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      Jazz The World Forgot Vol. 1 CD
      by Vintage Collection
    Our Price: $14.65 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    The vintage music on this first of two CDs put out in 1996 by Yazoo is consistently enjoyable and heated. Unfortunately, the rather random selection of 23 selections by 23 bands, although full of hot obscurities, does not include complete sessions, is not programmed in chronological order, and (most inexcusably) does not give the personnel or exact dates. So what should have been an essential acquisition ends up being a worthwhile sampler that will force serious collectors to consult their discographies. But musically, there are quite a few memorable moments. Included on this CD are one selection apiece by Louis Dumaine's Jazzola Eight, Roy Johnson's Happy Pals, Mamie Smith, Sam Morgan, the Pickett-Parham Apollo Syncopators, Paul Tremaine's Aristocrats (the classic "Four-Four Rhythm"), Charlie Johnson, Bennie Moten, the Ross De Luxe Syncopators, Frenchy's String Band, Taylor's Dixie Serenaders, Jelly Roll Morton, Ben Tobier's California Cyclones, Fowler's Favorites, Oliver Naylor, George McClennon's Jazz Devils, Floyd Mills' Marylanders, Maynard Baird, King Oliver, Gowan's Rhapsody Makers, Sammie Lewis' Bamville Syncopators, the Hotentots and Frankie Franko. ~ Scott Yanow

      Jazz The World Forgot, Vol. 2 CD
      by Vintage Collection
    Our Price: $14.65 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    The second of two CDs put out by Yazoo that has a variety of obscurities (plus a few better-known performances) from the 1920s, Jazz the World Forgot, Vol. 2 shares with the earlier volume the fault of not listing the full personnel and the exact recording dates. Musically, the program contains 23 selections from as many groups (this is not a release for completists) and covers a wide span of hot '20s jazz, with one number apiece from J. Neal Montgomery, Sam Morgan, the Whoopee Makers, Andy Preer & the Cotton Club Orchestra, George McClennon's Jazz Devils, Edna Winston, Louis Dumaine's Jazzola Eight, Clarence Williams (featuring Sidney Bechet on "Wild Cat Blues"), Dixon's Jazz Maniacs, the Ross De Luxe Syncopators, Paul Howard's Quality Serenaders, Bennie Moten, Bennett's Swamplanders, Phil Baxter, Thomas Morris & His Seven Hot Babies, Johnny DeDroit, Lou Weimer, Reb Spikes Majors & Minors, Charles Creath's Jazz-O-Maniacs, King Oliver, Slim Lamar, the Five Hot Chocolates and the New Orleans Owls. ~ Scott Yanow

      Jazz New Orleans Style CD - Import
      by Compilation
    Our Price: $18.19 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Recorded between 1918 & 1932.
    Personnel: Leonard Mitchell (vocals, banjo); Jelly Roll Morton (vocals, piano); Rene Gelpi, Johnny St. Cyr (guitar, banjo); Joe Cupero (guitar); Charles Bocage, Mike Holloway, Bill Eastwood, Emanuel Sayles, ... Full DescriptionLou Black, Barney Alexander, John Marrero , Michael Holloway, Bud Scott (banjo); Armand Piron (violin); Paul Barnes (clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); Sidney Bechet (clarinet, soprano saxophone); Cliff Holman, Benjie White, Pinky Vidacovich, Leon Roppolo, Tony Parenti (clarinet, alto saxophone); Charlie Cordella, Lorenzo Tio, Jr. (clarinet, tenor saxophone); Harry Shields (clarinet, baritone saxophone, bass saxophone); Charlie Scaglioni, George Baquet, Willie Joseph, Johnny Dodds, Larry Shields , Omer Simeon, Sidney Arodin (clarinet); Jack Pettis (saxophone, alto saxophone, C-melody saxophone); Sid Carriere (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Hal Jordy (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone); Louis Warnecke, Theodore Purnell, Walter Thomas (alto saxophone); Eddie Powers, Ed Powers, Earl Pierson, Tony Papalia, Lester Smith, Howard Martin, David "Davey" Jones , Joe Thomas , Louis James, Barney Bigard (tenor saxophone); Reverend Charlie Jackson (baritone saxophone, bass saxophone); Sharkey Bonano (trumpet, cornet); David Richards , Boyd "Red" Rosser, Peter Bocage, Tommy Ladnier (trumpet); Johnny de Droit, Sterling Bose, Johnny Bayersdorffer, Albert Brunies , George Mitchell, Louis Dumaine, Oscar Celestin, Bill Padron, Henry Knecht, Richard Alexis, King Oliver, Lee Collins, Louis Armstrong, Nick LaRocca, Paul Mares (cornet); John Lindsay, Teddy Nixon, Eddie Edwards, Georg Brunis, George Brunies, Johnny Lindsey, Emile Christian, Roy Palmer, Honore Dutrey, Joe Loyacano, Avery Loposer, Frank Netto, August Rousseau, Earl Humphrey, Kid Ory, Santo Pecora, Tom Brown, Charlie Irvis (trombone); Jeanette Salvant, Elmer Schoebel, John Miller , Sigfre Christensen, Frank Cuny, Morris Rouse, Steve Lewis III, Henry Ragas, John David Miller, Johnny Riddick, Vic Lubowski, Glyn Lea "Red" Long, Freddy Newman, Joe Robechaux, Henry Duncan, Lil Armstrong, Lil Hardin, WhoMadeWho, Earl Hines (piano); Felix Guarino, George Triay, Frank Snyder, Paul de Droit, Alonzo Crumby, James Willigan, Louis Cottrell, Sr., Leon "Leo" Adde, Joe Stroughter-Raphael, Earl Crumb, Morris Morand, William Laws, Abbey Chinee Foster, Monk Hazel, Andrew Hilaire, Baby Dodds, Tony Sbarbaro (drums).

