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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Band Links Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Band Links Section.
    Welcome to the Progressive Rock artist link page. Find your favorite artist below and click the link to visit their website. The Featured artists on this page come from the Best of the EvO:R website. If you are in a Rock band and you would like to be added to this list, click the Add my site link.
    Send me: Band name, Website URL, and a paragraph about the band. Add my site.
    Please follow the instructions for submission fully so we can add you to the pages. Any incorrect artist submission will simply be deleted.. (and we get plenty so don't be one).

    Progressive Rock Artists Page 1

    " In " TANTRA " we always created our music and lyrics with a sense of positivity , lucid mystic and critical awareness , so they could fulfill their role in the universal living spirit that touches all those who still want to believe in a civilization that reaches out for harmony and is enlightened by the unatainable flames of perfection and utopia .
    So we´ve built and will keep on building intricated magical structures to take those who travel them closer to something superior where we can mirror our true selves and eventualy perceive the transcendental . "

    ARASHK established at 2001 in Tehran, Iran as a hard/progressive rock band. The band consists on Salim Ghazi Saeedi on Guitars, Keyboards & Synthesizers; Pooyan Khajavi on Guitars & Vocals, Shahram Khosraviani on Drums. The band is active both on instrumental pure progressive stuff as well as vocalized hard rock music.

    This band has prepared three albums till now. The first album, Abrahadabra, an instrumental blend, represents the Iranian look toward progressive rock music. However that it is composed in occidental instrumentation, may could uncover the oriental origin of its composer in background. This album has now put on sale on band's website. The second album, Sovereign, is also instrumental and this time the possibilities of electronic music in companion with modern hard-rock instrumentation is being shown. This album is currently being under mastering process. The third album, Roar, is a vocalized hard-rock/metal blend which recites a "message toward every artificial bounds and bindings". Illusions which are being surpassed by the aid of new millennium technology. This album will be released in April 2007.

    PROTOTYPE continues to push the boundaries of metal's status quo. Throughout the years, the Lum/Levalois songwriting team has produced some of the most innovative progressive/aggressive music in the worldwide underground metal scene. PROTOTYPE continues this grass roots approach to self-promotion by distributing their albums through independent retailers worldwide, and by securing airplay on U.S., South American and European radio programs, where they have achieved regular to heavy rotation. In recent months, they have gained additional notoriety through numerous successful tribute albums. PROTOTYPE has been invited to record songs from pioneering metal bands--from Metallica to Rush, Iron Maiden to Testament-- for inclusion on commercially distributed CDs honoring the veteran acts. Their renditions of these classic metal anthems have attracted a legion of new fans for their original material.

    The band Charybdis is a progressive metal band from Central California and have been catagorized as a mix between Dream Theater and Pantera. I beleive Charybdis is worth checking out.

      Rosencrantz & guildensterN
    The combined talents of beat arsonist/ sonic terrorist Nate Pedersen (aka L0kii) and Mitch Wells, guitar and bass executioner. The result is a happy dance of bloody musical electrons colliding at high love you long time...

    If you have to label the music of Produkt, you might call it modern progressive rock. It's decidedly rock, although influences range from grunge to jazz to pop to world music (and so on). It's modern, with a heavy groove, innovative sounds, strong melodies and mind-bending visuals.

      Aeon's Promise
    Aeon's Promise is a Christian hardcore/prog band with folk, worldbeat, acid jazz, and blues influences. Although the band was formed in Afton, Virginia, many members of the band are from the Tidewter region. The band is growing rapidly on the world stage as their music is playing in over 30 countries worldwide. A unique , powerful, and mystical experience. Check out the many mp3's from Welcome to the Soul farm, and upcoming release, Chrystal Masses and theStreets of Gold. Zero Hour, SALT LTD, and Garden Girl, and Hear the Sound, is a good cross section of the unique sound of Aeon's Promise.

      Alchemy VII
    Alchemy VII is a powerful, mystical, magickal, earth rock band. Their show and music are a blend of kick ass rock and eclectic music about Magick and the earth with a call to go beyond our percieved limitations and build new worlds based on intergrity and "The Magick" in us all. Alchemy VII has been together just over 6 years. It's members consist of three women and three men all with extensive experience in all aspects of the music business as well as theatre. 

      Dondi Ledesma
    Bassist, piccolo bass player, composer, one man band and programmer. The music is categorized by Bass Player Magazine as experimental progressive rock. All instrumentation, compositions,vocals and engineering by Dondi Ledesma. The site offers music, lyrics, pictures and videos.

      Jupiter's Eye
    Original progressive rock compostitions that stand out from what you would normally hear. An older flavor with a newer sound that redefines rock n' roll. " We decided to call the band Jupiter's Eye which brings us to where we are now. We just finished our new album and hope to team up with additional musicians to do some live performances in the future."

