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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Band Links Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Band Links Section.
    Welcome to the Alternative Rock music artist link page. Find your favorite artist below and click the link to visit their website. The Featured artists on this page come from the Best of the EvO:R website. If you are in a Rock band and you would like to be added to this list, click the Add my site link.
    Send me: Band name, Website URL, and a paragraph about the band. Add my site.
    Please follow the instructions for submission fully so we can add you to the pages. Any incorrect artist submission will simply be deleted.. (and we get plenty so don't be one).

    Alternative Rock Artists?

    Calm is the product of five individuals pouring there hearts into there music. Calm has proved to be an explosive and intense live show. The outrage of passion is not only heard but it is felt by all. Calm continues to make a mark in the local scene, aspiring to one day move far beyond.
    The Calm sound is very heavy but yet melodic. The emotional overtone can be felt through the music and lived through the vocals. Having inspired many who hear them, Calm never ceases to keep the fire alive within themselves. That is who they are. Creating, Aspiring, Living, Music.

      Orbis Pictus
    The result breathes a melancholic atmosphere without turning to the clichés that exist in today's alternative scene. In 2001, Vera de Geus joins the band on keyboards, but she departs in 2002 due to commitments to her studies and other musical projects. She is replaced by Jelle Waltman. In 2001 and 2002, the band successfully performs with famous acts like Christian Death, Mila Mar, The Dreamside and In Strict Confidence. Currently, Orbis Pictus is slowly coming to a more experimental and darker stage of their musical career. The use of original sounds produced by granular synthesis, distorted samples, classical vocals and atmospheric soundscapes are heavily put into practice.

  •   Los Diablos
    Their performances are built on classic country rock and straight up punk ethics... loud guitars, acoustic harmonies, and laid back rhythms underneath tales of dishonesty, jealousy, and greed. Some call it alternative country... some call it americana... they like to call it wearing their influences on their sleeves and their wounds as proudly as they share their scars... unafraid to show them to anyone.
  • My Space Site

    lowcloudcover is a brooding 3 piece pasting together each members backround into a dark soundscape capitalizing on the musical side of tension and anxiety. lowcloudcover has been active for a year in the San Diego area and enjoys regular gigs in the city, including Scolari's Office, Casbah, Che Cafe and DreamStreet. lowcloudcover has opened for Starflyer59, Windsor for the Derby, Swords Project and Low.

      The Imaginary Cookies
    The Imaginary Cookie’s recipe calls for one part Rock n’ Roll, one part theatrics, and one part reality suspension. The goal really is to make a show that surpasses all other regional shows within the budget of an unsigned act. The steady decline of local attention on artists COULD be the fact that there are so many and only half put together a tight show… The Imaginary Cookies does not play for money alone. Scott Paris is a full time working musician, with many steady interests that keep the bills paid leaving all artistic focus on the Cookies.

      Alphonzo Nidgett
    - creators of atmospheric, contemporary music - website includes mp3 & streaming audio samples. Also one fine website designer, have a look!

    Fate brings a blend of dark three and four-part harmonies laid over heavy driving grooves to well-crafted lyrics that question and explore the deepest issues of our human existence. Brentwood, TN

    Elevation mixes an eclectic set of influences to create a sound unique for today's soniclandscape. Elevation's music is best described as melodic alternative rock.

      Carlis Star
    Carlis Star are an upcoming and exciting band based in Manchester UK. 'Kyosho' will be the forth coming single out in August 2002 on Blue Sight Records. Simon Cowan writes all the songs and produces them and is heavily by grass~show, pixies, weezer, fugazi, beach boys etc.

      The October Country
    The October Country invites you on a psychodub rock roadtrip which breeds dark cabaret with parched atmospherics. This is the work of Swansea-based musician, Dave Merrick, a solo project conceived and implemented in 2001 after several years in live, gig-orientated local bands. Likened to Bowie meets the Doors ('Gigbite', June 2002), The October Country communicates a tension between the hunger for an experimental vocabulary of chaos and the antagonistic lure of the 'humble' song. With its competing elements of aggression and decadence, this is a vision which interfuses Dave's diverse passions into a cohesive, but fluid, whole.

