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Welcome to EvOR Entertainment
The Evor Private Collection
Own one of our demonstator models and save hundreds of dollars.
The Private Collection is on sale Now.

These are one of a kind built guitars. Some are built and modified from a kit guitar while others are part of the TL2 collection. Have a look today as any guitar from this Private Collection would make a nice addition to any players collection. All Private Collection guitars will go through a set up process. This means the guitars will have the frets checked, intonations set and action set to your expectations. Almost every guitar from this collection has been reduced by at least $100.00 so there are plenty of excellent deals to pick from. More guitars will be added during the month.


  Go here to see all the Private Collection

Evor Guitar Clearance Sale
Great deals on the remaining stock of guitar kits and guitar parts..

Yamaha Custom Skull Design
One of a Kind Clearance

Fast Action, Looks Amazing.
  Custom Tatoo Design
  1 Humbucker 2 Single Coil
  Excellent Yamaha Guitar.
  All Chrome Hardware
  Clearcoated Body.
 U.S. Shipping Only.

This guitar will garner instant attention. The custom skull tatoo is a one-of-a-kind design. The action is smooth and the tone is classic strat.

See close up photos below.

Pic 1 /  Pic 2 /  Pic 3 /  Pic 4 / 

B.C.Rich Style Guitar
One of a Kind Clearance

An Excellent Clearance Items
 Joint: Bolt-on
 Fingerboard: Rosewood
 Neck: Maple
 Body: Basswood
 Scale Length: 25-1/2
 Fret: 24
 Pots & Switch: prewired
 Truss rod: Double Action
 Control: 2V 1T 3 Way
 Trim: Black Plastic
 Bridge: Floyd Rosed Style
 Binding: none
 U.S. Shipping Only
 Price: SALE $150.00 plus S&H

Pic 1   Pic 2   Pic 3   Pic 4  

Washburn Strat

$25.00 Shipping on this Clearance Item
 Quilted maple top
 Bolt on maple neck
  Rosewood fingerboard
 Washburn HH pickups
 Die-cast tuners
 Colors Quilted Vintage Sunburst
 Hardtail bridge.
 U.S. Shipping Only

Pic 1 /  Pic 2 /  Pic 3 / 

Great Deals!!!

Free Shipping on Many Clearance Items.

 Free shipping on Many Clearance items.

Everybody wants a great deal and musicans are no exceptions. At Evor, we are walking the warehouse looking for scratch and dent items, one of a kind deals and discontinued items which are still great values. Many items in our clearance section are 50-75% OFF the original price.

We know shipping costs can make the difference between a good deal and a great one so we offer free or extremely discounted shipping on all closeout items.

Because the prices are so low we must restrict the sale of our clearance items to United States orders only.

We look forward to serving you very soon.
Explorer Kit
New - Clearance

$119.99 - Are We Nuts?
Plus Shipping on Items

 Dual Humbuckers
 Mahogany Body
 Mahogany Neck
 Rosewood Finger Board
 Standard size neck pocket.
 Tune-O-Matic Bridge
 Chrome Hardware.
 Black High Output Pickups.

This is a great deal for a great guitar kit. If I didn't have so many guitars right now I might consider building one. See the pictures below.

Pic 1 /  Pic 2 /  Pic 3 /  Pic 4 / 

So Many Choices
So Little Time.

HOT Clearance DEALS!
Free Shipping on Many Clearance Items

 Great deals on guitar bodies.
 Great deals on guitar necks.
 Free Shipping on many clearance items.
 Each product inspected.
 Don't wait!
 Supplies are limited..
 United States orders ONLY!
 Most items will ship within 28 hours.
 Pay Pal for Credit Card Orders.
 Additional Clearance items in the future.
 Special one of a kind deals.

Purple Les Paul Style
Plays Great!

Free Shipping on this Clearance Items
  Built by Todd Craft
  Mahogany Body
  Slightly used condition.
  Regular Price is $399.99
  Medium/fast action.
 U.S. Shipping Only.
A great sounding guitar with smooth action. This can make a very nice guitar for somebody. It also looks really good. Some wear on the body but it still looks amazing.

Pic 1 /  Pic 2 /  Pic 3 /  Pic 4 / 

Snake Skin Strat Body
One of a kind Clearance

$79.99 DEAL!
FREE Shipping on this Items.
  A One of a Kind body
  Snake Skin Body
  NOT a peel and stick decal.
  Regular Price is $199.99
  Sold w Matching Pickguard
 U.S. Shipping Only.

This is not the standard peel and stick graphic. The design is actually put on by vacuum formable inks.

Pic 1 /  Pic 2 /  Pic 3 /  Pic 4 / 

Frogger - Mockingbird
Item Clearance

NO Shipping Charge on this Item U.S. Only.
 Basswood Body
 Custom Painted Body
 Hotrod neck
 Clearcoat Finish
 Only 1 to sell.
 U.S. Shipping Only
 Additional Photos Below..

This guitar will turn heads with it's amazing paint job. The action is super fast!

