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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Band Links Section

    Paul Dube on stage. You have got to love a guy that is named after a joint Welcome to the EvO:R Band Links Section.
    Welcome to the Folk artist link page. Find your favorite artist below and click the link to visit their website. The Featured artists on this page come from the Best of the EvO:R website. If you are in a Folk band or you are a folk solo artist and you would like to be added to this list, click the Add my site link.

    Send me: Band name, Website URL, and a paragraph about the band. Add my site.
    Please follow the instructions for submission fully so we can add you to the pages. Any incorrect artist submission will simply be deleted.. (and we get plenty so don't be one). It would also be great if you would include a small picture so we could post it on the website. Artist's with photos tend to get a larger click ratio.

    Folk Music Artists Page 1

    Folk Artists- Page 1   - Page 2   - Page 3  

      Trailer Trash
    Over the years, Trailer Trash has developed faithful following for its own unique sound and showmanship; their performances are reminiscent of the raw energy of a roadhouse band of another era. A well-oiled combination featuring award-winning guitarist Paul Dube, Ellen Lindsey on upright bass, and Eric Grenier on blues harp, Trailer Trash combines high-caliber music craft and sly humor so that their audiences can almost see the chicken-wire!

      Martin Swinger
    Martin Swinger is a contemporary folk musician. He utilizes traditional Music as well as contemporary covers and original songs to perform in coffeehouse, concert, dinner, youth programs, and campfires. " I play guitar, but consider myself a singer first" says Martin. His songwriting subjects are story or experience oriented and tend to be of a general family audience nature. Martin has won songwriting awards nationally and has just produced his first CD, titled "Scrapbook". Martin is president of Johnson Hall, Inc a non-profit performing arts center Gardiner, ME and is the producer and MC of a monthly"live" concert event held at Johnson Hall which features Maine musicians in an acoustic venue and is filmed by Frontiervision cable Local 9 television and is broadcast to the Augusta and surrounding area. Martin is also a member of Zingo Zango Generic Jug Band.
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  •   Zingo Zango Generic Jug Band
    American Vaudeville-style Tomfoolery! Old style music and humor presented with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Zingo Zango generic Jug Band, was founded in February 1990. Originally a four piece unit,consisting of bass, guitar ,mandolin and a free style clogger as percussionist. Presenting a repetoire of old and obscure songs in a humorous fashion, punctuated with bells, whistles, wizzers, bubbles, antique crescent wrenches, household tools and corny jokes.

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      Suicidal Poets
    Suicidal Poets Are Notorious For Their Poetic Lyrics And Musical Originality.they Are A Crossover Between Folk, Rock, Pop, Alternative and Electronica. The Suicidal Poets launched onto the Internet music scene April 1999 by joining and that was like Opening a Window to the World. Since then it has been an upward spiral of success. They are curently making fine tuning adjustments to the bands line up and hopefully we'll see more of them very soon.
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      Ruthie Foster
    Ruthie Foster's songs contain elements of blues, gospel, country and folk that give color and texture to her vocal work and fill those who hear her music with great joy. Her strong, vibrant voice and her easy, friendly manner instantly charm audiences of all ages. Raised in Gause, Texas, a small town 180 miles southeast of Dallas, Ruthie grew up surrounded by the rich, soulful sounds of gospel and blues. Her outstanding voice and superb original music have many influences including Sam Cooke, Mahalia Jackson, Sister Rosetta Thorpe, Sarah Vaughn, Etta James, and Lightnin' Hopkins, although perhaps none have had the influence of her mother, Shirley Jones, who urged her to "Open your mouth and sing, girl!"
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  •   Lehto and Wright
    Lehto and Wright have a sound which is a unique blend of traditional and modern styles. By taking cues from the Irish, English and American folk traditions and blending them with a healthy dose of original compositions, Lehto and Wright have taken a fresh approach to the world of folk, and with the addition of Matt Jacobs on drums and percussion, folk rock.
    Clearly, one of the most impressive acts to come along in years...EvO:R

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  •   Brad Strang
    I grew up on a Raspberry farm in Yarrow B.C. Canada, and thatís where I started writing my first songs. I continued to write throughout the years, and when I retired in 2012, I started recording my compositions for CDís. I have just finished my 3rd CD, which contains many new songs. Although my ďcoreĒ style is acoustic Folk, I love to blend genres by adding a variety instruments to my compositions. My lyrics are positive, clean, and intended for a global audience.

      Elizabeth Roth
    Elizabeth Roth is an acoustic guitarist and vocalist, singer/songwriter who performs as a soloist and in various combos. Style of music is best described as acoustic guitar centered rock, with 60s and 70s folk influences. She lives in St. Augustine and performs regularly in North Florida, and her new CD 'like the david" is due out in April 2003. Her repertoire of cover songs is extensive and includes over 400 tunes by over 250 different artists, with songs ranging in style from folk to rock to modern country and contemporary popular music.
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  •   Blake Chen
    Blake confesses that he grew up on sci-fi/horror/fantasy flicks and superhero comics - which explains his penchant for capes, masks, and double identities. "Batman, Spider-Man, the X-Men - I love those characters. The songs I play deal with similar themes - alienation being one of them. I identify with the mutants in X-Men. Iíve always identified with outcasts. To be called a weirdo or a freak is a compliment to me!" Blake even owes his musical influences to comic books. "I was introduced to Bob Dylan by Alan Moore, who quoted some Dylan lyrics in Watchmen. The words really grabbed me. That started me on the meandering path that Iím still on. I began writing provocative songs in the singer/songwriter tradition and when I got into bands like Portishead and artists like Beck and Moby, I found my sound."
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  •   John Wright
    John Wright has been involved primarily as a bass player with many different musical projects of all varieties from Latin jazz to Celtic Rock; from Blues to Progressive Rock ; from fusion to Pop. He is also losing his hair, is slightly insane, and is known to eat large quantities of apples, twigs and berries. Wright plays the majority of the instruments, multi-tracking bass, acoustic and electric guitars, and mandolins on most of the tracks, with Matt Jacobs (drums) and Stuart Martz (violin) joining in. A few tracks, like the seven minute instrumental track "Forward Motion," feature electric guitarist Steve Lehto.
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  •   Carey Colvin

