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    EVOR Do it yourself Guitar Kits

    EvO:R Guitar Kits - JEM Style Kit
    NoteSome assembly required.
    In 1987 Ibanez Introduced the Jem series that was designed along with Steve Vai. These guitars were a new direction for Ibanez.

    Steve Vai was playing with David Lee Roth on the Eat-em and Smile tour. When some one stole all his guitars. He needed some guitars fast so he purchased some parts from Performance and had them modified. Ibanez sent him for Christmas in 1986 a modified Maxxas guitar that had 24 frets and a Green Snake skin finish. Steve than sent one of the guitars that he had modified to Ibanez to see if they could reproduce it.

    There were 3 models made all with the same body style and neck but three different materials. One was Mahogany one was Alder and the third was Basswood. Steve liked the sound the best of the American Basswood also it was much lighter than the other models. At this point they decided to move ahead with the model development.

    The Tremolo rout was designed so the tremolo could be pulled up a full fifth. At this time there was a guy in New York by the name of Joe Dispagney that was painting, modifying and assembling the guitars for Steve. He always would put the monkey grips in the guitars so Steve had Ibanez do the same.

  • Deluxe JEM Style Kit

    •  Joint: Bolt-On
    •  Body: Basswood
    •  Neck: Maple
    •  Fingerboard: Rosewood
    •  Head: Maple
    •  Tuning Machines: Chrome Die-cast
    •  Fret: 24
    •  Control: 1V, 1T, 3-Way Selector
    •  Truss rod: double action
    •  Hardware: chrome
    •  Pickups:2 Humbucker 1 Single Coil
    •  Bridge: Double Locking
    •  Availability: SOLD OUT
    •  Note: one coat sanding sealer
    •  Price: SOLD OUT
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    Actual photograph of a JEM kit taken from the factory box.

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  • JEM Style Kit

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  • The JEM Style Electric Guitar Kit Gallery

    The guitar features upgraded electronics and woods for better sustain. Truely, a unique guitar kit.
    Each pictures can be enlarged by simply clicking on the image.




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