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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Links Section
        The Video Production Links Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Ultimate Links Video Production Section. This is a new section for us and one we look forward to building as more and more bands are looking to get into producing videos from live shows. I will add additional Video Production Companies as soon as I get into a better database.

    We currently list over 3,000 Indie Bands, 2,500 Music Industry Links, 350 College or Indie Radio Stations and over 5,000 Indie CD's. To have your band or Industry service added to our database simply visit the Contact Us section of this website and follow the directions.


    Olivier Productions was originally established in New Orleans, LA giving special attention to the serious musician. We have had the pleasure of working with such artists as: B.B. King, Wynton Marsalis, Erma Thomas, Big Al Carson & The Bluesmasters, Dr. John,The Neville Brothers, Zebra, Lillian Axe, Swamp Mama Johnson, The Penguins, Three Dog Night , War, Eric Burdon and many, many more...

    Like many growing businesses, Olivier Productions relocated in 1990 to the major music scene in Seattle, WA. Olivier Productions not only provides studio and on location mobile recording productions, but also provides P.A. systems, light shows and engineering for all types of events.

    Olivier Productions can save you time and money when searching for a place to make your demo or CD project. Whether it?s studio or on-location mobile recording, Olivier Productions is here for the serious musician.

  •   Fatbox Video Production Service

    Fatbox helps to educate, captivate and communicate your message's with the wide range of creative services which also includes editing, in-house production, animation, marketing and advertising.

    Why did Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Universal Interactive, National Geographic and so many others come to us for their high-end CG 3D animated branding? Because were the best. Our Creative Director is from the Video Gaming world of Sega, Nintendo and Sony. Were one of the only Microsoft X-BOX approved production vendors and our CEO was responsible for the 1980s marketing, advertising and television launch of SNK Home Entertainments NEO GEO and the SEGA CD. We know entertainment. Especially when it comes to special effects work for your consumer brand or any live event venue.

  •   Balanced Audio Technology

    Refinement, liquidity, resolution, spaciousness..... these are all terms commonly used to describe the characteristics of Synergistic Research, Teac ESOTERIC, Balanced Audio Technology, Ayre Acoustics, YG acoustics and other fine products we work with. The products I sell, install, and set-up achieve unprecedented levels of ayre, holographic soundscapes, and presence.

    Our Synergistic approach offers an ESOTERIC and balanced soundstage between warmth and clarity.. enabling as close to live music reproduction as possible. One quick conversation and you will realize my philosophy is different from other high-end audio retailers.....

    I take the time to listen to my customers and work to achieve a rich organic sound by taking a system synergy approach. I only recommend value added products from the finest manufacturers such as Ayre Acoustics, Teac ESOTERIC audio, Synergistic Research, BAT and YG Acoustics to help you achieve your audio dreams. When you are ready to take the leap towards a synergistic and balanced system, give me a call at 1-877-618-9202.

  •   Jones & Co. Music Video Production Atlanta
    Jones & Co. Video Services recognizes that your High Definition Production, video duplication, photo keepsake or home movie transfer project is important, and we handle your video needs in a professional, cost effective, and timely manner. Attention to detail, state of the art equipment, premium quality materials, reasonable prices and quick turn around are all hallmarks of the business practices of this Atlanta video production company.

    For our Home Movie Film Transfers, we use a digital, frame by frame method. This results in a flicker free image. Turn your photos and film into an amazing presentation! Our Atlanta Video Production team is an award winning staff and will present your product or services in the best way possible. Let us create your next video masterpiece!

  •   Raecom Productions
    Raecom Productions is a creative and innovative production company utilizing state of the art technologies, where our customers are the most valuable asset. Being creative, experienced, knowledgeable and fun to work with, our staff is united behind a single goal, customer satisfaction, quality and integrity. Raecom has satisfied audiences of thousands internationally using high definition production and post-production equipment.

  •   Dan Fissel Custom Music
    Perhaps you're an advertising agency or production house, and you need a custom jingle to flavor up your your client's monthly radio or tv commercial. Or maybe you're in the mood for a custom music score for the soundtrack to your company's multimedia presentation. Look no further. From commercial music beds and broadcast radio tv jingle production, to custom soundtracks and music scoring, Dan Fissel Custom Music can make it happen, all at an affordable, royalty-free, buy-out price. In addition we also provide... Film Scores / On-Hold Music / Customized Music Loops / Jingles / Theme Music / Animation Soundtracks / Soundalikes / Music Scores for Video Presentations /

  •   Polhemus- three-dimensional scanning
    Ground Breaking Solutions for Research and Technology Become a leader in your industry while using our cutting edge scanning, 3D scanning and motion tracking technology. Have the ability to easily capture 3D objects for editing in a number of 3D modeling applications. Or have access to a number of motion tracking technologies for applications such as capturing the measurement of a golf swing or motion of an Olympian weightlifter. With Polhemus and over 40 years of service on your side, you will be one step ahead of the competition.