      Shadrach, Mesach, Abed-Nego
    Get ready, because the boyz from the Desert West are back with a new flavor! Check out these new tunes from SMA and be on the lookout for the full length album, coming soon! Please feel free to download the songs on this page and burn your own CD's. We want everyone to hear about SMA! Formed in 1997 when three roomates decided to put their talents together. After a rocking debut performace SMA hit the road and they have been tearing up the Desert West ever since.

    A four piece band from the suburbs of Slough playing original sonic rock with influences from The Ramones, Pearl Jam, Dream Theatre, Liquid Tension, Pumpkins, each member of Sensus has their own influences which makes the unique Sensus sound. This eclectic mix of influences has determined that no two Sensus songs are alike.

    Cancerhead is a genetic mutant created by alien and human scientists who got bored and moved on to working on really advanced novelty items. Cancerhead wandered the streets aimlessly eating trash until he came across a casio keyboard and a guitar. The rest is old news...

      Bob The Singing Bass Player
    Category: Indie, alternative, eclectic, punk, rock. Activist rock balanced with quests for fun. Bob Hails from the white picket fencedom of Livonia, MI- Just outside of deTroit. He started writing in high school, got into a punk band in college, a 60s band, and then continued to write . He was running out of ideas for songs when he started paying attention to the news, public tv, and public radio. Bingo!

      Zen Dogs
    Zen Dog is an all original rock band led by a bass wielding female songstress. She is joined on stage with three groovy guys and they offer backing vocals. They share an excellent chemistry which is mainly evidenced by their onstage performance.

      Imaginary bill
    The most surprising thing about Imaginary Bill is how this New York trio sound nothing like you might expect them to. They have more in common with the British tradition of tuneful guitar pop than the more eccentric tastes of the current set of New York bands, such as Moldy Peaches, currently doing the rounds.

      Cynic Guru
    Music can be described as "classical violinist fronts an alt/rock/pop band with disturbingly delicious results!".

      Thought Criminal
    An eclectic alternative band from the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA.

      Nuclear Buddha
    Nuclear Buddha is an acoustic based alternative rock/punk band out of upstate NY ~

    Pacer is a Modern Melodic Alt. Rock band from Montreal, Canada. The band has recently released an EP entitled INVOLUNTARY MOVEMENT(available @

      Sons of Daughters
    Sons of Daughters, Canadian rock band Sons of Daughters! - What happened to Darryl's Grocery Bag? They grew up and became the band that people won't shut up about (ha!): Sons of Daughters. They have a Neil Young / ACDC vibe

      The Used Johnnys
    Anti-war songs, Satirical anti-war song dedicated to all those who have died or suffered.

      By Chance
    Intertwining catchy vocal hooks and skillfull songwriting, ByChance mixes acoustic music with funk musical stylings. Similar bands include Dave Matthews Band and Jack Johnson.

  •   Jon Senna
    I am a songwriter living in Wilmington,NC. I just released my debut album,"Blah Blah Ha Ha", independently. I'm currently distributing it through CdBaby, ITunes and I have been writing and performing,seriously, for 5 years, however, my interest in writing poetry and playing guitar started when I was teenager listening to 90's grunge.The songs on my new album are a culmination of life experience, self reflection and experimentation to find my sound. I think the new record is honest and unique. I am very proud of it. I am currently promoting the cd online, in the community through shows and advertising in local media sources. I have sent the album to several magazines, record .

      Genetic Mishap
    About the band.....Genetic Mishap is a blues/jazz/alternative rock crossover band with an industrial flavor. They are in the process of releasing their 4th full length CD entitled "Blue Genes" and it will appear on Dekonstruktion Records their site is Dekonstruktion Records

      The Better World
    "The Better World" consisting of Matt Coban, Justin Miskowski, and Joe Trusheim have completed their first full length album after 6 months of relentless rehearsals. Together they formulate a sound that breaches the edge of the music industry with songs like "Down and Under" and "Before and After". The band was formed when Matt Coban and Justin Miskowski came together for the first time realizing their dream to create awe-inspiring music that people can relate to.

    A Rock/Alternative band based out of Lufkin Texas. Combining a high energy stage show with choice selections of current hard hitting music, and a blend of our originals. Currently working on an album due mid 2003.

      One Last November
    One Last November, located on the web at is a fresh, cutting edge combination of moody, melodic music and strong, poignant lyrics. We are a hybrid of acoustic, alternative music and electronic production.