      At The Jazz Band Ball CD - Import
      by Compilation
    Our Price: $21.29 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    24 track compilation contains big band music from 1927-50, featuring Muggsy Spanier, Earl Hines, Bob Crosby, Red McKenzie, George Wettling, Louis Armstrong, Wild Bill Davison, Art Hodes, Kid Ory, Edie Condon, Wingy Manone, Bechet/Spanier Big Four, Venuti

    Recorded between 1927 and 1950. Contains 24 tracks.

    Performers include: Muggsy Spanier, Earl Hines, Bob Crosby, Red McKenzie, George Wetting, Louis Armstrong, Wild Bill Davison, Art Hodes, Kid Ory, Eddie Condon, Wingy Manone, The Bechet/Spanier Big Four, The Venuti/Lang All Stars, New Orleans Rhythm Kings, Dutch Swing College Band, Mezzrow/Ladnier Quintet, Jack Teagarden's Big Eight, Miff Mole's Molers.

      Big "T" CD - Import
      by Jack Teagarden
    Our Price: $34.29 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Judging from the evidence included in this anthology, the contract that kept Teagarden roped in as a member of the Paul Whiteman Orchestra during the years 1933-1939 does not appear to have been all that exclusive or difficult to break, for during that period he was able to record as leader of his own orchestra, and with groups led by Condon, Frankie Trumbauer, Adrian Rollini, and Benny Goodman, who featured young Billie Holiday on "Riffin' the Scotch." Teagarden's resurgence of complete autonomy is represented by his recordings with the Metronome All-Star Band, the Capitol Jazzmen, Bud Freeman's Famous Chicagoans, Eddie Condon's Orchestra, Teagarden's own Big Eight, and his increasingly popular big band.

    In 1947, Big T became a primary member of Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars, and much of the closing portion of this compilation is filled with examples of that very traditional group's work, in the studio and in live performance at Symphony Hall in Boston, at Town Hall in New York, and at the Civic Auditorium in Pasadena. The fourth disc ends with three recordings made by Teagarden's Sextet in November of 1953, with his brother Charlie blowing trumpet and their sister Norma Teagarden at the piano. Although Proper has only scratched the surface, this weighty retrospective is a wonderful way to get to know one of the most endearing and accomplished personalities in all of traditional jazz.
    A few of those early efforts are nestled in with examples of his work with an orchestra under the leadership of violinist Joe Venuti and guitarist Eddie Lang, and with Irving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Gang, a ten-piece ensemble that included cornetist Bix Beiderbecke.

      Breaking Out Of New Orleans 1922-1929 CD - Import
      by Compilation
    Our Price: $26.79 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    JSP's Breaking Out of New Orleans compiles four CDs with 101 tracks containing a mixture of both rare and classic jazz from the '20s, including the Original Tuxedo Jazz Band, Piron's New Orleans Orchestra, Red Onion Jazz Babies, Cookie's Generals, New Orleans Wanderers, and Chicago Footwarmers. While this set excludes solo recordings by Louis Armstrong, he is featured as an ensemble player along with other superlative musicians of the genre like Kid Ory, Sidney Bechet, Lil Armstrong, Freddie Keppard, and Johnny Dodds. These historic prewar recordings have been remastered, and the majority of this material sounds decent as most JSP sets do. The liner notes are informative, listing personnel, dates, and concise history without going on ad nauseam. Since this is a budget-priced set, it is highly recommended for both the jazz novice and collector. ~ Al Campbell
    This collection concerns itself with their compatriots and contemporaries, presenting 101 historic recordings by numerous hot ensembles featuring a host of New Orleans' finest, including Oscar 'Papa' Celestin, Louis Dumaine, Lee Collins, Armand Piron, Freddie Keppard and Johnny Dodds. Customary JSP remastering and packaging with an authoritative essay by Keith Briggs.

