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Welcome to EvOR Entertainment
  •  The EvOR Guitar Kits Section
    EVOR Do it yourself Guitar Kits

    EvO:R Guitar Kits - Photo Gallery
    NoteSome assembly required.
    I've been amazed at the workmanship I have seen by our kit builing customers. They came to use for an inexpensive guitar kit and quickly created instruments which looked and played like their thousand dollar counterparts. A few projects find father and son working together to create something they can both be proud of for many years.

    Many of the pictures below have a larger viewing option. Simply click the image for a window to open with a larger picture. Enjoy this guitar kit gallery as we will be adding additional guitars every time someone sends us a finished product.

  • The Guitar Kits Photo Gallery
    Built by people that purchased our guitar kits. What a collection of great looking guitars.

       Rick Z with the 3 pickup Les Paul kit
    Rick Z with his 3 Pickup Les Paul Kit
    Rick has built two kits from EvOR over the past year. You can see and read about the PRS kit he built by scrolling down the page. This Les Paul was his second kit. Read what he had to say about this project.

    " Hey Charlie, got the three pup Les Paul done. What a sweet axe! Plays great, and sounds amazing. The assembly was a breeze. And the looks are amazing! I couldn't be happier. I own a Gibson, and bought this hoping I could use it as a replacement, because I am wearing out the fret board, and neck binding. If I close my eyes, I can't tell the difference. I love it, and would highly recommend it to anyone that wants a great guitar, and isn't concerned about what it says on the head stock. Thanks again for the great kit, and great service.

    I am stoked! The pics don't do it justice. I am beyond pleased. We have a show on Halloween, and I'll debut it there. Thanks again."

    Rick Z

       Andrew Croce's Memphis Les Paul Kit
    Andrew Croce's Memphis Style Les Paul Kit
    "Finally got it done. I swapped out the capacitors for something a bit better than what the kit came with. I also switched out the pickup bezels and knobs for a "blackout" look. The guitar sounds great! Wanted to thank you again for all the help."
    Andrew Croce

       Grotto Innovations with an EvOR SG kit
    Grotto Innovations graphic design Harley SG
    Grotto Innovations is the first to offer the UV process and the ONLY ones with the proprietary rights. When firing on your image, their proprietary UV inks are directly adhered to the tile via a digital flat-bed printer. The ink is directly placed on the surface through a photochemical process and is instantly cured through high-intensity ultra-violet light.

    Because 100% of the ink applied to the surface remains after curing, a greater densities than conventional inks is achieved

    Using their advanced graphics design the team at Grotto Innovations have created an amazing Harley SG. They are also working with us on additional graphic designs which we will be promoting on our website very soon.

    Grotto Innovations with an EvOR tele kit    Grotto Innovations with an EvOR tele kit Wow, it is hard to imagine this guitar began it's life as a simple guitar kit. The design work by the team at Grotto was flawless with the American flag drapped over the back.

    Click the image to see a larger version and study the detail. This is truely a work of art possing as a musicial instrument.

    Grotto is also doing the artwork for the Evor snake skin tele and strat kits as well as the snake skin bodies.

    Ruben Santiago ordered a PRS kit from us. At the time of the order the PRS kits were not available for sale. I offered Ruben the Black Beauty Les Paul kit as an alternative to the PRS kit.

    A couple weeks after shipping the kit to Ruben I get this photo. Not only is this an amazing looking guitar, I was blown away by how quickly this guitar went from kit to ready to play instrument. The red sunburst finish was the perfect compliment to the gold hardware. If it plays half as well as it looks Ruben has built a fine instrument.

  • Bruno builds an amazing Black Beauty 3 pick up Les Paul.

             Hello Charlie,
    The Les Paul Black Beauty is finished. Here are some photos showing how beautiful it turned out. An immense pleasure to realize it, even if it was necessary to spend time for the varnish. Thank you for this kit, tested by a friend guitarist, who found it great to play and it had a very level tone. We used all stock parts and everything worked perfectly.
    Thank you again.

  •  Not every testimonial is glowing, but around 95% are. We appreciate every message and learn something from each of them.

    I originally wanted to keep the body and neck natural, but upon close inspection of the body I found several problems that prevented me from doing a natural finish. There were lots of fills (including some large and incomplete ones), rough tear out on the sides and a large glue spot on the back that I could not get out of the wood (I tried everything known to man, but the glue just kept spreading.). Also, the binding on the top of the body near the neck was not complete or maybe damaged. Fortunately, that area of the body is covered up by the neck, so I just patched it together best I could. All the pockets were very rough and I had to do a lot of clean up. The neck slot was over 1/16 inch too wide, so I had to use shims and center the neck best that I could. Drilling the holes for the bridge and tailpiece inserts was not a big deal. If the body was the best quality for this kit I would not want to have to deal with a second. I painted the back and sides and dyed the top. Topped everything off with lacquer and did a cut, polish and wax.

