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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Guitar Parts and Kits Section

    EvO:R Guitar Kits, Necks and Bodies - Snake Skin Tele Style Body
    This is not the standard peel and stick graphic. The design is actually put on by vacuum formable inks. Standard water or other solvent-based inks using dye-sublimation techniques and are not nearly as durable or vibrant as our patented UV ink method.

    When firing on this image, our proprietary UV inks are directly adhered to the guitar body via a digital flat-bed printer. The ink is directly placed on the guitar body through a photochemical process and is instantly cured through high-intensity ultra-violet light. Because 100% of the ink applied to the instrument remains after curing, we achieve greater densities than with conventional inks.

    The snake skin design process was done by Grotto Innovations through a partnership with Evor Entertainment. Grotto is the first to offer the UV process and the ONLY ones with the proprietary rights.

  • Snake Skin - Tele Style Body

      This great looking body is shipped with the graphics on both sides. The side of the body is painted black and the whole body is professionally sprayed with clear coat. We have a great maple neck to compliment this body. You can also find pre-wired pick guards and all the needed hardware to make an amazing instrument on line.

    Check out our clearance section for a few hot deals on discontinued and one of a kind offers.

      This body is our standard configuration for the TeleŽ Body. Top routed for 2 pickups. Features standard TeleŽ bridge mounting holes and a 7/8" side jack hole.

    Most replacement necks for Tele style guitars should fit the 2-3/16" x 3" x 5/8" neck cutout.

    All Tele style bodies are made of Basswood for excellent sound quality. Basswood is the wood of choice by Eddie Van Halen and he should know a thing or two about tone.

    Check out the photos below. This guitar body will set you apart from the crowd when you pull it out of the guitar case. The design will not fade or wear off like the other graphic designs. This body is designed for player.
    Snake Skin - Tele Style Body

      United States Orders Here

    Orders will be processed with 24 hours and product(s) will be shipped within 48 hours on any in stock item. Product pricing and shipping rates are based on USA orders only.

    Body Only- $199.99 and FREE domestic shipping and handling.

    Orders outside the United States

    Body Only- $199.99 plus shipping and handling.
    Paying by check or money order
    Call us to order-407-670-4038
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