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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Links Section
        The Music Mastering Links Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Ultimate Links Section. This section is dedicated to music mastering. Be sure to bookmark this section and use it as often as you like. The Featured links at the top of the page have been selected as the best of the bunch by our staff. That doesn't mean anything, but we though you should know. We currently list over 3,000 Indie Bands, 2,500 Music Industry Links, 350 College or Indie Radio Stations and over 5,000 Indie CD's.

    To have your band or Industry service added to our database simply visit the Contact Us section of this website and follow the directions.

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      Music Mastering Page 1  

  •   The Chocolate Factory
    The Chocolate Factory was setup as an answer to a growing need in the music industry. The Internet has opened the floodgates for today's artists; it has levelled the playing field in terms of promotion, marketing, distribution, and global audience access. When promoters, labels, and potential fans listen to a song on Myspace, or via the internet, they could be comparing music that has been produced in a small project studio against those done with a significantly larger budget. Even though you may have a hit record, without mastering, it can sound muddy, weak, and lose the impact of a properly mastered song. Mastering adds that finishing sparkle - that little bit of aural gold dust to your music to help ensure that it sounds the best through any medium. The Chocolate Factory believes that Mastering is a reflection of the professionalism and maturity of an artist. Non-mastered tracks tend to sound amateur against a well-mastered track.

  •   RockIt Records & Recording
    Founded by musicians for musicians, RR&R produces quality recordings for release on our label and the distribution of recordings released on RockIt Records, as well as other labels. RR&R also provides a full line of services for independent artists and other labels, including Production, Recording, Mastering, Graphic Design & Printing, Photography, CD Replication or Duplication. We'll treat your project with the same care as one of our own releases… 100% professionally.

  •   Sean Norton Audio
    I have been Engineering and Producing music for record companies and independent artists for over 20 years. I specialize in Rock and Pop but I have worked with all kinds of artists including Hip Hop, Country, Folk, Singer Songwriter etc. I started at a small studio in Portland in the late 80's recording primarily to tape. I watched the whole industry change as the digital medium became more available to professionals and consumers alike. The computer based Digital Audio Workstation became an integral part of the modern recording studio just like the mp3 became the standard for consumers and their mobile media players. Because of this some music artists found themselves in their basements more often recording their own albums, some with more positive results than others. To this day I still get the call that says "We recorded our album in our basement, why doesn't it sound as good as the albums you produce ? We want that sound. " I have to explain that the experience of doing something every day combined with skill can yield much better results. I am still a fan of having Hi fidelity recordings even though recordings can be compromised by mp3's. If you like my sound drop me a line or you might catch me chatting in my room on my site.

  •   Prime Recording
    Located just minutes from Nashville's legendary Music Row, Prime Recording Studio is Music City's professional alternative from impersonal, expensive, and corporate facilities. Our studio provides musicians and songwriters an inspiring atmosphere conducive for topnotch recordings. Prime Recording features Pro Tools recording, distinguished sounding rooms and an assortment of preamps, compressors and microphones to achieve that sound you desire. All this, of course, is nothing without our talented and caring staff, because we're not satisfied untill you are!!

  •   Essential Sound Mastering
    Essential Sound Mastering is Houston's premier mastering studio. ESM is a full-service mastering facility providing mastering, editing, restoration, and CD replication services.

  •   KTP Music Productions studios
    KTP Music is an independent music label and multimedia production and reproduction facility based in Toronto, Canada. Its founder, Elliot Zeitoune, has been involved with the international music industry for over 15 years. A concert pianist, he has studied at the Paris conservatory, the Toronto conservatory and the faculty of music at the University of Toronto. Fully versed in all genres of music, instrumentation and programming, KTP has worked with and produced artists such as Love & Sas, NEZ, Collin Grant, Lana, Taboo, Larissa, Zig Zag, MTS, Baja, Cracker Jack, Sabrina, Sarina Paris, Chris Aris, Eternia, Errol Lee, Isis, Orly Cohen, Michael Ciufo and Miguel de la Bastide just to name a few. This continuing journey has taken us from Pop to R&B, Hip Hop to Rap, Classical to Flamenco to Opera and beyond. As inovators, we welcome you to browse our pages for our latest projects or simply for quotes in music and/or multimedia productions and/or replication.

