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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Links Section
        The Music Management Links Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Ultimate Links Section. This section is dedicated to music management. Be sure to bookmark this section and use it as often as you like. The Featured links at the top of the page have been selected as the best of the bunch by our staff. That doesn't mean anything, but we though you should know. We currently list over 3,000 Indie Bands, 2,500 Music Industry Links, 350 College or Indie Radio Stations and over 5,000 Indie CD's. We currently list over 3,000 Indie Bands, 2,500 Music Industry Links, 350 College or Indie Radio Stations and over 5,000 Indie CD's.

    To have your band or Industry service added to our database simply visit the Contact Us section of this website and follow the directions.

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    EVOR has almost 2,500 pages of music news, independent CD reviews, indie and major label artist CDs, music business tips, imported guitars and guitar building questions and answers. Search the web or use the drop down menue to search EVOR.

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  •   Tim Sweeney and Associates
    For more than 28 years, we have been "the only true artist development company in the world." We provide artists like yourself, the opportunity to use our established relationships with Priority radio stations that actually have a strong listenership, key online and offline record stores, real press contacts, and online sites that actually have an impact and special live venues. While at the same time, we develop every aspect of your career including educating you on the industry and future opportunities to further your music career.

    What makes Tim Sweeney & Associates unique over everyone else in the world? Our personal consulting and artist development services under the direction of Tim Sweeney, one of the music industry's most sought after experts and consultants. Who Is Tim Sweeney?

    Tim Sweeney is the music industry's most highly sought after expert and consultant in the fields of artist development, label development, distribution, publicity, radio promotion, internet marketing and retail marketing. Over the last 27 years, he has helped several major labels (Columbia, Epic, MCA, Universal, Warner Bros., Capitol, Mercury, PolyGram, Hollywood (and their sub-labels), and well known independent labels (Restless, Metal Blade, Enigma, Accretions, etc.) develop the careers of some of their most promising and successful artists of all time.

  •   Big Cactus
    Big Cactus started in the mid 1980's as a rehearsal studio situated on Torrens Road, Adelaide South Australia. The business has since included: Recording, Engineering & Event Management Services, Multi Media Production, Booking Agent, and Artist Management. Dedicated to the Professional Enhancement of Artistic Performance.

  •   Two Shes Productions, LLC.
    TWO SHES' main objective is to nurture, produce and distribute quality entertainment that moves us. We strive to give those who are in need of hands on experience and those with visions they would like to see realized an opportunity to make it happen. We do not believe in climbing the ladder forever. We believe in taking the plunge and letting the creative juices overflow. This is our passion. We are looking to work with those that are as enthusiastic and motivated as we are in their pursuits. Above all, we are looking to be inspired.

    It was after achieving a formal education from the University of Michigan and Cardozo School of Law that TWO SHES was born. Many people thought Nira was crazy for taking the road less traveled rather than working for a law firm but, like most artists, she went with her instincts. It wasn't overnight by any means and that's the type of dedication TWO SHES expects from their clients.

  •   Alan Griffith- Tara's Tunes International
    I attempt to secure publishing,management,recording deals or a combination for artists be it band or solo performers or songwriters.I will not work with attitude or drug situations.Professionalism is what I require.

    I Have Worked With: Acts Doobie Brothers, Jeff Skunk Baxter, Tom Johnstone, Commodores, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Kansas, Dave Mason, Village People, Nazareth, Triumph, Demis Roussos, Wha Koo, Prism, Uriah Heep, Bryan Adams, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Bob Rock, Foreigner, Osibisa, Hall & Oates, Long John Baldry, Joe Cocker, Air Supply, Little River Band, Aldo Nova, Charlie Daniels, Billy Squier, Flo-Eddie, Loverboy, Ted Nugent, Joe Perry, Hank Williams jnr, Billy Ray Cyrus, Buster Poindexter alias David Johanssen, Mental As Anything and many more. Record Companies A&M, Island, Polygram / Polydor, True North, Virgin, Attic, Capitol, BMG, RCA, MCA / Universal, Mushroom, Festival, WEA and it's subsidiaries, Bronze, Giant, Sony, Chrysalis, Mercury, Arista, Geffen, Sire, Walt Disney, V2, Quality and numerous more. Management Companies and Publicists Bruce Cohn, Rogers / Cowan, Moress / Nanas, David Gest, Bruce Allen, Mark Spector, Mike's Artists Management, E.S.P., Champion Entertainment, William Siep, Propas Management Corp, MTV, Bernie Finklestein, Sound Seventy Inc, B.C.Fiedler, Greilworks, Network Inc, Ron Hunstman, David Corlew, Union Entertainment Group, Feeling Productions etc.

