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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Band Links Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Band Links Section.
    Welcome to the Grunge artist link page. Find your favorite artist below and click the link to visit their website. The Featured artists on this page come from the Best of the EvO:R website. If you are in a Rock band and you would like to be added to this list, click the Add my site link.
    Send me: Band name, Website URL, and a paragraph about the band. Add my site.
    Please follow the instructions for submission fully so we can add you to the pages. Any incorrect artist submission will simply be deleted.. (and we get plenty so don't be one).

    Grunge Artists Page 1
    Grunge Artists-Page 1 I Page 2 I  Page 3 I 

    Psychopathos, we are a Toronto based, female fronted melodic-aggresive, punk-metal band formed in the year 2000

      Lucid Blue
    Alternative, Punk-The most versatile punk band ever created, five-piece rock band, Lucid Blue combines it's punk style with that of Rock, Reggae, Alternative, Ska and many other types of music. 3 guitars (two lead), power bass, drums, and 3 singers (two lead.) Lucid Blue takes their music to every possible level. We bring the beach into our themes and have a overall feel-good style.

      The Black River Brethren
    The Black River Brethren combine the energy of punk music and rock and roll with the roots of americana and old country. With instruments including banjo, fiddle, cello, dobro, and more, the Brethren are as much bluegrss as rock and roll. Some call it "Cow-punk" some call it Alternative Country. Check out some free tunes on the website and decide for yourself.

    deltoids was formed in 2003 , the bands influence is punk rock and their genre is new to most as to locals is know as "society punk"

    Dan-D-Fine, an atlernative/punk band from virginia, that plays loud, shitty, baby making music that sounds like pain, suffering, excitement, love, lust, sex, birth, death, confusion, all at the same time.

    My style of rapping is a refreshing sound that is pretty catchy. Im not like other Mexican rappers and I believ its my style that seperates me from the rest

    Barrington is a artist that on whatever entertainment he is the breath of fresh air that the hip hop world has been awaiting. one listen to his music and you to will see that this artist has the creativity, the will and drive and the main ingredient the genius of real musician his music is not designated to just one culture if your a fan of good music that you will be a fan of barrington

      EPADEMIK, emcee esq.
    EPADEMIK, emcee esq. / West Coast Hip Hop: Support The Anti-Bling Movement! You've heard EPADEMIK on The Open Mic Show @ Long Beach City College, on X Radio (Friday Night Flavas) & seen him rock the stage @ venues such as The Key Club, Cat Club, SOULA & more. Since releasing his solo album 'Listen At Your Own Risk' EPADEMIK has spread through out the U.S & even in the UK! Get ready for his new project 'The Third Finger'..out in September 05'.

    My name is Alex a.k.a. Drakima and I'm an indie record label owner / producer / musician ( Style --->Rock / Punk / Alt. / Goth ). The songs on my page are 100% original and I play all the instruments as well as handle the vocals too. Feel free to check out what I'm talking about at My Space --->

      Gasoline Dion
    Gasoline Dion is a punk-n' roll band from Pittsburgh, PA. All of the musicians hail from different ends of the music spectrum and controlled chaos ensues. First and foremost we have fun together instage, we feel that is what keeps the crowd coming back show after show to let loose and get wild with us.

      New Age Paladins
    Our style is a mix of everything that pleases us at the moment we write the songs. E.g. metal, hardcore, punk, emo (we try not to cry, but make some serious soft parts .. or songs). Feel free to download and spread our music.

      The Stops
    The Stops are known for fusing their diversity with their common love for all forms of rock music. They have developed a hard, fast-paced, story-telling style dubbed Punk Folk Rock by their fans in New York City.

      Against Faction
    Four guys just trying to get their message heard." - The official description of the SoCal. punk rock band, Against Faction.

    Group members’ music tastes diversity has leaded to the symbiosis of various trends in their creativity from disco and funk to psycho and punk rock. It’s hard to characterize what Barbulators do in one word. It concerns not only the music but the show as well. Some 1950s and later hits are interpreted by the group in their own unique manner, for example “Crazy For My Baby”.

      The Black Hand
    The Black Hand is a 3-piece punk rock band from Orange County New York. We have been a band since Fall of 2005 and we have been progressing very quickly. We have a demo out which we produced and recorded ourselves in true DIY punk fasion. Hope you enjoy.

    Those who have had the opportunity to attend a Ghoulunatics concert have said the same thing: This Montreal based band has an unparalleled energy and presence on stage, with outrageous and often unpredictable performances by their singer Patrick Mireault, keeping the crowd on their toes at all times.

