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      German Beer Drinking & Merrymaking Songs CD
      by German Beer Drinking
    Our Price: $8.09 CD/ $10.89
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    The loud and boisterous music of Munich's legendary Oktoberfest celebration is sampled on the lighthearted collection German Beer Drinking and Merrymaking Songs. ~ Jason Ankeny.

      German Military Marches CD
      by German Air Force Band
    Our Price: $8.09 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Category Rock/Pop, Classical, International, March, German, Marches/March Collections, World

      First Man Of The Zither Plays "The Third Man" Theme & Other Original Recordings Soundtrack CD - Import
      by Theme & Other Original Recordings Soundtrack
    Our Price: $18.39 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Indelibly associated with the classic 1949 British film "The Third Man" which starred Orson Welles in the key role of black marketeer Harry Lime, it was the haunting zither music of Anton Karas which also helped to make the film so memorable.

    Contains 25 tracks.
    Includes liner notes by Paul Pelletier.
    Personnel includes: Anton Karas (zither); Kay Armen (vocals).

      Greatest Hits: 1971-1980 CD
      by Demis Roussos
    Our Price: $10.45 CD / $9.99 MP3
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    This import compilation collects 16 tracks from Greek singer Demis Roussos, spanning the 1970's.

    Australian pressing. Special Anthology of recordings made by the popular Greek singer from his most fruitful decade when he rose to prominence fronting the group Aphrodite's Child (which also included Vangelis) and later Sstruck out on his own. 16 total tracks. Unviersal. 2004

      Sandy CD - Import
      by Sandy Denny
    Our Price: $9.85 CD /$9.99 MP3
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    One of singer Sandy Denny's finest post-Fairport Convention outings, 1972's SANDY finds the beloved U.K. folk singer backed by top-tier musicians, including Fairport peers Richard Thompson and Dave Swarbrick, as well as renowned pedal-steel guitarist "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow. "It'll Take a Long Time" opens the album in a beautifully sleepy manner, allowing Denny's emotive voice to shine, while her cover of Bob Dylan's "Tomorrow Is a Long Time" veers down a country road, with Kleinow's plaintive guitar lines setting the mood. Although Denny remains best known for her work with Fairport Convention (and, of course, her vocals on Led Zep's "The Battle of Evermore"), this disc is on par with many of her best moments with any ensemble.

    These 16 songs offer the briefest possible introduction to this remarkable singer and songwriter. THE BEST OF SANDY DENNY was compiled by Joe Boyd (who produced most of her recordings), and husband Trevor Lucas. The tracks are culled from the four solo albums that were released during her lifetime, three Fairport Convention releases, and work from the short-lived band Fotheringay, in which Lucas was a member.

    The tracks run the gamut from orchestral splendor ("The Lady") to British folk-rock ("Tam Lin"). There are two songs by Richard Thompson (including a remarkable rendition of "For Shame of Doing Wrong"), but the bulk of the material was written by Denny herself. Denny possessed one of the most spiritually captivating voices of her era and wrote some bona fide classic songs. The set closes with one of her very finest and most beloved numbers, "Who Knows Where the Time Goes."
    Sandy Denny's second solo album from 1972 has been digitally remastered with five bonus tracks and sleevenotes

      Tears Of Stone CD
      by Chieftains
    Our Price: $12.79 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    The Chieftains have always worked in their own carefully defined middle ground between pop crossovers like Clannad and rigid, inflexible traditionalists. Maybe that's why they're one of the longest-lived and best-loved groups in all of Irish music. They never lose touch with tradition, but as past recordings have proven, they're not afraid to work with artists from different musical worlds. TEARS OF STONE is an album of collaborations with pop artists on original tunes (Joni Mitchell sings on a version of her own "Magdalene Laundries") and traditional ones (Bonnie Raitt proves an excellent folk balladeer on "A Stor Mo Chroi"). Bluesy American siren Joan Osborne's take on "Raglan Road" may not equal the version Van Morrison once recorded with the Chieftains, but what could? Countrywoman Sinead O'Connor puts in a particularly strong appearance on the traditional ballad "Factory Girl."
    Additional personnel includes: Bonnie Raitt (vocals, dobro); Brenda Fricker, The Rankins, Natalie Merchant, Joni Mitchell, Sinead O'Connor, Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Loreena McKennitt, Joan Osborne, Akiko Yano, Sissel, Diana Krall (vocals); Eric Della Penna (guitar); Annborg Lien, Eileen Ivers, Natalie MacMaster (fiddle); Mairtin O'Connor (accordion); Patrick Fitzpatrick (keyboards); Hutch Hutchinson (bass); The Screaming Orphans, Anuna (background vocals); Maire Breatnach, The Rankins, The Corrs.

      North Star Grassman And The Ravens CD - Import
      by Sandy Denny
    Our Price: $9.85 CD / $9.99 MP3
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Following her celebrated first stint with Fairport Convention and the dissolution of the short-lived folk rock super-group Fotheringay, Denny recorded a run of fine solo albums during the '70s, interrupted by an artistically-if not commercially-successful reunion with Fairport. THE NORTH STAR GRASSMAN, the first of those solo albums, was co-produced and engineered by the ever-reliable John Wood. It's business as usual as far as participating musicians go. Denny's former Fotheringay companions are present, and ex-Fairport guitar prodigy Richard Thompson is all over the album.

    Freed of the compromises of a democratic group, Denny is able to concentrate on her own material. However, she also finds room for a fine arrangement of the traditional "Black Waterside," a dip into her beloved rock & roll on "Let's Jump the Broomstick," and the obligatory Dylan cover, "Down In The Flood." But it is the quality of the original material that marks this album. Finest are the plaintive "Next Time Around," with a delicate string arrangement by Harry Robinson, and the moody "Late November." "John the Gun" is vintage folk rock, featuring fiddler Barry Dransfield, who is joined on stirring backing vocals by brother Robin and by Royston Wood (ex-Young Tradition).
    Spin (6/88, p.77) - "...her best album..." Uncut (p.119) - 3 stars out of 5 - "[With] the wondrous opener 'Late November' and the harrowingly sad ' Next Time Around'..." The Wire (p.40) - "The tidal surge generated by her group reflects the watery imagery that sluices around the whole album, reinforcing the feeling of impermanence and fragility in Denny's lyrics..."

      Ego CD
      by Oomph
    Our Price: $10.49 CD / $12.19 MP3
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Despite their playful name, Oomph! are a deadly serious industrial metal band whose power in the field is only matched by like-minded souls such as Rammstein. EGO is their 16-track album from 2004.

    2001 album from the harsh industrial metalists.

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