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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Band Links Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Band Links Section.
    Welcome to the Grunge band/artist links pages. Find your favorite artist below and click the link to visit their website. The Featured artists on this page came from the Best of the EvOR website.

    If you are in a Rock/Grunge band and you would like to be added to this list, click the Add my site link.

    Send me: Band name, Website URL and a paragraph about the band. Add my site.
    Please follow the instructions for submission fully so we can add you to the pages. Any incorrect artist submission will simply be deleted.. (and we get plenty so don't be one).

    Grunge Artists Page 1
    Grunge Artists-Page 1 I Page 2 I  Page 3 I 

    Karl Von Kriesstarted musical career by playing flute in the third grade. In a desperate attempt to increase his street-cred, the next decade saw him add bass, keyboards, guitar, and other instruments to his repertoire. He also built synthesizers. Von Kries started playing live in the thriving Amherst Massachusetts music scene which spawned the Pixies, Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh. Karl played in a host of long gone Valley bands like Frog Nebula, Darwin, the Just Assassins, and more - developing a mutated style that merged indie power pop, grunge, elctro-folk, and metal.

      Max Cady
    Max Cady (maks - kA-dE) Not confined by the boundaries of rock, punk, garage, pop or metal, but call it whatever you like. We like to call it rock-n-roll, or shall we say rawk-n-roll.

    The rock-n-roll revival has begun and MAX CADY has risen from the dead, so raise your fist. "In the beginning, we set out to play loud, fast rock-n-roll.. and that's exactly what we're still doing... and will continue to do" says singer-guitarist Justin Moore. Originally formed in the Lone Star state in March 2003, Max Cady has risen for rock-n-roll. MAX CADY's high-energy set has fans pumping their fist, raising their devil horns and begging for more.

    At home and on the road, MAX CADY is honored to have shared the stage with: Fu Manchu, Toadies, Valient Thorr, Burning Brides, Andrew WK, The Donnas, Riverboat Gamblers, Blue Oyster Cult, Speedealer, Lions, Nashville Pussy, Local H, The Breeders, Vendetta Red, Danko Jones, The Fags, The Queers, LA Guns, Supagroup, Har Mar Superstar, Throw Rag, Vaux, Hagfish, and The Circle Jerks.

      The Ramoones - A Tribute To The Ramones
    If You're A Club Owner,Punk Band,Tribute Band,Booking Agent or just a fan of great music and you're booking shows contact us to play with you !

    Over three decades ago a band was formed that would forever change the course of music, that band was... The Ramones. Fronted by lead singer Joey, Backed by Johnny on Guitar, Dee Dee on Bass , and Tommy on Drums they created a hard driving unique original sound whose influences can still be felt today. The Ramones popularity is world-wide, more popular today than ever. Unfortunately the group parted ways: Joey , Dee Dee and most recently Johnny, 3 of the 4 original members have passed, leaving a void of dedicated fans and new fans to entertain.

      Dario Formica
    I define my music as garage-funk and trip-rock / Add. Info: My band is called "FUNCTION X2DS". Download and enjoy!

    It's my brain, and my brain on drugs. I'm moving like a turtle or a slug I used to be a thug now I'm a burned out thug I got a little caught up while I was moving the drugs I think I like the taste of the crystal meth or that white white shit that makes me lose my breath it got me like Beyonce moving to the left ready to fuck some chicks like my name is Hugh Hef and fuck till my ears ring or maybe go deaf I think I need a time out call the ref cuz I'm starting to think I'm blowing too hard but the dope just got me oh so hard and speed got me moving like flash up the court I'm in this sport but I'm gonna need a life support or the popo or the man will have me in court I'm in a situation where I won't get a second thought

      When Distance Fails
    When Distance Fails - pop punk/indie/screamo .No Ties, No Make Up, No Bullshit, We're just a local band making the best of what we got. We'll leave all those things to the Majors because they have to look good for the public. We're just trying to reach the public. If we ever get there then we'll think about sporting the uniform, until then we're just gonna worry about rocking out, making music and having fun.

      Gnome Hunters Of Night- G.H.O.N.
    In 1999, some stirring was happening in the northwest suburbs, a punk/ska band was in formation. It all started with about ten friends and then when it came to who really wanted to be in the band. Only four showed up: Fat Tony (guitar and vocals), Dan (guitar), Big Pat (bass), and B-town (drums). So with further practice and learning how to play their instruments, GHON started to grow accustomed to a structure. Then B-town didn’t think he was fulfilling his role as a drummer (or the truth: had better stuff to do) So GHON still practiced at B-town’s house (since Fat Tony was still living there. Eventually GHON lost the drum set and had to find an alternative way to keep them all together. So they turned to Cassie the keyboard to play drums for a short while.

    Aggressive. Powerful. Haunting. The fuel injected female fronted Motorpsychos combine pounding metal riffs, dark-spirited punk rock, and melodic choruses as they continue to spread their supersonic breed of rock to the psycho nation.

    With their high-octane punk metal hybrid and iron-clad work ethic that could only come from the city of steel, the Motorpsychos have shared the bill with like-minded aggressors Disturbed, Kittie, Nashville Pussy, Ten Years, Il Nino, Death by Stereo, 30 Seconds to Mars, Harlow, The Shocker, Jucifer, and Modey Lemon, among others. Multiple winners of “Pittsburgh’s Best Band” title, Motorpsychos have appeared on Vans Warped Tour and 2005’s Zippo Hot Tour Semi Finals.

    Motorpsychos third album “Coming of Rage” is a vicious aural assault with venom-spitting lyrics that are direct, brutal, and smart. From crooning sirens to bone-chilling metal roars, the three vocalists share a common vision that is a stylistic compliment to their visceral song writing. When harmonizing guitars meet the guttural and unforgiving rhythm section, one can see how Motorpsychos have won over countless audiences on what were once unforgiving beer-soaked stages.

    Pegleg is melodic Punk band from the east coast. Pegleg is recording their 2nd album now! They are hard at work in the studio and have finnished the drums for most of the songs. They expect the album to be finnished early this summer. 01-01-08 - Happy New Year - Pegleg will be recording a new album soon. check back soon for updates or add them as a friend on myspace for updates:

      T.N.T. cover rock band
    T.N.T. cover rock band from Serbia & Montenegro is playing rock, blues, reggae, ska, punk and pop hits in covered version.

    The band was formed in 2000th. Members of T.N.T. are: Daria - bass guitar, vocals; Dreja - drums, vocals; Karish - guitar, vocals; Gotivac - guitar, vocals. We are performing different styles of rock music, from classic rock, blues, reaggae, ska to punk and pop. We played more then 300 concerts and club gigs.

      Seventeen Seconds
    The band's music style is hard to describe. Influences are driven from alternative, grunge, rock, hardrock, pop, and other genres. The band itself decided to call its sound alternative due to variing guitar sounds/effects and experimental background vocals. Every song is a unique piece of work - you have to listen entirely to be able to describe the "flavor".

    First recordings were made in May 1998 and took only 18 hours. Production was lowbudget, nevertheless songs like "When the world is dying" or "Nevermind" remain audible up to today. After that, over a two-year timespan, the band has recorded new material. Due to using band-owned harddisc technique rather than conventional analogue recording divices, these songs are completely different from the older ones, sometimes sounding somewhat strange, yet interesting.

    Grunge Artists Page 1
    Grunge Artists-Page 1 I Page 2 I  Page 3 I 

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