      Skudpuppetz Scottish Punk Rock Band
    Skudpuppetz are a new unsigned punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. Skudz have been gigging since mid 2004. There are some demo tracks on our website and a forum should you wish to chat. Best for you to listen for yourself. Skudz play fast,live and loud anything else is just steaming dog shit on a winters day.

      Cereal Killers
    Cereal Killers is a young Pop-Punk band from Hellevoetsluis, The Netherlands. CK was founded by 3 friends (Steven, Martin & Stefano) back in 2004. Since nobody of us ever touched a drum kit, we needed a kickass drummer! so we found Wouter. (after our first drummer left) Because the 4 guys all have a diffrent way of lookin at punkrock, the sound of CK is quite divers and fresh!

    Spratch is an expressive acoustic punk rock band. The group is based in Cape Town, South Africa and is headed by Sean Twomey. Making up the rest of the trio are Devin Jones and Michael Gillman. Spratch influences include Blink 182, Boxcar Racer, Green Day, Sum 41, Rise Against, Yellowcard and Foo Fighters.

      Victims Willing
    Victims Willing became a staple of the Salt Lake underground hardcore-punk scene since the early 80's, sharing the stage with acts such as The Descendents, S.N.F.U., Youth of Today, NOFX, etc. After a hiatus of over a decade, the band is back, kicking ass and melting faces.

      None Under6
    We are a band that doesn't care about genre. If we feel like playing metal,we do. If punk is the way we feel, we play punk. We just plain want to make good music

      sound of ruby
    sound of ruby the first grunge punk band from saudi arabia they have 2 album and they are working on the 3rd album

      Color By Numbers
    CBN combines catchy melodic lines with heartfelt lyrics which together create songs that everyone can relate to. They are considered to be rock and fit in well also with the emo and punk genres

      The Skuds
    The skuds are a punk band hailing from the southcoast of England. We have been around since 2003.

      The Facials
    The Facials, Punk Rock, If you are into fast, powerful, in your face punk rock, then look no more. The Facials combine all the best elements of the punk rock world and turn it into one unbelievable sound.

      Silver In December
    Were just small town guys trying to be a part of something big... we are an emo band with a pop/punk backround. We colaberate all of thoe genres together to make what we think sounds pretty good!

      The Name
    The Name is a four-piece band that takes a classic rock foundation, and fuses goth, punk, country, metal, and most any form of credible pop you could imagine. Please check out website. Thanks!

      The Dollyrots
    Los Angeles' girl-fronted indie/punk trio on Panic Button/Lookout Records

      Platinum Punk
    Anti-Authority Records very own Delusional is 100% Punk Rock/Rap...

      Inner Surge
    Inner Surge is an intense, politically charged metal/punk band from Calgary, Canada.

      Idiot Joy
    Idiot Joy, a band that create a kind of ugly disco with punky twangs - free mp3s, pics and news

      Mass Street Murder
    greaserpunk rock n roll band from lawrence cds & local turin.

    heard the radio lately, you haven't heard us then, people say we sound like the pixies and nirvana, please check out our new album, you can listen to it for free on our site, it'll be crashing into reality by christmas 2004. the album is a concept album dedicated to the all-encompassing present tense that supercedes the past and future but is so subtle that almost everyone lets it pass them by without notice.

    “I love this band. They're a good tight punk pop outfit with an added edge of nasty sex appeal. They look the part and most importantly they give it all they've got for every performance.”

    The female fronted grunge rock revivalist band hailing from Canada!

      The Quirks
    The Quirks come out of the gate like a top fuel dragster with the throttle stuck open and the brake lines cut! Hollywood, CA based rock/punk/pop powerhouse with high energy live shows that will rock you to your core.

      The Void
    The Void are a fast 4 piece punk rock band hailing from Scotland's capital, Edinburgh. The Void are looking for as many gigs as possible at the moment -

      the Volumes
    The Volumes mix the best of punk, soul, and rock music into a fevered live show of high energy enthusiam and a varied and distinctive collection of recordings. First and foremost a song-based band, they actively try and involve the listener and the audience to a degree they don't expect.

      Happy Trash Culture
    Happy trash culture is a grunge/hardcore trio from Sweden (Stockholm) We are playing at different clubs in Stockholm right now but we are very impatient to play somewhere else. At our webbsite you can listen to our music, look at pictures or write something nice in the guestbook! Enjoy Happy trash culture!
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