Pic 1 /  Pic 2 /  Pic 3 /  Pic 4 / 

Tele Volume, Tone, Switch
Item Clearance

$19.95 DEAL!
NO Shipping charges on this Item
 Fits most Tele Style guitars!
 Volume and tone pots included
 Quality 3 way switch pre-wired.
 Only 3 to sell

Tele Lipstick Pickup

$15.95 DEAL!
NO Shipping charges on this Item
 Fits most Tele Style guitars!
 Easy to Install
 Smooth, Clean Sound Quality

Metallic Metal Strat Body
Scratch and Dent Item

$40.00 DEAL!
Plus S&H
 High quality Basswood Body!
 Painted Black Metallic Top
 Neck Sold Seperate
 Fits Most Fender Strat necks.
 Overall - Good Condition
 Only one to sell....
 U.S. Shipping Only
 Additional Photos Below.

Pic 1 /  Pic 2 /  Pic 3 /  Pic 4 / 

PRS Body
Scratch and Dent Item

Plus S&H
 Laminated top needs to be sanded off.
 Sides and back are fine.
 Excellent quality woods.
 Two Piece Mahogany.
 Deep Pocket for Set-In Neck.
 Needs a Little Work to be Perfect.
 U.S. Shipping Only

 /  Pic 1  /  Pic 2  /  Pic 3  / Pic 4  / 

Strat Burst Body
Item Clearance

$40.00 DEAL!
Free U.S. Shipping on this Item
 Basswood Body!
 Sunburst Top
 Body Only
 Fits Most Fender Strat necks.
 Overall- - Good Condition
 Only one to sell....
 U.S. Shipping Only
 Additional Photos Below.

Pic 1 /  Pic 2 /  Pic 3 /  Pic 4 / 

Strat Body Body
One of a kind - Clearance

$40.00 DEAL!
Free Shipping on this Clearance Item
 Includes parts shown.
 Back plate and front pick guard included.

 Rose design on body
  Great Condition
 6 coats of Urethane.
 Only one to sell
 U.S. Shipping Only
 Additional Photos Below

Pic 1 /  Pic 2 /  Pic 3 /  Pic 4 / 

Warlock Guitar
Close out

Plus S&H.
  Joint: Bolt-on
 Body: Basswood
 Neck: Maple
  Fingerboard: Rosewood
 Tuning Machines: Black Die-cast
 Scale Length: 26.6"
  Fret: 24
 U.S. Shipping Only

Pic 1 /  Pic 2 /  Pic 3 /  Pic 4 / 

Blue Strat Body
Body Clearance

Free Shipping This Clearance Items
 Basswood Body
 Body painted blue w sparkles.
 Body has 5 coats of urethan spray.
 Sold with pearl pick guard.
 Neck pocket fits most Strat necks.
 Overall - Great Condition
 Neck Sold Separately.
 Strat necks available for sale.
 Necks w Maple Fretboards for $50.00
 Overall Condition- Fine.
 Only one to sell....
 Additional Photos Below.
 Click to Enlarge

Pic 1 /  Pic 2 /  Pic 3 /  Pic 4 / 

Strat Necks

Free Shipping On This Clearance Item
  21 medium jumbo frets.
  Maple fret Board.
  Skunk Mark on Back.
 Only 4 to Sell

Free Shipping On This Clearance Item
  21 medium jumbo frets.
  Rosewood fret Board.
  Finished maple neck.
  Unique Head Design.

Tele Necks

Free Shipping
  21 medium jumbo frets
  Maple Fret Board
  Tele Head
 Only a few left to Sell

Free Shipping On This Clearance Item
  22 medium jumbo frets
  Rosewood fret Board
  Maple Neck
  Club Head
 Bonus: Includes - Chrome Tuners.
 Only 1 left to Sell
Headphones PX21

Free Shipping
  PX21 Headset
  Great Headphones

Headphones PX3

Free Shipping
 Turtle Beach Ear Force PX3
 Replacement Headsets ONLY.

Headphones XP400

$19.99 DEAL!
Free Shipping
 Tested and Works Well
 Good Condition
 Headset Only

Tuner Sets

Gold Tuners
Chrome Tuners
Priced to Sell
Click here to see - All the Great Deals.
Great Deals!!!

  Look at Additional Clearance items.
Bridges and Tail Piece Sets

Gold Bridges
Chrome Bridges
Tail Pieces and Bridges
Priced at or under $20.00
Click here to see - All the Great Deals.

Dual Humbucker Pickups
One of a Kind Clearance

$15.00 for the set
 While they last.
 Low Noise, High Output Pickups.
Great Deals!!!

Free Shipping on Many Clearance Items.
 Look for additional Clearance items in the future.
Strat Body

Plus S&H.
 An Amazing Strat Body.

Order Today!

Place your order on line or call our Customer Service Representative for additional information.

You can talk to a live person any day from 9 am to 10 pm EST. Items in stock will be shipped within 3-5 days after payment has cleared.

We try our best to make sure every guitar kit is in stock at all times. Our goal is to provide you with the best shopping experience possible. Be sure to check the Specs and Order page to confirm availability of your desired kit.

We will accept your personal check but it must clear the bank before we ship. Please allow approximately 5 additional days for this clearance.

If you choose to pay by check or money order, please fill out the order form prior to sending your payment. You will be contacted with specific instructions after form submission.
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