    A four piece band from the suburbs of Slough playing original sonic rock with influences from The Ramones, Pearl Jam, Dream Theatre, Liquid Tension, Pumpkins, each member of Sensus has their own influences which makes the unique Sensus sound. This eclectic mix of influences has determined that no two Sensus songs are alike.

    Taking their name from the word "amorphous," meaning "no determinate form or shape", Finland’s most creative and acclaimed metal band have certainly lived up to their name during the course of the 1990’s. By animating elements of 70’s progressive rock, modern metal and medieval folk-song, AMORPHIS succeed in elevating themselves above existing trends in music.  

      Money For The Toll
    " get quality trained musicians and it shows."- Jeff Rappaport, Metal Rules Magazine -
    "An excellent 'showcasing' of 'their' love, admiration and mastery of the anthemic, classics-inspired, keyboard fueled grandiose rock..."- Al Muzer, The Aquarian Weekly, EC Rocker   

      ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate)
    Japanese 'sex-me' femme vocals, sliding over a bed of pop-tronic with an attitude. Their sound is familiar, yet unlike anything else... like a band trapped between the early 80's and somewhere in the distant future. Breathing upon the heels of David Bowie all the way through.. ..MP3 Site

    Out of the rainy city of Seattle comes a ray of sunlight. With two albums out and a 3rd on the way, Ashland has survived in a grunge town, playing what they play best. Some call it progressive, others call it pop. To the ever growing fan base, they call it Ashland. Listen and judge for yourself.
    "The music, with its varied tempos, harmonies and dynamics, is equally well thought out" --Stephanie Simonson (Tacoma News Tribune). "But wait, did I say another prog/metal band? How about the best prog/metal band I've heard in a long time."--Mojo's Metal Monsters & Music Masters.  

      Mountain Mirror
    Mountain Mirrors is a psychoactive blend of progressive, ethereal rock and ambient world music for a new age. Over time, you will find the sound of Mountain Mirrors expanding deeper and deeper into the spirit realm.

      The Aspect Band
    The Aspect Band played the Danbury, CT, area for many years and became popular. Keith and I parted ways around 1978 and did not get back together until the wake of Charles Grose, on May 11, 2000. I went to Keith's house after the wake and listened to what Keith was doing with his music. He was writing the drums and keyboard parts, playing his guitar and singing. I had been writing my own music, and had about 15 songs that I wanted to record. Keith and I decided to get back together and work on these songs. Keith wrote the drums and synth parts, and plays his guitar. I play bass and we both sing. We decided to call ourselves The Aspect Band again and put out this CD called "My Hammer is my Axe." We expect to have the work completed by the end of summer 2001. Welcome to our version of the red sports car. 

    Yak are a four piece instrumental prog rock band that existed between '82 & '84. The players have now got together again to work on new material. The original Yak music was dusted down in '04 by Martin Morgan (keys) who recorded and released an electronic version of the original Yak stuff. The CD, "Dark Side of the Duck" has been reviewed positively by 5 prog websites so far. Camel, Genesis, Bjorn Lynn are artists others list as similiar to Yak

      3 Mile Scream
    Three Mile Scream, a Montreal based progressive metalcore band was formed in early 2002. Comprised of ex members of various established local acts, the band came together with common goals and determination. Combining both atmospheric and heavy guitar riffs, driving bass lines, tight power drumming, and haunting vocal melodies the band has created a sound it can call it's own. Calling on influences from early prog rock and metal, to modern day hardcore and alternative.

    The Russian band ROZ VITALIS plays (influenced by 1970-s-Prog) keyboard-based Prog-Rock, more exactly, mix of symphoprog, avant-garde, space rock, electronic psychedelics and world music. The band exists since 2001 year and has a few self-released albums. Music of ROZ VITALIS was compared (by reviewers) with UNIVERS ZERO, GENTLE GIANT, KING CRIMSON and other "monsters" of prog.


  • Eyestrings is a 4-piece progressive rock band from Metro Detroit, MI, with superb & ecclectic influences. Debut album (2004) hailed as " excellent American style Prog Rock album..." --ProGGnosis

    RedCell is heavy , industrial edged and powerful female vocals. Fitting a similar genre to Korn, Tool, Janes Addiction and Manson. RedCell will be releasing their CD on T.H.E Records in 2001

      Killing Caroline
    A beautifully intense progressive rock foursome out of Saratoga Springs, NY. Check out our official site for more info and free downloads.

