website and follow the directions.

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  •   Online Drum Recording
    Online Drum Recording is a recording studio specialised in recording drums and making optimal use of the internet. You can upload your songs on this site and custom drum tracks will be recorded for you in the studio. You will have plenty of opportunities to express your thoughts about the drum tracks and to comment on the different takes. At the end you will have your own separate drum tracks (like kick inside, kick front, snare top, snare bottom, etc.) that you can import in your recording software and mix them to your own liking. Since the drummer is one and the same guy as the engineer, who also has his own studio, prices are much lower than conventional studio recordings where these individuals and facilities all have to be paid separately. Because of the professional quality of these recordings and the inviting prices this will be a relief for both the professional music industry and the recording enthusiast. The first having the opportunity to save studio time and money without having to compromise on the sound quality, the second finally having access to affordable real drums.

  •   Indie Space
    Founded by independent musician and entrepreneur Jeannie Novak in January 1994, (formerly known as Kspace) provides online marketing, web hosting, secure e-commerce, licensing, supervision, clearance, distribution, and career support services for independent musicians, artists, filmmakers, authors and performers. As one of the first Internet companies in existence, pioneered the online distribution model for music products -- allowing musicians without major label distribution to bring their products directly to the consumer. This model has since expanded to include artists of all types.

  •   Kweevak is an internationally-recognized music magazine with a popular radio show on I-Tunes, eclectic online music community and tons of news and industry resources. We have been active on the web since 1999 and we regularly promote indie and mainstream acts through our various multi-media channels. Use these links belows to access our CD, DVD and concert reviews; podcast pages; concert venue directory, and much more. Enjoy - please add a link, keep coming back, and please make sure to refresh this main page often for updated content!

  •   Evolution Promotion
    Evolution Promotion is about artist development. It's a process. We are committed to helping artists in the Adult Eclectic, Ambient, Classical Crossover, Electronic, Acoustic, Pop and Rock genres evolve to their full potential. As a full service company we offer all the key essentials necessary for a successful campaign - Radio Promotion, Tour Promotion, Internet Marketing, Direct Consumer Marketing, Web Design, and Consulting services that capitalize on crucial opportunities that build careers.

    The Evolution Promotion team creates custom campaigns merging our services and our client's goals to achieve breakthrough success at Radio, on the Net and in the Market Place, setting the foundation for long-term success. Through these activities, artists will gain recognition that result in maximum awareness. Evolution is wholly committed to the vital process of artist development and aims to become a relied upon source for our artist's first and subsequent releases.

  •   Street Credit
    Street Credit and Qiwi Entertainment is devoted to exposing underground hip hop, r&b, rock, and gospel music to the world. We are the one-stop shop for hip hop, providing services that range from videos to graphics to worldwide promotion.

  •   Riffstar online music publishing and competition
    We are about Singers, Musicians, Fans and Competitions!

    Riffstar Publishing is a New York based web source for America’s #1 online original music since 2003, we have a United States Patent Pending protection of our web source, Featuring free full access accounts, services featuring open interactive online music competition.

  •   Cheap Ass is a sister company of Innovative Ink. We are located in Winona, MN.

    CheapAss is dedicated to providing low cost, high quality screen printed merchandise for independent bands, businesses, organizations, family reunions etc...

    We look forward to helping you with your next project!!

    ArtistServer is a social music site with a focus on independent artists and bands. We've been providing services to artists and music fans since 2001 (launched 12/05/2001). The first four years we existed as an electronic music site under the name, and in 2nd quarter 2005, we scaled up to include all genres of music and took on the name ArtistServer to better represent the direction of the site and services.

  •  Be Seen and Heard - We provide charts, playlists, a favorites tool, an email to friends option, and more.
  •  Earn Money - all upgraded accounts receive 100% of the ad revenue from their pages (or can select to remove ads).
  •  Check Stats - All unique streams and plays are tracked and displayed as graphic charts.
  •  Share Media - post your songs, photos, ringtones, and video (video coming soon).
  •  Promote Yourself - Use playlists, RSS feeds, friend networking and a blog to promote your music and art.
  •  Be Yourself - Customize and design your site with ease, post your thoughts to your blog.
  •  Use the Best - Upload high bit rate mp3s, assign Creative Commons licenses, create podcasts and benefit from a well organized music site.
  •  Interact With Fans - Your fans can download and stream your music, post comments to your blog, add your band as a friend, post song reviews, discuss topics in our forums, and more.
  •  Create Music Contests - We provide a set of tools and section of the site which allows you to create and manage your own music contests, including: remix projects, cover song contests, and for business' and websites, we have a 'theme song' project.

  •   Hatchett Talent Agency
    We are Hatchett Talent Agency and provide top quality bands and DJs for clients holding events from weddings, to birthday parties, to company holiday parties and more. If you, your company, or your clients need assistance in selecting the best music for an event, we would be honored to help. We are based in Austin, Texas but provide music service throughout the United States. Please visit our website at or call us at 800-348-9278 and our booking agent will be happy to assist you.

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