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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Band Links Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Band Links Section.
    Welcome to the Industrial artist link page. Find your favorite artist below and click the link to visit their website. The Featured artists on this page come from the Best of the EvOR website. If you are in an Industrial band and you would like to be added to this list, click the Add my site link.

    Send me: Band name, Website URL, a band photo (optional)and a paragraph about the band. Add my site.

    Please follow the instructions for submission fully so we can add you to the pages. Any incorrect artist submission will simply be deleted.. (and we get plenty so don't be one).

    Industrial Artists Page 2
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    RedCell was formed in 2003 by Pamela Hammond and Jeff Rabjohn. These two have played in various bands together for the past 12 years including Love Junction. LJ gained international recognition via radio and music television as well as a track in the movie Wounded. After the break up of their final band, Pam and Jeff formed RedCell. This heavy rock industrial edged band has quickly become popular with the release of their CD 245t!. The reviews so far have been outstanding! Comments state how different and unique their sound really is!!\ Look for RedCell to appear in international music magazines and on radio stations worldwide.

    RedCell is heavy , industrial edged and powerful female vocals. Fitting a similar genre to Korn, Tool, Janes Addiction and Manson. RedCell will be releasing their CD on T.H.E Records in 2001...

      Zeitgeist Zero
    Zeitgeist Zero are one of the most exciting and original bands in the alternative music scene. Simultaneously jaunty and jaundiced, the band combines synthesizers with the more human elements of guitars, melodic piano and passionate female vocals. Often compared to Blondie and Garbage, the band play edgy, progressive music with a rock 'n' roll attitude.

    Lyrically personal experiences are drawn upon to write emotional songs with catchy hooks and sing-a-long melodies that could teach any pop artist a thing or two about catchy hook construction.The band burst on to the alternative music-scene in early 2003, and within months had created such an impression with their passionate, energetic and unique live shows, that they soon appeared on several compilation albums.

      Dream Aria
    DREAM ARIA is in a class all its own with fresh, fiery and haunting music. Elements include Rock, Techno, Classical, New Age, Goth, Progressive and World music. Powerful raw vocals and guitar, lush keyboards, driving rhythms and inspired lyrics are abundant! There's something for every music lover in DREAM ARIA... DREAM ARIA is Donald Stagg (composer/lyrics/ keyboards/arranger/producer), Garry Flint (drums/bass/engineer), Jozef Pilasanovic (guitar/bass/vocals)& Ann Burstyn (vocals/lyrics)

      Deep Metal Mechanic
    You like prodigy and Rammstein, then DMM is just what you were waiting for ! Dave and Gilles took their musical influences at the beginning of the nineties, era were rock was declining and techno rising. As there’s good and evil in each world, DMM transcripts the best of both.

    1999: history begins…
    Back from the US, Dave is waiting for a sign… Gilles fed up with dj-ing wants now to create his own tunes, not playing other people’s. He calls Dave up and together start rehearsing with a Drum machine and a guitar! After a few sessions, they know they created something different and start buying equipment.

      Man and Machines
    While beginning as a predominately electronic band, Man and Machines' breakthrough was spawned in 2006-2007 with their first official self titled EP release "Man and Machines". With promising reviews, interviews and continuous live shows, Man and Machines started to gain an underground fan base. Man and Machines played shows/toured regularly through 2006-2009 while opening up for such acts as Genitortures, Psyclon Nine, London After Midnight and many others.

    With the success of the first EP and gaining slots on compilations being sold all over the world, Man and Machines released their debut LP "Analog Hearts, Digital Minds" through DSBP and Dead Scarlet Records in 2008 worldwide. Analog Hearts Digital Minds was re-released in 2010 digital only through Disease Nation Productions. Man and Machines will be venturing into the metal genre while still keeping some electronic elements with their second release "The New Flesh". "The New Flesh", will be something different than previously released with elements such as more guitars and acoustic instruments, thus making an even more aggressive sound. Stay tuned for more from Man and Machines and keep on the lookout sometime in 2011/2012 for the "The New Flesh".

