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  •  The EvO:R Band Links Section

    Larry Saunders with City Streets Welcome to the EvO:R Band Links Section.
    Welcome to the Blues music artist link page. Find your favorite artist below and click the link to visit their website. The Featured artists on this page come from the Best of the EvO:R website. If you are in a Blues band and you would like to be added to this list, click the Add my site link.
    Send me: Band name, Website URL, and a paragraph about the band. Add my site.
    Please follow the instructions for submission fully so we can add you to the pages. Any incorrect artist submission will simply be deleted.. (and we get plenty so don't be one).

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    Blues Artists Page 1  Blues Artists Page 2  Blues Artists Page 3 

    Blues Artists - Page 1

      Ruthie Foster
    Ruthie Foster's songs contain elements of blues, gospel, country and folk that give color and texture to her vocal work and fill those who hear her music with great joy. Her strong, vibrant voice and her easy, friendly manner instantly charm audiences of all ages. Raised in Gause, Texas, a small town 180 miles southeast of Dallas, Ruthie grew up surrounded by the rich, soulful sounds of gospel and blues. Her outstanding voice and superb original music have many influences including Sam Cooke, Mahalia Jackson, Sister Rosetta Thorpe, Sarah Vaughn, Etta James, and Lightnin' Hopkins, although perhaps none have had the influence of her mother, Shirley Jones, who urged her to "Open your mouth and sing, girl!"

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  •   Henry Morgan and the Highgrass Boys
    Henry Morgan and The High Grass Boys are, Frank Cotolo, Kevin Proctor and Larry Michelich. They formed this folk trio for the pleasure of delivering their music live. Cotolo's lyrics are the focus of the songs the trio performs. "His poetry wanted a platform beyond today's digital one-man bands. A return to a simple delivery of heart felt wit and wisdom," says Michelich. "There's a warmth and presence that an acoustic guitar, with purposeful rythym support, played as a live trio that is not easily duplicated electronically. Add a little toys and noise for sweetening, and there it is." Few contemporary artists are highlighting the literate side of songs, performed in a simple, traditional manner, as does this trio. They are fresh, intelligent, humorous and thought provoking.

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  •   Donald Dunlavey
    Donald Dunlavey---- In the 60's played all over Ga. with a self-formed group called the Englishman Ltd. Did shows with Billy Joe Royal, The Candymen, Peter and Gordon, Sam The Sham, G.G. Shinn, Bill Wray. (A few he can remember) Many still remember me from this group. D left the group in Louisiana and went to Nashville to join a group who audition him without his knowledge. This was a backup group to B,J. Thomas who went on their own. The Band did some recording at the infamous Woodland Studios and got a record deal with Liberty United Artists Records and did an album at Lefevere Bros Studios in Atlanta. Engineered by : Rodney Mills and Ronnie Hammond.
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      2nd Story Band
    2ND STORY's stage ad-libbing, instrumental improvisations, haunting harmonies and ease with a wide variety of styles, not to mention Meagan's expressive and smoky vocal interpretations, have delighted college, club and festival audiences for over twenty years. Gary Loewenthal, a four year band member and a veteran of blues, rock, alternative, and Bossa Nova bands, spices up the sound with his soulful and driving guitar "licks". And along with Meagan's propulsive bass and Geoff's many guitar flavors and multi instrumental garnishes they fire up a strong melodic groove. You are not often likely to hear a band so convincingly and so expertly blend jazz forms, funky blues and world rhythms into such a tasty gumbo!!!
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    Snakes-n-Angels is a 3-piece rock/blues group from North Carolina. They have 2 awesome vocalists, which give the listeners variety in styles. Their music combines the layered, keyboard sounds of pop-rock with the bluesy grit of their own new-Southern rock-n-roll.
    They have faced more person trials and tribulations then any 5 people should be asked to face, and they still come back from each set back more focused and ready to Rock.
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  •   Blues Evolution
    Blues Evolution is, unique among many modern blues groups. Blues Evolution is a horn group in an age of synthesized sounds and when most blues groups are guitar dominated quartets. However, the use of a horn section creates a much broader palette of sounds than can typically be heard on most of the blues recordings of today. The prominent use of horns by Blues Evolution has naturally invited comparisons to other well-known horn bands such as Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears, and Roomful Of Blues. But just as each of these groups has its own recognizable style, the Blues Evolution horn arrangements by Ziggy True reflect his unique approach to modern blues arranging.
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      Robin Barrett
    Johnny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepard both failed to deliver the high original standards that their forefathers in the genre brought to the attention of the callused and jaded pop music masses. Robin Barrett has combined Pop with a definite Blues groove. This is truly his own sound! "I can't put my finger on any particular influence. Many Blues Bands have far too much in common, and it's refreshing to find something new! I think you could go a long way. Very enjoyable"!
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      Amelia Ray
    Amelia Ray is one of the most innovative blues/rock artists in the modern era...with an unbelievable wit, which is a rare find in this day and age.' - carolyn leonhart.
    See Amelia Ray listed in our featured artist section above.
    Her music is a MUST LISTEN! Her early work may sound a bit homemade, but her lyrics cut deep, and her music is edgy enough to beg for the accompaniment of a good electric guitar and funky bassline. However, with "Mr. Gibson", Ray has not only topped her early work, she has taken her music to a different level. From the free-spirited romantic ditty "Iberian Girl" to the politically motivated "Whosyerdaddy?" to the lyrically brilliant opus "Sam He Is" - Ray has proven herself as an artist who is ready to break away from independent status and gain some attention from those who take modern rock music seriously.