      Robbie Cooper
    Genesis meets The Beatles - the progressive pop rock sound of Robbie Cooper. Critics have called Robbie Cooper " The Next Peter Gabriel" and "The New Phil Collins" although his vocal range and style is truly his own ... with the hint of his heroes always evident. Founding member and front man of Genesis Tribute Bands, "Over the Garden Wall" and "Seconds Out" (which still tours), Robbie's original music is heavily influenced by the progressive rock styles of the 70's. On his latest CD, "Drowni

      Chris Sipos and the Farm Report
    Drawing its inspiration from the singer/songwriters of the '70s as well as the era's more progressive rock bands, Chris Sipos and the Farm Report offer a truly unique blend of heart and musicianship.

    Eighteendays has been compared to tool, APC, and Incubus. Combining actual musical skills...not just repetitive double bass... with crazy onstage antics which have made the band known in Houston

      Thanatheros Rites
    Thanatheros Rites" is a Black Dark Metal band from Chile, created by former musicians of "Condemned" in the year 2003. In the year 2004 the band has release a demo called "DaemonLuna Incantation" and they´re preparing a uppercoming album to will be released in the year 2006.

      The Mad Scientists
    The Mad Scientists are a three piece band making experimental dark psychedelic jazz metal that explores the boundary between chaos and structure.

    Metal band in the murder city. We have opened for some nationals like Lamb of God, Fear Factory, Soilwork, Dark Tranquility, Hypocrisy, Mnemic, Super Joint Ritual, Opeth, Devildriver, Children of Bodom, Throwdown, Overkill, Moonspell, Slithryn, and zeke

      Cytheran Theory
    Cytheran Theory is a new metal band formed by X members of Twelve Guage, Bloodgasm, Dissolve and Asru. The members of this band have been playing in the NE underground metal scene for 15 years. We are ready to record a full length record this year. We are from the Poughkeepsie, NY area.

    A crossover style between everything and anything. Exhausting, exciting, sophisticated, multifaceted, heavy, mellow, powerful, beautyful, electronic, acoustic, concept-oriented. From pop to metal, from house to baroque, from progressive to art rock and back again, there is something for everybody. Each track is different from the last. Prelistening each track for five seconds will be useless, most tracks will end completely different than they started. Music for music freaks. Have fun!

    Vanquish is a semi-progressive hard rock band out of Hampton Roads, Virginia. Vanquish are influenced by Metallica (old), Alice in Chains, In Flames, Soilwork, Evergrey and Killswitch Engage, to name a few! So, if you like hard rock, you'll love Vanquish.

      Matt Gulden
    Matt Gulden is a new-school solo artist who creates progressive rock using electronic beats and synths with beefy guitars over top

      Civil Shepherd
    Civil Shepherd is a very versatile band. Combining melodic guitar patterns with a solid rock beat, it is hard to get sick of this band. The progressive style of Civil Shepherd is hard to emulate. They can go from light and melodic to extremely heavy without breaks or sounding chopped up. With lots of contrast and heavy dynamic changes, Civil Shepherd will always keep you on the edge of your seat. When classified, Civil Shepherd is usually considered alternative, however they don’t fit very well into any classification.   

    Esucarys is a melodic rock band with heart,emotion and soul... Guitar and Keyboard driven,a new band that certainly shouldn't be over looked in this genre... 

      Iona Sky
    An eclectic mix of styles, from 70's progressive, to 90's alternative, to melodic pop; all blended together to create a sound that is fresh, exciting and immediately accessible.   

      Eye Strings
    Eyestrings is a 4-piece progressive rock band from Metro Detroit, MI, with superb & ecclectic influences. Debut album (2004) hailed as " excellent American style Prog Rock album..." --ProGGnosis

      Bjorn Lynne
    Melodic and atmospheric music with plenty of emotion, often based on sci-fi or fantasy concepts.
    "Completely enchanting... a superb disc" - Delire Musical
    "This record is VERY good. Reminds me about Don Airey's project "K2", but this is so much better. Medieval sounding instrumental symph. The production is also absolutely fantastic.", MusicBox
    "Two thumbs up - WAY up" - Incredibly Small Concert Hall
    "A real stonker... bloody great" - Golden Triangle
    "An early contender for one of the best albums of the year!" - e-prog   

      The EvO:R Virtual Kiosk CD Mall- Visit the Virtual CD Mall today and browse through one of the most comprehensive CD listing of Independent music from distributors s/a CD Baby, WKRP Entertainment, and Peaceworkmusic Network. The Virtual Mall is set up just like a real shopping mall with plenty of stores that specialize in specific music genres such as Blues, Rock, Jazz, New Age, World, Metal, Electric, just to name a few.

    All CD orders are done via a secured server so your purchase is secure and your information is NOT shared with anyone else. Please take a few minutes to look around, then book-mark the section so you can return to really spend some time in this great music Mall.

    The Virtual Mall is the brainchild of EvO:R Founder Charlie Harrelson and was designed with one thought in mind. To return to the practice of purchasing CD's. Not just single song downloads from lower quality MP3 files. We feel that their is still something special to be said for CD ownership.

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