    The neck was perfect except for tear out around the tuner holes. Turned out ok as the defects are covered up by the tuner hardware. I painted the headstock black to match the body and put in a personalized MOP inlay. In fact, the neck was so good that I did not have to do much with the frets as they were leveled perfect (just cleaned up the ends with a file). I kept a natural wood finish on the neck. Had to make a slight truss rod adjustment during setup, which is normal. The cheap plastic nut was unusable, so I replaced it with a Tusq nut.

    The gold hardware looks very nice, but I did have a problem with the bridge. When I tried adjusting for intonation a screw broke because the part that slides under the string bound up on the ramp it was riding on. Upon further inspection, I found that they were all binding up and therefore the travel was limited. I ended up buying a new roller type bridge and am very happy with it.

    The pick guard was in bad shape. There was no protective film on it and it was all scratched-up. I got it looking good after much work. Also, the holes in it were clean cut and had to be counter-sunk so that the mounting screws would seat properly. No big deal there.

    The electronics went together very nicely and worked the first time. I did line all the pockets with copper foil and grounded everything to the bridge. The sound is clean with no hum or pops. I know the pickups are not the best, but after adjusting the pick-up heights and string poles I have a nice clean, even, and mellow tone with good sustain which is what I like.

    Overall, I would rate this kit a 7 out of 10. The finished guitar looks great and sounds good to my ears. There are always things that need to be fixed and sometimes replaced with kits like these, so that is expected. If the body was in better shape, I would have given the kit a higher rating.

    Again, let me say that I am happy with the results and I thank you for the help along the way.
    Take Care,
    Ron Celano


    A little wood filler and resculpting makes all the difference. This is my first build and look forward to assembly and onto another EVo:R kit!! I used it for a set during my last gig and fans were coming up and taking pics of it.
    Rick Gallegos

       Hi Charlie,
    " Love the PRS kit. Everything went smoothly, and the finished guitar is awesome. Plays and sounds great. The assembly went very well, and I couldn't be happier.

    I did the finish using House of Kolor root beer, part of the Shimrin' Kandy series, but didn't use the sparkly base coat, thus the translucent finish. It looks awesome, and our singer was speechless.

    This was a gift to our singer from his employers, for all that he does for them. We presented it to him during a Father's Day show we did at his place of employment. The crowd loved it!

    For those that remember, this was the bar in Evergreen, Co., (Cactus Jack's) that was wiped out by the flood last September. They have since rebuilt, and it was our first time back there on the new deck. I have enclosed a couple of photos, which were tough to get showing the true beauty of the maple top. Did the best I could.

    If anyone with basic woodworking skills is interested in getting a super nice guitar, for a whole lot less than the "original". I would highly recommend giving this a go. The parts by far exceeded my expectations. I'll be ordering one for myself shortly, and am anxious to get started on it.

    Thanks again,

    Rick Z


    Steve Bankus just finsihed building this Flying V kit.

    The Flying V guitar kit was a fun winter project to build. The body was sanded, sealed and painted with a couple of layers of Rustoleum semi gloss black paint followed by several coats of Rustoleum semigloss metallic gold paint. Finally, 4-5 coats of crystal clear enamel. The neck was sanded and stained with Minwax Red oak 215 except for the face of the headstock which was painted with the semigloss black. The stained neck was coated with two coats of Formbys Tung Oil.

    The assembly of the electronics, hardware and neck were a breeze! All of the predrilled holes aligned perfectly with their counterparts. I learned a lot about setting up the guitar from the info on your site and videos on You Tube. (string height,pickup height,truss rod adj. and intonation.)

    It was amazing how close the intonation was as assembled, didn't take much to dial it in. It is a joy to play and the pickups sound great. I am looking forward to building another of your kits this winter.
    Steve Bankus

       Gary Spraggins at work on his JEM style kit    Gary Spraggins JEM style kit front view. Looks Fantastic!.    Gary Spraggins JEM style kit rear view. Looks Fantastic!   

    Gary Spraggins just finsihed building this JEM kit.
    "You asked to see pictures when I completed the guitar. Here are a few."
    Gary Spraggins


    Here are a few pictures of my Les Paul Custom kit I purchased from you. I have finished the project and am in love with how great it sounds! This is my first attempt to build a guitar and I am finally going to learn to play. My brother is going to order a Les Paul Custom kit as well as he could not believe how great my guitar came out. I enjoyed the experience so much I plan to be build another kit very soon. I am looking at maybe doing the JEM kit next.

    Many people who have seen my guitar are very impressed with the quality. It is hard to believe this guitar was not a factory built product.

    Thanks again,
    Robert Murray.

    At Evor, we take great pride in delivering the BEST guitar kits we can find at the most reasonable prices possible. There are plenty of factories which can deliver lesser priced products but we only found a few factorys who consistantly delivers excellent products which make building a quality instrument a breeze.