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      Janet Ryan and Straight Up
    Janet Ryan and Straight Up blends the wailing voice of singer/songwriter Janet Ryan, with the talents of blues guitarist/singer Ray Chaput. The feel of the music is blues, and it's combined with a uniquely soulful rock/funk sound, expanding on classics, taking them to another level.
    You can feel the influence of Etta James and Janis Joplin, the blues of Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, and the soul of Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin.
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      Tommy Castro Band
    From the moment Tommy Castro and his band began playing their distinctive blend of blues, soul, and rock, in and around the San Francisco Bay Area in 1991, fans and critics alike have been enthralled both by his exceptional song writing ability and his passionate performances. One of America's leading blues publications, Blues Review, said, "Castro's energy and charisma leap right out ..." Musician Magazine said of the San Jose, California native, "Castro could be a star", and Playboy gushed, "Worshipped for his guitar virtuosity, Castro throws a bit more rock and two bits of soul into his basic blues mix.."A gifted lead guitarist firmly in touch with his lyrical voice, Castro writes an alluring blend of original straight ahead blues and Memphis-stylesoul songs. He truly has his own definable sound." - Blues Revue Magazine
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    As one of the last of the analogue kids, Michael Kranicke, founder of VDK, grew up at a time when listening to music meant either FM Radio or Vinyl. Drinking in a Rock & Roll brew laced with harmony and melody, Michael honed his guitar skills with a myriad of bands.

    With VDK..., hundreds of shows and thousands of miles over more than a decade produced numerous moments laced with applause, laughter, cheers and critical acclaim. The single, "When I See Her" from 'American Lights', was featured in the motion picture “Deal” starring Burt Reynolds and produced by Seven Arts Pictures / MGM. “It is all about the song, stripping down the music, and getting down to rock and roll,” says Michael. With their new album 'Mileage', and a fresh line up, Michael serves up the best for VDK’s longstanding fans and new audiences. VDK has changed their narrative, while they have sustained their passion for the song, for the first chord, for the wall of sound, for the girls, for the rush, for love of it, for the addiction to music we all like to never lose.

      Vincent Hayes
    Hayes cut his teeth in the early 90’s as a solo acoustic blues artist on the Michigan festival circuit before putting the Vincent Hayes Project together in 2004. He has shared the stage with and opened for the likes of Joe Bonamassa, Larry McCray, and more. In 2005, while opening for rock legend Steve Miller, the infamous Miller took Hayes aside after The Vincent Hayes Project’s set and told him, “Now that’s the blues! Man, I like what you guys do!”

    Hayes is additionally an occasional editorial writer and photographer for the Blues Festival Guide and serves as a board member of Killer Blues, a non-profit devoted to raising funds to purchase headstones for deceased blues artists.
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      Mellow Down Easy
    The band's sound, dubbed by some as, "Blues/Groove-Electra-Soul", is a melting pot of countless musical influences. Ranging from "The Brit-Rock Sound" to "Motown Soul", "Chicago and Delta Blues", country, Jazz, the list goes on and on. The "Mellow Down Easy sound" brings to mind The Hendrix Experience meets early Led Zeppelin with elements of The Beatles for their melodies and hooks and Cream, for their free style improv jams, thrown in the mix, all leading up to a sound that is quite refreshing. Look for much more from this Nashville, TN "Electra-Soul Blues/Groove" band.