  •   Degy Management Services, Inc.
    Degy Management Services, Inc. is a full-service, music management firm. DMS represents both signed and unsigned national music acts from across the country. Degy Booking International is now accepting press kits and CD's for booking consideration. If you would you like to submit your press kit and CD to Degy Booking International, please send a package to the Degy Booking International offices.

  •   Thompson Entertainment Group
    There is no school for the aspiring artist, the new artist, or the artist struggling to reach the next level. There is no self-help manual and there are no daylong training sessions.

    For the artist, there is no substitute for hard work and constancy to your dreams to move your career forward—just as there is no substitute for the insight and guidance that seasoned music biz professionals like the Thompson Entertainment Group can give your career path. Our years of industry insider’s experience and our proven development and marketing know-how can help your own years of dedication and dreams finally pay off. What’s more, TEG is a small company, enabling us to give you the truly personalized attention you deserve. We will work closely and tirelessly with you to develop a plan for success that is custom-tailored to your individual needs and goals.

    Our work has enhanced the careers of: George Strait, Ricky Skaggs, Frizzell and West, Jason Ashley, Garrett, Moe Bandy, Eddie Raven, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Michael Johnson, David Allen Coe, Pinkard and Bowden, McBride and the Ride, Billy Dean, Skip Ewing, The Judds, Wynonna, Danni Leigh, Randy Travi,s Tammy Wynette, Faraday Cage, Kenny Chesney, Carl Perkins, Andy Childs, Lonestar, Leland Martin, The Thompson Brothers, Mindy McCready, Clint Black, Jimmy Lehoux, Victoria Hawkes, Lisa Dames, Orral & Wright, Eric Durrance, Pear, Ricochet, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lorrie Morgan, Freddy Wall, Wayne Warner, Thom Shepherd, Larry Haack, & Baillie and the Boys.

  •   Concerto Agency
    CONCERTO AGENCY Ltd is a management music company licensed by the Romanian Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs, specializing in the artist representation & management, shows, concerts, special events, orchestral touring and recording projects, on a worldwide basis.

    We are also known for our expertise in the professional training and placement of musicians, in contract positions with cruise line companies, hotels and restaurants around the world.Our staff of agents is trained to skillfully track down exactly the type of candidates you seek and match them to the precise job. We take a pride in being able to work quickly and effectively for you, as we have recently done for the Carnival Cruise Lines and Holland America Line.

    Concerto Agency represents only experienced and professional musicians, groups, orchestras, who gave concerts in international halls, played on different cruise lines (Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Costa Cruises, Orient Lines, etc.), hotels, restaurants, and have solid careers.They are simply talented artists who know very well how to bring joy in the life of your audience, and make them to come back again to listen to them.

  •   Kongoi Productions
    Kongoi Media Productions is an online music and artists promotion portal. We have been providing promotional and marketing services for artists and musicians world wide since 2002. Our main goal is to offer artists and musicians exposure online. We also seek to establish an online community where artists, producers, event managers, musicians, writers and the rest can meet and communicate. With a solid list of customer testimonials, Kongoi Media Productions is one of the leading actors in the field of online marketing and promotion of African music, art, artists and musicians.

    Our portal offers a powerful artist promotion platform and a feature rich interactive community of writers, artists and musicians from all around the world. Kongoi Media Productions strives to be the leading African artist-oriented, technologically-innovative and socially responsible music portal on the world wide web.

  •   FUZED Music
    On this site you will find information on the artists' we represent including tour and booking information, bio's, mp3's, publicity photo's and current news and updates on the artists' activities. Most of the artists' are currently accepting dates or have tour plans. For booking information including itineraries, and availability please visit our booking section. For press and publicity information please visit the roster page and follow the link to the artist that you're interested in.

  •   Indie Managers Association
    The Indie Managers Association (IMA) is organized and dedicated to serving the independent music management community by adopting a code of ethics; providing educational manuals; offering discounts on products and services; supplying promotional resources; drafting quarterly newsletters and creating opportunities to cultivate professional relationships through roundtable discussions and live chats.

  •   Rising Star Agency
    The principles set forth in "Rising Stars" Talent Agency are applicable to the consulting and booking process for both performers and entertainment companies. The marketplace for the performing arts in the world is enormous. Indeed, according to the most recent surveys, the number of entertainment and talent agencies who attend arts events has remained at an all-time high, despite a serious economic recession. Audience were attracted to performances sponsored by a variety of performing arts presenters ranging from the independent entrepreneur to cruise lines ships, casinos, hotels, resorts and entertainment service organizations.

  •   Allure Media Entertainment Group
    Allure Media Entertainment is an artist management and independent artist & repertoire firm connecting unsigned artists with major record labels. Allure develops and promotes their careers providing career counseling, artist development, and a variety of valuable music marketing services. Our goal is to navigate our artists to realize their career objectives whether it be more popularity, higher income, or the ultimate goal of landing a lucrative record contract with a major record label.

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