    What do you get when you take a dash of blues, rock-edged pop, and pop-influenced contemporary folk? You get an effervescent concoction of "Stuff You Like!" Carey Colvin plays her own special mix of award-winning tunes with an intensity and intimacy that draws in audiences everywhere.
    "Carey's voice is as bright and clear as a ringing bell. Her enthusiastic approach to music is quite evident in each song on The Distance Wall...she is destined for bigger things." - Dan Alloway, KTEP-FM 88.5, El Paso
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  •   Jazza Diction
    Jazza Diction is dedicated to the proposition that music can be entertaining, thought-provoking, literate, challenging and fun. These vetaran musicians, poets and composers craft song and spoken word odysseys driven by a melting pot of jazz, blues, rock, funk, folk, reggae and ethnic, giving loving nods to the spirits of Ginsberg, Kerouac, Waits, Marley, Hendrix and Miles Davis. Their music defies genrefication . . . which is why they invented the word "Jazza." Jazza is music, Daddy-O! The basic elements are similar to jazz in that there is a fundamental rythym structure that never changes and there is always at least one musical part that is consistent.
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  •   Aint No Part Of Nothin
    "Ain't No Part O' Nothin'" was a phrase used by the late Father of Bluegrass Music, Mr. Bill Monroe, to describe music that wasn't bluegrass.We have joined Bluegrass, Folk and Soft Rock vocal interpretations with tempos we find give us inspiration and the desire to move from the traditional expressions of these styles to bending the rules musically.The members of "Ain't No Part O' Nothin'" have performed with Jimi Hendrix, Linda Rondstadt, Bill Monroe, Chet McCracken (of The Doobie Brothers), Jeff Berlin, Randy Howard, Terri Clark, The Isley Brothers, Bill Champlin & Chris Pennick (of Chicago) and many others.

      Tom Paul
    Tom Paul has been writing and playing his own music for two decades and in the past five or so years he has been successfully presenting it on-line. Now, with a lot of critical support and some of the finest musicians pop music has to offer, Tom has released his first CD, "I Was King".

      "Go MAD" (make a difference)
    Sounds Lyrical have produced a CD of 15 tracks of music provided royalty free so ALL the profit can go to the BBC Children in need appeal. Artises from across the world have contrinuted. So please take a look.

  •   Paul Dube - Trailer Trash - Zingo Zango - Blue Gel-O-Shots - Paul/Ellen acoustic duo
    Paul Dube and Ellen Lindsey have a duo act, in addition to their bands. This is an acoustic duo,Paul on 1971 Gibson Gospel guitar and Ellen plays 1960 KAY upright bass. We share the vocals, although Paul is still the frontman. Paul and Ellen CD in the works. Please feel welcome to visit our new site often, as there are continuous updates. Good day to you. Paul and Ellen

      Frozen Feet
    Frozen Feet is an acoustic duo based in Dayton, Ohio and comprised of lead vocalist/guitarist Kristi Dykes (yes, that's her real name) & vocalist/percussionist Chelley Seibert (she doesn't like to be called a 'drummer').

      Rob Walters
    In 1999, Negril Studio Music LLC discovered Rob Walters moving songs and teaming with Universal Visions they brought him into studio to record the "Universal Visions" CD. First release of the CD in 11/99 saw the company Universal Visions as financially unable to distribute and through agreement with the lable Negril, Rob Walters retained all rights and ownership of the CD "Universal Visions". Second release of the CD came 10/2000 upon relocating to Florida, to marry the love of his life, Elonna. A second 14 song collection with 11 unreleased songs, was released in 3/2001 titled "Rob Walters Live 2001"

      Aida Zilelian
    New York City's Aida Zilelian has just released her second cd "Starry Eyed Bitches" (you can find it at Aida's style is influenced by Elliott Smith and PJ Harvey, and is roughly categorized as indie folk rock. Compared to "Wide-Eyed" (her debut cd) "Starry.. .." is more polished, not as rugged and more reflective of her latest endeavors. Aida is currently playing shows in various clubs located in the downtown area of NYC. Namely, CB's Gallery, ACME Underground, the C Note, just to name a few.

    I have been singing and playing guitar all my life, and writing songs constantly for the last 4 years. I am trying to get together enough good material to produce an Indie CD project. Sure would like to know what you all think...might help me in the decision process on which songs to cut... My picture, taken by artist extrodinaire, Chris Parker, featuring "Stick Man" gave me the hook "lookin thru a Stick Man's Soul"...look for that song in the future.

      Basin Street Sheiks
    The band is the Basin Street Sheiks, based in New Orleans. Sextet playing guitar, kazoo, tambourine, washboard, violin, bowed psaltery, dumbek, slide whistle, jugs, washtub bass and six vocals. Being a crude amalgamation somewhere between Skunkbucket LeFunque, Spinal Tap and the Rutles.

    Folk Music Artists Page 1

    Folk Artists- Page 1   - Page 2   - Page 3  

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