      The Danny Cowan Group
    The Danny Cowan Group is all about original music centered around hot guitar, sultry vocals and our musical roots. It has always been my desire to express myself and hopefully, even earn a living, through my guitar. I have studied the greats like Stevie and Jimi, Michael Bloomfield, Gary Moore, Peter Green, and a long list of others for many years and developed a style which is a combination of many influences plus my own techniques and licks.!...

    The Danny Cowan Group is all about original music centered around hot guitar, emotional vocals and musical roots. They have recently completed their debut album "Drivin' Back to Texas" which has already received great acclaim through digital internet avenues. Here, we offer the complete album in full, uncompressed audio.
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    From Arctic Norway to the south of Sweden, to the U.S. Midwest, Australia and California, singer/songwriter Ann-Marita has found her home - and her stage - wherever she has moved to. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Ann-Marita has released two solo albums to date; her self-titled debut and her sophomore release "Intuition", which have both earned her rave reviews, airplay on several continents, performances at top music industry events like Popkomm and Canadian Music Week, as well as numerous award nominations and -wins for both her solid songwriting skills and expressive vocals. Country, rock'n'roll, blues, folk...Ann-Marita's style is as eclectic as her background, just as could be expected.

    Presently, Ann-Marita is performing at clubs and festivals all over the U.S., while recording her third solo album, to be released in 2011 on Viking Girl Records, a division of GB Records. With an acoustic guitar or with a full band, this amazing performer will bring any crowd to their feet with her powerhouse voice and that sound that is so uniquely her; the sound that has been referred to as "Ann-Marita Country". So come on in to Ann-Marita Country and have a listen for yourself.
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      Bobby Manriquez
    There’s a redemptive quality to Bobby Manriquez’s music, a spirit compelling listeners to believe that - just like a phoenix rising from the ashes - something good can come out of the madness of life.

    Bobby Manriquez, a native Washingtonian guitarist, singer/songwriter, has repeatedly broken through what for most is an impenetrable barrier, rising from local to national and international stages. In the early 70’s he shared lead guitar duties in a D.C. based band climaxing in the A & M Records release of “Daddy’s Girl” in 1976. During the same period, he was selected to be the lead guitarist for the touring band of Capitol records artist Kathi McDonald, parts vocalist for the likes of the Rolling Stones and Tina Turner. Her just released album, “Insane Asylum”, was manned by guitar greats Neil Schon of Journey and Ronnie Montrose. The new group joined such acts as KISS, Earth, Wind & Fire, Fleetwood Mac, and Chakah Khan's RUFUS in entertaining U.S. audiences. Work with the late, great producer David Briggs (Neil Young, Alice Cooper, Nils Lofgren) began for Bobby as Capitol anticipated the release of a second album for Kathi.
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      Groove Thang
    Groovethang is a 7 Piece band from St. Louis that has become known for their "faithful reproduction" of some of music's most popular groups. Artists such as Steely Dan, Earth Wind & Fire, The Doobie Brothers, Chicago, Al Green and The Bee Gee's just to name a few. Kristie McClanahan of St. Louis Riverfront Times says that what Groovethang is able to accomplish is "an exercise in small miracles". And she also proclaims that with their live performances of some of Pop's most complex music, Groovethang "restores the tribute to the tribute show"!

    Since 1997 Groovethang has become known for special "tribute" shows, at which we are able to focus on some of our favorite artist'. Most notably, our tribute to Steely Dan, called Showbiz Kids, has become a yearly show at The Pageant in St. Louis. Those sold out performances the past two years have also raised thousands of dollars to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Groovethang recently opened for Sheryl Crow at The Savis Center for Anheuser Busch's Christmas Party and also shared the stage with Canadian Crooner Michael Buble' at another private function.

      The Kelly Richey Band
    As an artist, Kelly Richey has been described as “Stevie Ray Vaughan trapped in a woman’s body with Janis Joplin screaming to get out.” As a coach, she is deeply committed to helping clients discover their true purpose, achieve the life of their dreams and to empower a community of change makers.

    What sets Kelly Richey apart is the passion of her live performance as she explodes on stage. Being hailed as “Jimi Hendrix trapped in a woman’s body with Janis Joplin screaming to get out”, Kelly lures every audience into the fire with her guitar as she cranks out searing leads, throws her guitar behind her head and later, grabs the closest beer bottle to play slide.   