      Janet Theory
    This link leads to the hard-working indie (aggressive pop/rock) band 'Janet Theory. They are currently recieving major radio support in the Detroit/London area's & gigging often in support of the latest demo CD. It won't be long before they get scooped up.

    Super Sonic Alternative Rock. The band has graced the stages of many of the top-notch venues of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Recent events have included several dates across Texas, including the Engine Room in Houston, The Complex (The Depot) in Abilene, and a headlining show at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth. ALAN is in high rotation on the college radio circuit and performed, by request, at the KWBU Freedom Concert in Waco, Texas.

    "It's kinda like Bonanza meets Charles Manson," suggests a journalist at, who strives to encompass the Ghoultown's mix of the old and new West. Formed in the spring of 1999 by vocalist/guitarist Count Lyle, Ghoultown unearths the graves of forgotten cowboy crooners such as Marty Robbins and hoists their corpses into an age more suited for the fiery likes of Danzig or the atmospheric Gun Club.

    Their music is from the heart & soul. They put music and words to life experiences, although some of the songs make you really wonder about their experiences. Their music is a combination of rock, pop, punk, and grunge. It's catchy and easy to listen to, mosh to, or sing to.

    Zyon produce a very surreal sound that just flows off in various directions. I must commend the band, as they have easily shapeshifted a sound various degrees, managing to find beauty in aggressive music and find passion in what they do. My favorite tracks are "American Made" and "Feasting On The Bilnd". A little hit and miss at times, but overall Zyon's charge comes across as the real deal, even creepy at times.
    Flash page took so long to open that I almost lost interest!

      Groove Thang
    GROOVE THANG is a high - energy variety band, with a fun visual show. A good selection of popular, danceable, and fun songs make them appeal to all crowds for parties of all kinds (fraternity, wedding & corporate) festivals or clubs. The songs have been carefully selected. From contempory country to classic R&B.

    SYRINGE is an alternative pop act in the vein of The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. This unique and innovative trio hailing from Hamilton, Canada, writes, records and performs all-original material full of emotion and musical contrast. The members of SYRINGE bring their years of vast musical experience together to create a powerful and melodic pop sound.

    Eighteendays has been compared to tool, APC, and Incubus. Combining actual musical skills...not just repetitive double bass... with crazy onstage antics which have made the band known in Houston

      The Malfated
    The Malfated is a guitar-based band from London, England, who are not afraid to explore both the dark and the light in both their lyrics and their music. The Malfated are Karl Steiger (Vox), Paul Tovell (Guitars) and Belle The Expendable Drum Machine (Percussion). Malfated songs can be fun (Kitty Pink, Cigar, Cocaine & Callgirls), creepy (Fred West, The Funny Old Man In The Green Monster Suit), darkly beautiful (Tomorrow, Queen Of Parts) and downright apocalyptic (Ozymandias, I Am The Doorway).

  •   Poppermost
    Poppermost is the creation of music director Alex Oliver (ASCAP), a singer / songwriter, acoustic and electric guitarist (both lead and rhythm), and pianist / synth player originally from Los Angeles, California. There he spent the '90s as a solo performer and as a veteran of several pop rock bands such as Junetown, Clover Club, and After Hours. Alex is also the owner of Poppermost's record label, Suicide Pop! Records.
    Our influences include: The Beatles, R.E.M., Oasis, Queen, David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust era), Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Santana, Bruce Springsteen, and The Who. Some people have said that we sound like: R.E.M., Wilco, Elvis Costello, Oasis, Jet, The Beatles, Beach Boys, Queen, and classic 60s / 70s pop radio.
    ( and )

      the Usual 3
    the Usual 3 is an alternative rock band with a passion for playing music by and for young people. These veterans of the Montgomery County, MD basement music scene are always ready to play.

      Defeat Lost
    Hey check out my band Defeat Lost, we are a pop-punk/alternative rock band out of southeast, MA.