    We look forward to doing business with you in the future.


    " As you may know, the kit arrived home last week ... thank you for the funny glasses ! I've finished building and it's gonna wait now for several weeks before I put a high gloss alcohol stamp varnish. I've attached some photos ... if you think the guitar looks good and if you want to use some of them to show on your site, feel free... The guitar sounds really great and playability is amazing!
  •  See Eric's private guitar kit gallery on EVOR - (Go Here).


    " Charlie - here are a couple of pictures of the guitar I made from your PRS kit. I replaced the pickups and the control knobs. The project turned out great. The guitar plays and sounds excellent. I am very satisfied with the result and am looking forward to another project later this year."
    Steve Moseman


    "Thanks Charlie, for such a great quality guitar kit. It was a pleasure building from good material rather than the run of the mill. Just made a few changes. Went with a better nut and better strings. Also put better tuners on. Would recommend using Trans Tint wood die as the colors are much better than any other dies I have used. Went with a pearl black sides and head stock and left the back natural. This guitar came out great. Will have more pics with my customer playing it soon. Again, thanks very much."

    I do custom leather work if anyone is looking for a custom guitar strap Can be reached at craig.jolin@yahoo.com or774-488-7326

    The kit pictured below has EMG pickups. This was modified from the original kit we shipped. This kit is shipped with 2 humbucker pickups made by Wilkerson. The builder replaced them with his own personal choose of pickups. He also made some modifications to the pickguard and added an additional volume control. I'll bet this guitar screams!

             Click image to see larger view
    EVOR founder Charlie Harrelson built this antique looking tele. He used a special trick to create the antique pattern and put everything together from parts he had laying around. The guitar gets wired and set up soon.


    "I purchased a kit to build a Les Paul style guitar from EVOR. I retired from the Navy a few months ago, and this is sort of a combination challenge and gift to myself. Having never really done any woodworking I had an idea in my head of a patirotic Captain America Theme that I wanted to have on the guitar. I loved the kit when it arrived. There were no instructions (other then a wiring diagram) but I used the links on your site to find the info I needed to complete my assembly.

    Thanks for having a Quality product, and lots of info on your site. I had a blast, and my daughter even asked if she could help with the "Next one" that I build

    Ken Harkness AKA reactorgus



          Click image to see larger view

    Cody Myers returned to America after servicing our country. He wanted to try his luck at building a couple guitars. He picked a Les Paul, JEM and a PRS kit and went to work. We had a few trials and tribulations with the wiring diagram but once we got past that issue the rest was smooth sailing. Have a look at Cody's latest projects and thank him for his service to the United States. I'm proud to say I know this man.

       Click image to see larger view   Click image to see larger view    Click image to see larger view
    The JEM had a bolt on neck and already had the holes drilled for the neck, pickguard, and all other necessary parts. I would recommend these kits for anybody who has the ambition and time to build their own guitar.


    Ken Hallam built this great looking JEM. I asked him to tell everyone about his experience. We want to be open and honest when publishing customer comments...

    The routing on the body was a little rough but nothing I couldn't fix. It would also be great if the truss rod cover was pearloid like the pickguard instead of the black one that was supplied. This I changed, along with some better pickups and a switch. The tremelo was not a licensed Floyd Rose tremelo, so I used one I already had.

    Personally I don't mind putting some extra time and parts into a kit because you'll end up with a better instrument in the end. I also shaved the neck a little thinner and reshaped the heal to match the body.

    On the plus side, it was nice to see all the holes drilled which makes this an easier kit for a beginner. This guitar set up beautifully with nice low action, almost no neck relief, no buzz and plays as good as anything I've played. Anyone putting these kits together would pay to learn about fret dressing and setups as this will turn an average instrument into a real players guitar.

    Ken Hallam


    Hi Charlie,

    I thought I would send you some photos of my first attempt at building one of your kits. My wife bought it for me as an anniversary present. The artwork was done by the 14 year old daughter of a friend. My wife searched for the best JEM kit that she could find and ordered it from your site. I don't know if you sell many kits to the UK but you now have a very happy guitar builder now here in Plymouth, England.

    I am sure I will build another guitar, I am tempted by the opportunity of buiding a double neck guitar. I have not seen any on your site and wonder if there is any likelihood of you making a double neck kit? I hope you like what I have done with your JEM kit.

    John Naismith

    More photos to come from John very soon.

          Click image to see larger view

    This is Cody's second guitar. I loved the name on the head stock.

             Click image to see larger view

    Mac has been a regular at the Musicians Swap Meet in Mt. Dora. He purchased a tele f-hole body from me and created an instant classic.

    This warlock was modified with EMG pickups to add maximum metal. The natural wood finish gives this guitar a nice look. You typically see all black bodies with this style kit.


    Built by the team at Holtons Original Music Enterprises and featured on the companies Facebook site. This dual humbucker kit looks great as well as plays extremely well.

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