  •   Black Dog Mastering and Duplication
    Black Dog Mastering Studio provides CD Mastering, Mixing, Restoration and Transferring Services. We provide the option to upload your project directly to our server, or to send a cd or dvd to our Studio in Tampa, FL. Black Dog prides itself on customer service; you will always have the opportunity to speak to your Engineer. No matter where you are in the world, we consider you a local client at Black Dog Mastering Studio.

    Upon request we will send you an Mp3 of your project. Mp3 files are great for sending via email, posting on a web site, or for an additional backup on your hard drive. We offer this service at no additional charge for all CD Mastering and Audio Mixing Projects.

  •   XARC Mastering - The Online Mastering Studio
    Succinctly, XARC Mastering is a passionate, affordable, on-line process audio mastering firm, based in Dresden, Saxony, Germany. We were founded in 2003 by Lorenz Vauck, a talented and experienced Mastering Engineer with a deep love of music and an even deeper commitment to his work and clientele.

    We are proud to have become one of the most influential and quickest-expanding audio companies in the world, having mastered thousands of tracks for artists from around the globe (over sixty different countries in all). From top-notch video game soundtracks, to 'indie' productions, television commercials and chart-topping hits, we have proven ourselves to set the standard in the mastering industry.

  •   Sound Solution Mastering
    SOUND SOLUTION provide a late nite London UK based Dubplate Cutting service, CD Mastering, Vinyl and CD Manufacture serving London UK and worldwide. CD and DVD duplication. Mail order Dubplates UK and worldwide, Vinyl pressing and mastering. Recent clients include,TRIAL & ERROR Recordings,FANNYPACK, LJ KRUZER, GUT RECORDS, Cassette Records, Blase Records, Doloroso, Garden, Nocturnals, Street Soul, DJ Distance. UK , CD & Vinyl mastering manufacturing and duplication services.

  •   Gizzard Mastering
    Gizzard Recording is an analogue recording studio located in Bow, East London. We are minutes from our newest neighbour the London 2012 Olympic village. We have been producing recordings from different musical genres for record labels and artist funded projects since 2002.

    We are a dedicated analogue recording studio. The main body of our studio equipment comes from the early seventies. Our spacious acoustically treated rooms are ideal for recording live. We have an excellent studio backline available so help yourself. There's no extra hire charge for any of our backline (see equipment page for more details).

    We have worked in various studios doing this since the early nineties. We feel that the process of recording to tape yields results that are truly individual to the artist. The way we like to work involves hands on working techniques. Plenty of decision making and team work. We regard this process to be just as important as the recording equipment itself.

    We have a passion for the sound of old records. But we don't hate computers. In fact we have a digital system. Do you have recordings you have made at home or in another studio that you want to try remixing to tape? We may be able to help. We always prefer to use tape. But if your project requires digital doings we have some good solutions.

  •   CD Mastering Services
    Translating well to the widest variety of playback systems, while preserving the musical intent of the artist/producer, is the ultimate mastering test. There's no bigger disappointment than having your music mastered and having it come back sounding nothing like your original mix. It happens frequently. Mastering shouldn't change your mix, it should enhance the presentation. Mastering engineer, Bob Speer, pays close attention to detail and has been exceeding Client's Expectations since 1985.

    Our commitment to quality Guarantees our Red Book masters will far exceed the requirements of CD replicators. Each master we produce is tested for accuracy before it leaves our facility. We provide clients with written documentation on the Quality of each master we ship. The benefit to you... no rejected masters... no production delays!

  •   Flow Mastering
    FloW MASTERING is the mastering branch of WOLF STUDIOS one of London's longest established independent studios and home to Mixing and Mastering Engineer Dominique Brethes. Dominique started doing mastering 17 years ago as an extension of his mixing work. Nowadays, while still mastering the albums he gets to mix, he also masters albums & singles for a fast growing number of artists worldwide in genres ranging from pop, rock, reggae, to jazz, latin, dance and world music.

    Superb quality through care & experience, top equipment and affordable prices is what keeps our clients coming back and recommending us.