      Roykey Creative Reggae Elementary Overdrive Band
    Roykey Creo A Unique Style wich he named Creative Reggae Elementary Overdrive the edge of his lead guitar playing his web also has mpeg files live in concert in europe a Aruba Root Man spreading live Aruba Rootman right now in the makings new cd title da return of da creo man

      Little Mojo
    Little Mojo is an acoustic rock band hailing from Des Moines, Iowa. It combines the talents of two young brothers who have been creating music together since October 1998. Without any label support, they have sold over 7,000 copies of their three previous recordings and have toured extensively throughout the United States on various national tours over the past 3 years. Little Mojo has opened up for such artists as Shannon Curfman (young blues sensation), rap artist Coolio and more..

      Smart Apple
  • Smart Apple is a one man band that defies the usual solo artist formula and plays some hard edged rock and roll. Even though the six songs on this disc are well crafted and composed, they take an unexpected turn for the better as they crank up to 11 without remorse ("The Dream"). Crunchy with a post grunge feel, Smart Apple is bound to surprise you with some of the hardest grooves heard from a one man outfit."

      Warriors Of Make Believe W.O.M.B.
    W.O.M.B. Warriors Of Make Believe is an all female trio of singer/songwriter/musicians, comprised of sisters Marta and Cristiana (born in Mexico City), and their best friend Debbie-Lyn (from Miami, FL.). Inspired by an eclectic mix of influences (including Tom Waits, Cat Stevens, The Police, Nirvana, Bjork and Kate Bush) as well as elements of Mexican Mariachi music. Their self-described “Kinetic” music has the passion of early Sinead O'Connor, the drama and politics of Pink Floyd, the playfulness of the Pixies and the sexuality of Portishead. 

    Out of the melting pot of New Jersey and New York comes Elemae an edgy-melodic rock band with hopes of journeying through the mind and touching the soul. They have been described as "romantic,""edgy," "passionate," and "moody," always ready to rock

    Hardrock band similar to H.I.M., Faith No More, Velvet Revolver etc.

    heard the radio lately, you haven't heard us then, people say we sound like the pixies and nirvana, please check out our new album, you can listen to it for free on our site, it'll be crashing into reality by christmas 2004. the album is a concept album dedicated to the all-encompassing present tense that supercedes the past and future but is so subtle that almost everyone lets it pass them by without notice.

      Suns of March
    Suns of March, Michael Wright Music, Inc., A unique movement of ALTERNATIVE / SOUTHERN-ROCK, characterized by clever vocal melodies, Marshall driven guitars, and screaming fiddles.

    Shilo was established in 1997. Amidst humble beginning’s, Shilo performed for small clubs across Northern Indiana and Western Ohio, developing their unique style. In the late 90's Shilo's popularity began to grow...

      Sons of Daughters
    Canadian rock band Sons of Daughters! - What happened to Darryl's Grocery Bag? They grew up and became the band that people won't shut up about (ha!): Sons of Daughters. They have a Neil Young / ACDC vibe

      The Forbes Brothers
    The Forbes Brothers Band; country rock; Hip Hop Country Rock, Blue-eyed Soul and Rock 'n' Roll, mix it with the Blues and... Ladies and Gentlemen, The Forbes Brothers

      Elks Skiffle Group
    Alternative Rock from your favorite puppet pop group from outer space!

      Andy Smythe
    A reflective,pastoral and poetic singer songwriter, with shades of the english folk movement of the early 70s.

      Oysterville Underground
    This EP started life as a demo in 1999 and in 2001, PeaceWork Records convinced Oysterville Underground to bring it out of the closet and release it . . . bring out your waterwings, kiddies!

      Orange Beauties
    Let the raw psychedelic punk of orange beauties invade your mind and soul before the inevitable collapse of our entire civilization!

    New York trio rooted in classic garage and vintage punk a la Iggy and the Velvets.

    You'll want to listen to this one at max volume . . . just make sure the neighbors aren't home. Timely, intelligent lyrics pounded into conciousness by throbbing, passionate music.

      Paper Monk
    hey people my band and i are based in helsinki finland. originally from lafayette louisiana tryin to show skandinavia how we do it in the south . no gimmiks no puppet tricks just good music for the workin man

      James Michael Coray
    People you have got to check out my voice. I think its totaly new. Its raw and I sing what I have lived. these are real experience's.

      Saturnelia Noxlux
    Alternative model, Web Designer, Digital Artist, Photographer, Muse. Gothic beauty/dark art

      Day Release
    We have your attention we are a clinically insaine band from Essex, England, go us, click this link or you will die within 10 minutes, we could be fibbing, but would you like to take the chance?