      The Synthetic Dream Foundation
    The Synthetic Dream Foundation is a multi media surrealist artist, who works within many disciplines of art. From film scores to the harsh decadence of ebm music, trance music, psytrance, industrial, goa trance, darkwave, and experimental classical music. Aside from music, I am captivated with photography, digital art collages and paintings, and many styles of animation. All of this culminates in the live performance work TSDF does.

    If you’ve never heard of it, Marathon is a classic first-person-shooter game for the Macintosh platform, released in 1994. The Marathon series is what really put Bungie Software “on the map”, and they were seen as one of the premiere developers on the Mac platform from the mid to late 90's.

    Anyway, I was a huge fan of their games and I’ve been involved in a few different projects over the years relating to the game (total conversions, maps, etc.) . One of those things is a remix I did of the song “Splash” from the soundtrack for Marathon. The original song is a MIDI music file by Alexander Seropian, one of the founders of Bungie and a key contributor to the Marathon games. Without further ado, you can hear my remix. Hope you enjoy. I’ll be sure to have other game music remixes in the future (I already have a System Shock 2 remix which I am planning to post soon).

      The Holocaust Humanity
    The Holocaust Humanity is an industrial oriented electronic band out of dallas texas entirely composed of synthesizers, samplers, computers and chaos. 2 human members, nathan hewitt and john mrugala.

    So many changes, I don't know where to start. To anyone who "likes" or supports the band, you have my sincere gratitude. Never been more musical than right now, never as cut-off. I can assure you, I'm creating what will be the best record we have made.

    I'm sharing a demo of a song that will be on the album. It's gone 1000x beyond this..., so stay tuned! Contrary to popular belief, we are very much alive.

      Human Factors Lab
    industrial/electronic rock - Human Factors Lab is a co-dependant relationship between melody and noise. Aggressive and strong music that is not devoid of intelligence.

    The song The Art of Suicide has now been made available for purchase as a digital download through Snocap. You can sample and purchase this song, as well as the entire PAP3R album, as well as individual songs off PLASTIK, the first Human Factors Lab album. Just go to and click on the Snocap store. Enjoy

      Snuff Pop Inc.
    One is never mistaken, once introduced, about the consistent style of Snuff Pop Inc. One distinctive mark, especially, is the theatrical approach, by which the musical elements at times illustrate and exemplify the contents of the lyrics, characteristic of musicals and film-music. The compositions, in terms of harmony and form, don't allow of any marked definition of genre. But they're frequently placed in alternative genres such as Industrial and so-called Alternative Rock - an educated, but far from adequate reference. The independent genre and characteristic stage show have brought about various comparisons with bands from Marilyn Manson to T. Rex, from Foetus to Mr. Bungle. These comparisons can be slightly useful.

    The overall result of many years of experimenting is a wide and well-developed style which the band, inspired by a review, calls Warped Industrial.

    1997 saw the birth of Snuff Pop Inc. The concept itself was concocted a few years earlier by Ant, founder of the band, and forms the basis of the major part of what the band expresses regarding instrumentation, composition, lyrics and staging. In addition to the analogue instrumentation (bass, guitar, drums and vocal) the final and no less significant part consists in an expanse of sampled melody structures, conducted by Ant, embracing all from traditional instruments, orchestral as well as synthetic, to industrial and electronic sounds.

    Industrial Artists Page 2
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      The EvO:R Virtual Kiosk CD Mall- Visit the Virtual CD Mall today and browse through one of the most comprehensive CD listing of Independent music from distributors s/a CD Baby, CD Universe, and Peaceworkmusic Network. The Virtual Mall is set up just like a real shopping mall with plenty of stores that specialize in specific music genres such as Blues, Rock, Jazz, New Age, World, Metal, Electric, just to name a few.

    All CD orders are done via a secured server so your purchase is secure and your information is NOT shared with anyone else. Please take a few minutes to look around, then book-mark the section so you can return to really spend some time in this great music Mall.

    The Virtual Mall is the brainchild of EvO:R Founder Charlie Harrelson and was designed with one thought in mind. To return to the practice of purchasing CD's. Not just single song downloads from lower quality MP3 files. We feel that their is still something special to be said for CD ownership.

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