      Laurette Langille
    Northwest blues woman Laurette Langille's sultry vocals and slide guitar have been a festival favorite for many years. Her performances at Bumbershoot, Winthrop Rhythm and Blues Festival, NW Folklife, Port Townsend Blues Festival, Mission B.C. Folk Festival, the Mount Baker Blues Festival and more over the past two decades have earned this Bellingham, Washington blues musician her nickname, the blueslady.

      Adam Hole
    Australia’s hottest slide guitarist Adam Hole is one of the country’s most exciting live acts on the circuit today. With Adam giving a real and raw gutsy sound with foot stomping grooves the Audience are captured straight away. His foot stomping, awesome slide guitar, driving and experimental rhythms have been wowing audiences all over Australia. He delivers songs with a powerful edge and an engaging stage chemistry that is captivating crowds from everywhere.

    Adam has delivered show-stopping performances at festivals as diverse as Port Fairy, Thredbo Blues Festival, Narooma Blues and Rockabilly Festival, Broadbeach Blues Festival, The Australian Blues Festival, The Bathurst 1000, Guitar shows around the country where he was rated as one of the top two players, the Apollo Bay Music Festival, Toyota Gympie Muster in his home land of Australia and Overseas at The Jazz and Blues Festival in New Zealand. Over the last years Adam has shared the stage & played alongside some of Australia’s top Artists including Jeff Lang, Angry Anderson and Phil Emmanuel just to name a few.

      Dennis Cooper
    I can definitely state that the harmonica is the most free-flowing, and fun instrument on the face of the earth. They're cheap! Anyone who's still breathing can make sounds come out. And with a little practice and guidance most people can make music come out! The goal of this web site is to share with others several playing styles that make it possible to fit in with almost any type of music including Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Folk/Traditional, Jazz, and Rock & Roll. A Diatonic Harmonica player with a different twist.

    Random Access
    Trying to tell someone what a band sounds like can be as misleading as giving insight. With that in mind the new release from Larry Saunders Random Access, titled Memory Overloads, falls into a sound most associated with The Dead, Santana and Steve Miller or a country jam band if we must give categories. A percussive Latin undercurrent propels the first track, My Friend and slinky guitar sounds make Salty Seas a good listen. Enough, Special Friend and Tickle My Fancy are also worth mention. Why has a country feel while Torn features some nice fretwork. Everything comes together on Dark Of Days, a very strong track with guitars, vocal harmonies and piano making for a great sounding song.

    City Streets
    The group is named from the band we were in our youth. We all grew up in the same area of Riverside in Buffalo. City Streets was the name of the band until 25 years ago. Then 4 R Side, then Random Access, Then Dead Buffalo, and now City Streets 14207 I tried to lock in the name, but because GPS the name isn't avalible. so I added 14207 which is the zip code from where we grew up. Do to the fact the bass player has been Air Meda Vac for years we often have use friend to fill in. So Paul and I are the consistent part. Buffalo has so many great players to work with. We've now added Dan Mazella on lead Vocals.

    Dead Buffalo
    As long as there are motorcycles, beer and juke joint to play it, blue collar rock and blues will always be popular. Following those ingredients Dennis King has released a CD titled Stinkin Dead Buffalo. While it may feature King as lead vocalist, guitarist Larry Saunders front man for his other project Random Access, wrote most of the songs and produced the disc. Bob Ginter and Paul Hermanson are on bass and drums respectively. Buffalo Music Hall of Famer Willie Haddath adds some masterful guitar solos on nine of the fourteen tracks. They stretch out Rockabilly style on "Slippery Slope", channel Boz Scaggs "Loan Me a Dime" era on "No Excuses" and get a Latin vibe on "Good Times Never Come". Other tracks of note include "Do Ya", "Tickle My Fancy" and "Once Had".

      Steve White & the Barstool Pigeons
    STEVE WHITE & THE BARSTOOL PIGEONS dish out a bit of swing, killer funk and loads of deep fried soul. The musical question 'What's a Man To Do?' (Sugar Beat 2001) kicks off a set defined by the bandleader's keyboards and saxophone and Mike Fishell's versatile guitar. White's intense voice matches his R&B-drenched songs, with their hints of Louis Jordan, Tyrone Davis, Little Feat, Jackie Wilson, Dr. John, Creedence and more bubbling below the surface. The minor-key Latin groove "Take These Blues" stands out from a stellar set"  

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