      Mummy Short Arms
    Mummy Short Arms are an ironic indie band from scotland, visit their site here , they play something that could be described as a mix between acid mothers temple and the vaselines, except not quite as impressive.

    Alternative rock, official website of the band steveless as heard on the john peel show on radio 1, go to the website to listen to some of the bands music..

    Riley are a talented four piece guitar band who play an exciting variation on traditional British Indie/Rock. They are passionate about performing live and their exhilarating shows are helping them to achieve critical acclaim.

    Genre: Grunge, alternative / Description: Nirvana tribute. When DemolutioN enters the stage, time goes back a decade. Guitars and amps wont be safe!

    Jessie's Girl grows up and projects a big sound with alternately crunchy & melodic soloing guitar and solid groove bass playing. Riffs are maddeningly catchy; with a big, tight, tricky drum sound.

      The Kingpins
    Elvis Costello meets Blondie - The Kingpins are taking ska music into the 21st century. Versatile enough to attract 50,000 spectactors at the Montreal Intl Jazz Fest and thousands at the Warped Tour. / Thanks for your support!

    Genre: Alternative Rock, Information: Caleb are a 5-piece band based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK. They are a powerful and confident group of musicians who want to be heard!

    lowride is an Australian, alternative rock, three-piece band with a sound that's been compared to Audioslave, Foo Fighters and Stone Temple Pilots. Their latest EP was produced by Phil McKellar who has worked with Silverchair.

      Band Dagorlad
    Dagorlad is a band from colobia that want to create a new face in colombia please check us in

      bionic brit (alternative rock)
    Three different shapes play one of a kind! Rock Music performed in English language combined with exotic interludes using the German tongue!

      Abe Quigley
    Abe Quigley is an acoustic guitar player/singer/songwriter who lives in Chicago, IL. He has been playing guitar since the age of 12, with a brief break in his early teens to pursue a career in Atari. (Pitfall was a particular favorite.)

    Dealing in futuristic, chilled soundscapes awash with dark pop melodies . . . an endless line of murderously beautiful tunes." - Yorkshire Evening Post

      monkeys on juice
    monkeys on juice, psychicsoul music, alt 80's underground revue

    an alternative rock band, of 5 people:Bass, Drums,Guitar,Keys, and Vocals. We are on our way to a first album, you may download from our site, 5 "Light Version" songs,with only Key Ac . guitar and Vocals, and let us know what you think! we're soon to be release a FULL band Version of All of the songs. We are very influenced by RADIOHEAD, COLDPLAY,U2 MUSE... But we try to keep our sound very personal. and make our on mark on the songs.

      Hush Collector
    = "a slightly dark brand of acoustic-tinged slowcore that is rich in m elody and texture......a gorgeous musical statement - leaving the listener begging for more" (latest review)

      Autumn Stone
    Autumn Stone are a diverse alternative rock band from Wellington, New Zealand. They have a sound which can be described in a few words as beautiful, exciting and moving. Accoustic guitars, sweeping electric guitars, bizarre lyrics and raw emotion all add to the sound of Autumn Stone.

      the Manic
    Sam Hall, Dennis Banks, and Tyson Froese combine to form Manic. Collectively and individually they have shared the stage with Our Lady Peace, Tea Party, The Headstones, The Barenaked Ladies, Teenage Head, Breaking Benjamin, the Exies and 54/40. Alternative hard rock band

      Matthew Buchanan
    Matthew Buchanan's music is a blend of alternative, folk/folk-rock with a heavy emphasis on counterculture and social issues. He hopes to use music to raise environmental awareness, and open minds to alternative ways of thinking and being.

    The origins of PJ Grinch began over 10 years ago in Buffalo, N.Y., with brothers traveling in the same musical circles. Now centered in Phoenix, Arizona, they are known on the west coast music scene as a force to be reckoned with. It was the summer of 2001 when Pete Denzel and Todd Kruger decided to merge their diverse musical talents to form PJ Grinch. Their chemistry quickly became apparent.

      alexa's wish
    alexa's wish is Ralph Tomaselli, Bass Lead Vocals Scott Smith, Drums , Vocals Eggers, Attitude & Guitars Alternative Hard Rock that say's it like it is!!! No bullshit

      the anchorite four
    the anchorite four alternative indie rock We are a band committed to writing intelligent music, with heartfelt lyrics.

