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Welcome to EvOR Entertainment
  •  The EvOR Guitar Kits Section

    EvOR Guitar Kits - Deluxe Tele Style Kit
    NoteSome assembly required.
    The Fender Telecaster, colloquially known as the Tele, is typically a dual-pickup, solid-body electric guitar made by Fender.

    Its simple yet effective design and revolutionary sound broke ground and set trends in electric guitar manufacturing and popular music. Introduced for national distribution as the Broadcaster in the autumn of 1950, it was the first guitar of its kind produced on a substantial scale. Its commercial production can be traced as far back as March 1950, when the single- and dual-pickup Esquire models were first sold. The Telecaster has been in continuous production in one form or another since its first incarnation. The Fender Telecaster has been mostly used in music genres such as country and rock, but is also sometimes used in jazz.

  • Standard Tele Style Kit

      Joint: Bolt-on
      Body: Paulownia
      Neck: Maple
      Fingerboard: Maple
      Tuning Machines: Chrome Die-cast
      Scale Length: 25.5"
      Fret: 22
      Control: 1V, 1T, 3-Way Selector
      Pickups: 3 ply
      Hardware: Chrome
      Bridge: Standard
      Pickguard: White
      Availability: In Stock Now
      Price: $69.99
      Price does not include shipping
  • Add to my Wish List
    Actual photograph of a Tele kit with Maple fretboard and White pickguard.

    Notice to potential kit builders:
    Building a guitar kit can be a lot of fun. There are a couple things to realize before you consider purchasing a guitar kit.

  • Guitar kits are not Lego's. Minor woodworking skills are helpfull.
  • Tools are not provided.
  • Not every guitar body is 100% perfect, wood filler may be needed.
  • You may get a kit that needs a few holes drilled.
  • Knowledge of fret dressing and neck adjustments are a plus.

    As a general rule, we inspect every guitar kit when they arrive. We only sell the top products online and offer the rejected products at local guitar shows or build them for show samples. We do a lot to insure the finest product for the money but some adjustments and modifications may still be neccessary. Please use our guitar questions and resource page for help with almost any guitar issue.
    Go Here for Guitar Building Resources
  • Tele Style Promo Kit

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    Orders will be processed with 24 hours and product(s) will be shipped within 48 hours.
    Product pricing and shipping rates are based on USA orders ONLY.
    International Orders see below.

    With Maple Fingerboard
    and White pickguard

  • NO International Orders for this Product!!!!

  • The Promo Tele Electric Guitar Kit Photo Gallery

    Below are pictures of the Promo Tele guitar kit. For your viewing pleasure you can see a larger verson of each picture by simply clicking the image.


    Made from Paulownia Wood this tele offers great tone and the instrument is extremly light. You can use this as a great practice guitar or even use it as a back-up instrument at gigs. If you click the image to the left it will enlarge and you will notice that the holes have not be drilled for the pickguard or the tone/volume plate. This was done because many people want to use a different pickguard and the pre-drilled holes rearly match up. It's not a big deal. A simple ice pick will make the proper opening for the screw holes.


    The head is pre-cut in the shape of the classic 50's telecaster. This gives the kit a touch of that vintage look people often seek. The nut should be replaced with a bone nut for best tone and lower string breakage but for a beginner the nut will be fine for years. Gold Plated Medium frets round out the neck. The maple neck is a bit dry from the factory so a good wood oil will do fine.


    This body comes with a single coil pickup in the neck position. As you can see from the image on the left, the body is routed for a humbucker pickup. This feature allows for maximun flexiblity and is one of the reasons the pickguard holes are not pre-drilled. I have seen a number of these instruments wired with P90's or Seymore Duncan humbuckers in the neck position. The tonal options are almost endless when you do this. Be sure to check out our clearance section for amzing deals on Seymore Duncan Humbuckers.


    Another photo of the body. This time with the bridge and volume/tone plate in place. You can see what the guitar will look like should you go with a neck position humbucker. It's a little hard to see (so click the image to get a larger view) but the fret work is extremly well done for a promotional product. I've seen guitars in retail stores with fret work nowhere close to what this promotional kits offer. This is truely an amazing starter product.


    What good would a bunch of pictures be without at least one photo of the back of the instrument. The wood is clean of major flaws and just a little bit of wood filler and some quality sanding should get this instrument ready to paint, stain or seal. The grain is uniform and looks very good with a light wood stain. Don't be fooled by the price. This is a limited time offer and a great deal for someone just starting out and wants something light weight with a respectable sound quality.


    About Paulownia Wood
    Get use to it, it is called the wood of the 21st century or "wonder wood." All the major guitar factorys are starting to use it, even high end guitars are being made with Paulowina. Paulowina is native to China. It is a hard wood from the magnolia family. It grows fast, straight grained and is light weight. Paulowina is warp and water resistent, split resistent and tough as nails.

    The sound is between alder and basswood and it is highly resonant while it weighs less than basswood with a slightly midrange tone. The trees grow back out of the original root system. You don't have to replant when it is harvested.

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