  •   Film Production, Video Production Bay Area

    Video Production Company San Francisco Bay Area Evolve Media Production represents a company that includes the best and brightest media and production professionals in the industry.

    Evolve Media Production is a San Francisco Bay Area client-focused Video Production Company. We provide high-quality 3Dvideo production, film production, and television production services to corporations, non-profit organizations, advertising agencies, medium to large size companies of all types, biotech companies, VC funded start-ups and pharmaceutical companies, educational foundations, schools, and start-ups. Our film, video and television production facility is designed to satisfy the requirements for producing the highest quality video. We offer a wide range of production, commercials/TV, and video monetizing/PPV and post-production services in San Francisco Bay Area. We are a one-stop creative source for developing quality advertising products.

  •   Absolute Motion Inc.

    With over 15 years of experience, Absolute Motion has catered to the needs of many people who thought that what they needed could not be done. Absolute Motion prides itself in being able to bring its clients the experience and knowledge to accomplish any task regardless of how impossible it may seem.

    We always go the extra mile for our clients. Many of our clients have dealt with other production companies in the past, and while the work was good, the customer service wasn't. No matter how big or small the job, we treat every one as if it's a million dollar job. And because of that, most of the new business we get are through referrals. The only way to keep that happening is to keep our clients happy.

  •   Valley Sound
    Valley Sound is Vermont's Upper Valley, premiere professional live sound provider. From intimate acoustic settings to rockin' nightclubs or multiband festivals, our company has the professional services and attitude to make your event a success. Valley Sound provides professional, quality equipment from the most respected names in the audio industry, with the experienced staff to operate it. Band engineers can be assured that our sound systems are highly maintained and fully functioning with live sound standards in effects, consoles, amps, microphones, and processing equipment.

      October Entertainment
    October Entertainment is an independent film company specializing in music videos, full length feature films, and connecting acting talent and models with our client base. We offer many packages for bands for music videos as well as giving our pool of talent opprotunities in movies and printed magazines. Real features, not pornography.

  •   Quirky Motion
    Music videos, promos and Intros. Illustration, animation, video. Quirky Motion is UK based independent production company specialising in music videos, but also working in all kinds of creative video. We delight in using rich imagery to tell captivating stories.

  •   New Cyberian Systems, Inc
    New Cyberian Systems, Inc. is a full-service CD / DVD manufacturer with facilities throughout the world. For the last few years we have positioned ourselves as a needs-orientated service provider to our clients. Keeping customers satisfied by providing highest quality products and services has been our guideline of business. No matter what your needs are, New Cyberian is your ultimate source for CD-ROM, Business Card CDROM, Shaped CD, Mini CD, DVD, CDR, DVDR, and CD Labels.

    We are the manufacturer of CDs and DVDs, We offer good prices without the hidden fees. Our company is called New Cyberian, Customer satisfaction is our #1 criterion We ship anywhere in the US and overseas.

  •   Victor Sieff
    VS Video Productions is a video production company in Denver that provides high quality Standard Definition and HD digital video production services to companies in Denver, statewide, regionally, and nationally. A highly creative, technical and experienced video production Denver company, we create powerful video productions that stay lasting in the minds of viewers, and are specifically catered to your expectations.

    Our award winning video producers, videographers, cameraman and video editing staff have designed and created production work for companies like Nike, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and the Montel Williams show. Our experience includes a variety of productions such as marketing video production, corporate video production, commercial video production, training video production, educational video production, promotional video production, and advertising video production.

      Capacity Productions
    Capacity Productions was founded in 1995 by musicians and industry professionals with well over a decade of marketing and promotion experience. We work with a lot of clients on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, Reverbnation, Ourstage, Purevolume, Soundcloud, IndieCharts, Last.FM, iSound, IMDB, Vimeo and all other areas of the internet and networking sites.

    Our operation has helped quite a few work their way into the top ten of their genre & focus of business by bringing more incoming friends, likes, followers, traffic, plays and views to their profiles. If you have ever wondered how some people, artists and businesses get all of those incoming, followers, likes, friends, plays and views, now you know! although we were founded for musicians, we also work with many models, magicians, authors and businesses of all kinds, including clubs, retail stores, restaurants, etc. to increase exposure, promotions, marketing, traffic and sales. We get results like no other!

  •   PLAZMA SOUND Recording Studio

    PLAZMA SOUND offers multi-track recording and professional audio/video services. Located in downtown Toronto's film district, PLAZMA SOUND specializes in demo production and voice-over.

    This site is devoted synthetic music and all that is connected with it. Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Future Pop, Electronic, Dark Electro, Indie, New Wave, Gothic Synth, Darkwave, Gothic Rock, Downtempo, Lounge, IDM, Easy Listening, Metall, Ethereal, Ambient.

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