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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Band Links Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Band Links Section.
    Welcome to the 70's Rock music artist link page. Find your favorite artist below and click the link to visit their website. The Featured artists on this page come from the Best of the EvO:R website. If you are in a Rock band and you would like to be added to this list, click the Add my site link.
    Send me: Band name, Website URL, and a paragraph about the band. Add my site.
    Please follow the instructions for submission fully so we can add you to the pages. Any incorrect artist submission will simply be deleted.. (and we get plenty so don't be one).

    70's Rock Artists Page 1

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    TL2's guitar work can rock, shred, get funky, and even play with soul. He was voted one of 12 Best Undiscovered quitarist by and has been a session player for the EvO:R Tracks Across America Project as well as making special appearences on works by Triskelion Matrix, Quaid Cranium, Neal Allen's Southern Logic, Autocad, Nannette Stephenson, Karl Kalbaugh, the artist Daniel, and more. His last solo project was called TWO and his last band project was with the Internet super group, ASH.
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  •   J.D.A.
    JDA is more original without leaving their Brit-Pop roots. Having lived in England some years back, this tune reminded me of walks on the moors, dinners in rural pubs and the shrinking pound years. Took me somewhere. That's good. 'What Has Gone Before,' I assume, is titled to refer to sounds of the Brit-Pop wonder years. If not, it works out fab, because this instrumental medley of sounds is an aural documentary of famous '60s rock album 'feels.' Harrison slide-guitar riffs, Moody Blues embellished movements, Blind Faith pianos, you name it.
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  •   Seven Sources
    SEVEN SOURCES is the brain-child of Joel Pirard. It became the outlet for much of the backlogged material, but soon I wanted to 'release' some of it, during my MP3 'initiation.' "I believe that the 7S material has somehow been overlooked because of all the hoopla JDA has received . I am thrilled that I am getting some recognition for my own merits." "I tend to record as I hear it in my head. My songs range from simple bluesy works to lengthy epics. My influences are many. I count bands like Kansas, Yes, Genesis, ELP, Pink Floyd, as well as others like Jeff Beck Group, Journey, Alan Parsons Project. among them."
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  •   Daniel
    We can Daniel the Renaissance Man, because "renaissance" means in the spirit of rebirth. I mean a rebirth or a re-emergence of the aesthetic spirit of rock. I believe artistic rock has been the classical music of this era. The great rock artists are the Michaelangelos of this era. The rock artist must be a competent, compelling poet who can appeal to ladies of quality and thoughtful men.....Daniel
    Daniel is, "a brilliant singer/songwriter whose folk/alternative almost Celtic sngs inspire and provoke reflection on life's struggles."

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  •   Henry Morgan and the Highgrass Boys
    The band is Frank Cotolo, Kevin Proctor and Larry Michelich. They formed this folk trio for the pleasure of delivering their music live. Cotolo's lyrics are the focus of the songs the trio performs. "His poetry wanted a platform beyond today's digital one-man bands. A return to a simple delivery of heart felt wit and wisdom," says Michelich. "There's a warmth and presence that an acoustic guitar, with purposeful rythym support, played as a live trio that is not easily duplicated electronically. Add a little toys and noise for sweetening, and there it is." Few contemporary artists are highlighting the literate side of songs, performed in a simple, traditional manner, as does this trio. They are fresh, intelligent, humorous and thought provoking.

      Janet Ryan and Straight Up
    Janet Ryan and Straight Up blends the wailing voice of singer/songwriter Janet Ryan, with the talents of blues guitarist/singer Ray Chaput. The feel of the music is blues, and it's combined with a uniquely soulful rock/funk sound, expanding on classics, taking them to another level.
    You can feel the influence of Etta James and Janis Joplin, the blues of Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, and the soul of Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin.
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      Frank Cotolo
    In 1978 Cotolo left New York for Hollywood. Hooking up with legendary personality Wolfman Jack, Frank began a decade-long working relationship with the groundbreaking radio-oriented artist.

    Frank became The Wolfman's full-time writer (for radio, TV and stage shows) as well as he played the part of "Mars," The Wolfman's radio sidekick. With The Wolfman, Frank wrote, performed on and sometimes produced radio programs heard around the world.
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  •   Einar Vilberg
    Einar Vilberg was the first International artist to be added to the pages. After looking for a couple International artists over the course of a few months we picked Einar because he had a long history of music success dating back to the late 60's and early '70's and his musicial contributions over seas needed to be read about in the United States. If you were a fan of the mid sixties era Beatles, Captain Beefheart, and the Moby Grape, you will love to listen to Einar Vilberg. The music is easy to follow, well organized and the tunes make you want to join in and sing along. Some of the artist today could really use a lesson in song construction from an artist of this Caliber. We are proud to have Einar Vilberg as a member of the EvO:R organization.

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  •   Karen Sotomayor
    Powerful & soulful vocals in an eclectic mix of rock charged with strong dynamics and varied tempos. A good party vibe CD! "I'm charged creatively and ready to experiment!" After a long sabbatical from music I started writing and recording again sometime around 1999. I came to the conclusion that I had to do a lot of things myself. Being an independent performing singer/songwriter, I put my first solo demo together singing & playing all the instruments, called it Project Uno.
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  •   Elizabeth Roth
    Elizabeth Roth is an acoustic guitarist and vocalist, singer/songwriter who performs as a soloist and in various combos. Style of music is best described as acoustic guitar centered rock, with 60s and 70s folk influences. She lives in St. Augustine and performs regularly in North Florida, and her new CD 'like the david" is due out in April 2003. Her repertoire of cover songs is extensive and includes over 400 tunes by over 250 different artists, with songs ranging in style from folk to rock to modern country and contemporary popular music.
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  • 70's Rock Artists Page 1

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      The EvO:R Virtual Kiosk CD Mall- Visit the Virtual CD Mall today and browse through one of the most comprehensive CD listing of Independent music from distributors s/a CD Baby, WKRP Entertainment, and Peaceworkmusic Network. The Virtual Mall is set up just like a real shopping mall with plenty of stores that specialize in specific music genres such as Blues, Rock, Jazz, New Age, World, Metal, Electric, just to name a few.

    All CD orders are done via a secured server so your purchase is secure and your information is NOT shared with anyone else. Please take a few minutes to look around, then book-mark the section so you can return to really spend some time in this great music Mall.

    The Virtual Mall is the brainchild of EvO:R Founder Charlie Harrelson and was designed with one thought in mind. To return to the practice of purchasing CD's. Not just single song downloads from lower quality MP3 files. We feel that their is still something special to be said for CD ownership.

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