  •   AudiopleXus audio mastering studio
    CD mastering at AudiopleXus studio UK facility is a very high end and technically advanced mastering music lab, high end application and editing master studio located in the UK. The complexity and variety of equipment, With ours skills allows us to help you achieve your goals whatever the budget or any requirements to allows our engineer to work on a wide variety of audio projects in all styles and genres both in class A analogue and digital setup. This site contains all the information you need if you want to work with us. Our engineer has more than 20 years world wide world class experience for CD mastering in the U.K USA and Europe and as music and sound consultant for record labels. Audio restoration is also available. At AudiopleXus our mission is to help you achieve your goals whatever the budget or requirements. On a budget it's not possible to use another high end mastering facility with some of the world top engineers using AudiopleXus studio is an opportunity for you to achieve the same quality finish to your music as is given to some of today's major artists. (Is why we offer you a free trial so you knowl what you'll have). Ultra high audio quality and standard, total guarantee , great rates with professionalism and the human touch to your art and vision. We don't believe in before and after demo as sound can be manipulated any way you want and you'll never know what YOUR mastered music will sound like with a before and after of someone else demo. Calluse for anything audio engineering and mastering,

  •   Crazy Daisy Productions - CD Mastering and Duplication
    Our full service audio production studio provides professional, high-quality mastering, mixing, recording, and CD duplication services for musicians, bands, studios, labels, businesses, and independent artists worldwide.
    Our audio mastering services (also known as Track Mastering, CD Mastering, and Song Mastering) are available for all styles and genres of music, audio, and sound, including spoken word. We offer turnaround time as quick as 24 hours and options to upload your tracks for our mastering services. Listen to mastered clips from past client projects, or submit a single track for a free mastered sample of your song.
    The Crazy Daisy recording studio is located near the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon and offers a comfortable setting with fantastic sounding results. We offer mixing services for all styles and genres of music, whether recorded at our studio or elsewhere, and audio tracks at any level of completion.

  •   TurtleTone Studio CD Mastering
    TurtleTone Studio is a world class CD mastering and DVD authoring facility with over 30 gold and platinum awards to their credit. With dedicated mastering equipment and 13 years of experience.

  •   American Mastering Labs
    Major Label quality CD mastering with tiered pricing for unsigned bands and indie labels. Try-Before-You-Buy sample mastering. Restoration and pitch correction available from LP, DAT, CD, WAV files.

  •   Creekside Studio
    Creekside has been one of south london's finest rehearsal and recording studio complexes since 1989. Based in the musically vibrant Deptford, we are open 7 days a week and offer 5 well equipped air-conditioned rehearsal studios, and a recording studio capable of 24 track live recording with 3 separate live rooms. Our client base includes touring professional rock / pop bands and artists, some of the worlds largest record labels, as well as a vast array of local musicans covering most genres.

    Over the years Creekside has played host to many established artists including Kasabian, Placebo, Paulo Nutini, and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. The Studios are based in a gated business site which means we can offer secure off road parking, 24 hour guards and CCTV ensuring security and privacy. We are easily reached being only one stop from London Bridge by train, and have excellent links by Tube, DLR, and bus.

  •   Resident Studio London
    Resident started in 2001 by taking over the ailing Stepping Stone Studios, which was at one time a leading studio in the busy Willesden music scene and had a substantial studio complex, albeit deserted. The downturn in the music industry over the next few years claimed many other local studios as the record companies started to tighten their belts and more artists were recording their material at home. Over the next few years, Resident developed the idea of a community of local bands who rehearsed there and could collaborate on projects, thus creating a network of unsigned artists. It was natural that the next step would be to create demos for the new bands and help them propergate their music through the swiftly evolving social media phenomena.

    The recording facilities developed over the years from original 2? tape to the now industry standard Pro Tools rigs and has expanded to three recording suites which can adapt to patch in to any one of four live rooms.

  •   Spleenless Mastering
    Spleenless Mastering is in Brooklyn, New York. After several years of running Spleenless Mastering in Portland Oregon and recording at Larry Crane’s, Jackpot!, Jon Cohrs moved to New York City to reopen Spleenless Mastering in Brooklyn, where it has gained a reputation for quality, affordability, and most importantly in fostering an interactive relationship with the artists.

    In 2002, following the accidental loss of his spleen, Jon founded Spleenless Mastering. In the four years following, he split his time between Larry Crane’s Jackpot! studio and his own mastering company. Spleenless Mastering recently built a new studio that combines the precision of digital mastering of his old studio with a new set of analog mastering equipment to round out the corners.

  •   Online-mastering.com
    The Online-mastering studios in Germany offer superior audio mastering online. Finalizing your own music with a cd mastering in a professional mastering studio has never been easier: Create an account on our server and upload your productions. Now place an audio mastering order in the customer section of our website and we do the rest.

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