      Agony Hill
    Agony Hill, Alt. Rock, Spawned in July of 1996, Agony Hill has run the gamut of hard rock starting as a cover band to the current original music that can best be described as Alternative “RAWK”.

    John Simoes
    Recognized as an electrifying guitarist, songwriter and producer from New York City, JS retains the key elements of Hard Rock with melodies, loud guitars and today's Power-Rock of the millennium.

    Adult alternative / Described by Music Connection Magazine as "sensual and poetic, with a refreshing edge," RTS combines poetic story-telling with lush compositions and hauntingly beautiful melodies.

    Spry is an 8pc Prog-Pop outfit with 4 horns and a bizarre songwriting style something like Frank Zappa beating us at foosball.

      The Neal Perry Orchestra
    Boston Massachusetts area wedding ceremony, reception music for hire, wedding dance or swing dance music, processional, and classical musicians for live chamber music corporate events, fund raiser and anniversary party in the New England area

      Mike Blackmore Project
    Folk/Blues/Rock Five piece "Havin' too much fun" band hailing from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

      Sky Lab Band
    We are a group of different music style backgrounds with influences ranging from Tool to Coldplay from the Cure to U2. Formed about a year ago, have been playing many shows around miami and broward. 2 time Battle of the bands winners.

      Paper Monk
    hay people my band and i are based in helsinki finland. originally from lafayette louisiana tryin to show skandinavia how we do it in the south . no gimmiks no puppet tricks just good music for the workin man

    Music is AAA adult alternative rock very unique vocals over cutting edge production featuring John Avila of Oingo Boingo & Sean Amato fo Fiction Alley

      650 North
    650 North presents an edgy rock sound and dynamic melody lines that instantly make an impact with new listeners and existing fans alike. Their high energy performances interlaced with front man Matt Schuerman’s vocal talents make them a quick crowd-favorite at festivals and concerts.

    Carraig are a mix of groovy stoner rock with an old school heavy metal influence

    The Sitar, Surbahar, Esraj, Tablas and the Oud, some reggae, and some alternative rock music all blended together to make an mulatov cocktail ready to explode!

      The Adopted
    Armed with two nationally exposed videos, hundreds of show engagements and several critically acclaimed independent releases, this exciting emerging recording artist is poised and ready for success.

    Safe to drive with two glass eyes.

      the past
    The Past are a raw and passionate 3 piece rock band from New York City. If you like Nirvana, Pixies, or The Cure you should definetly check out The Past.

    Nightweed, Company name = Nightweed, Genre= Alternative Rock. INFO: This guitar-driven rock sensation features both Keith and Alicia as lead singer against a backdrop of Rick's solid riffs. Nightweed's debut CD is a blend of punk and classic rock with twists and mood changes to delight even the most jaded ear.

      The Hot Rocks
    The Hot Rocks are a power pop/rock band that hail from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We play mostly all original material, and gig 1-2 times a week. Our sound has been described as "alterna-indie-crunch".

      One Degree Difference
    One Degree DIfference, Rock, We are a heavy hitting band straight out of KC. We have an edgy modern sound that incorporates genres such as Metal, Hip-Hop, Rap, Industrial, and Alternative. Please check out our website and hear the real thing. You will not be disappointed. Who knows, you may want to see us at our next high energy show?

      The EvO:R Virtual Kiosk CD Mall- Visit the Virtual CD Mall today and browse through one of the most comprehensive CD listing of Independent music from distributors s/a CD Baby, WKRP Entertainment, and Peaceworkmusic Network. The Virtual Mall is set up just like a real shopping mall with plenty of stores that specialize in specific music genres such as Blues, Rock, Jazz, New Age, World, Metal, Electric, just to name a few.

    All CD orders are done via a secured server so your purchase is secure and your information is NOT shared with anyone else. Please take a few minutes to look around, then book-mark the section so you can return to really spend some time in this great music Mall.

    The Virtual Mall is the brainchild of EvO:R Founder Charlie Harrelson and was designed with one thought in mind. To return to the practice of purchasing CD's. Not just single song downloads from lower quality MP3 files. We feel that their is still something special to be said for CD ownership.