      The Luis Russell Story 1929-1934 CD
      by Luis Russell
    Our Price: $17.29 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Recording information: New York, NY (01/15/1929-08/08/1934).

    Director: Luis Russell.
    Photographer: Laurie Wright.
    Personnel: Luis Russell (piano); Elmer Snowden (banjo); Henry "Red" Allen (violin, clarinet, trumpet); J.C. Higginbotham (violin, trombone); Chick Bullock, Walter "Fats" Pichon, Vic Dickenson (violin); Charlie Holmes (clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); Albert Nicholas (clarinet, alto saxophone); Bingie Madison, Greely Walton (clarinet, tenor saxophone); Rex Stewart (clarinet); Henry Jones (alto saxophone); Teddy Hill (tenor saxophone); Gus Aiken, Louis Metcalf (trumpet, trombone); Bill Coleman (trumpet); Dicky Wells, Henry Hicks, Jimmy Archey, Robert Cheek (trombone); Paul Barbarin, Sonny Woods (vibraphone, drums).

    Complete Studio Master Takes (Herbie Nichols Trio) CD - Import
      by Herbie Nichols
    Our Price: $23.29 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    This compilation of work by jazz piano great Herbie Nichols features digital remasters of songs originally released on vinyl. He is variously accompanied by Al McKibbon, Terry Kotick, or George Duvivier on bass and Art Blakey, Max Roach, or Dannie Richmond on drums.

    In what appears to be the first Herbie Nichols compilation of its kind, Lone Hill Jazz presents each and every master take recorded by the Herbie Nichols Trio for both the Blue Note and Bethlehem labels between May 1955 and November 1957. Here Nichols acted in collaboration with bassists Al McKibbon, Teddy Kotick, and George Duvivier, and drummers Art Blakey, Max Roach, and Dannie Richmond; such percussive support was important because one very special aspect of Nichols' music is the manner in which the drummer often carries portions of the melodic line. All previous issues and reissues have maintained a separation along the lines of the original record labels, with most attention being focused upon the amazing Blue Note sessions while the Bethlehem material hovered around like a lesser-known sequel. With all the pieces of the puzzle assembled into one entity, a bigger picture emerges of this brilliant African-American composer and pianist struggling to get his music recorded during the Eisenhower Era, when the entertainment industry was mainly concerned with Elvis Presley, Pat Boone, and Patti Page. Herbie Nichols' original compositions are unique poetic manifestations comparable in many ways to the inventions of Thelonious Sphere Monk. The great surprise here is the appearance of three rare quartet tracks -- including a fine and noble piece of blues -- recorded in March 1952 with guitarist Danny Barker, bassist Chocolate Williams, and drummer Shadow Wilson. These bonus tracks form a stunning coda for this unprecedented portrait of the one, the only Herbie Nichols. ~ arwulf arwulf
    This remastered, 4 LP on 2 CD set includes all the studio recordings released in its day in LP under the name of Herbie Nichols, the co-author with Billie Holiday of the famous 'Lady Sings The Blues' song. Recorded between 1955-1957 in Los Angeles and Hackensack, NJ. Contains the complete LP's 'The Prophetic Herbie Nichols Vol. 1', The Prophetic Herbie Nichols Vol. 2', 'The Art Of Herbie Nichols' & 'Love, Gloom, Cash, Love' and includes a booklet with comprehensive liner notes. Lone Hill Jazz. 2005.

    Complete TV Studio Recordings CD
      by Art Pepper
    Our Price: $8.89 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    This remastered collection of alto sax giant Art Pepper's ubiquitous recordings for late night L.A. television from 1957-1964 boasts three bonus tracks; Includes "Cherokee" and "Stormy Weather." 2005, Spanish import.

    Alto saxophonist Art Pepper succeeded in bringing his music to television audiences on three different occasions. His debut over this otherwise largely square medium was on The Steve Allen Show of January 18, 1957, with pianist Carl Perkins, bassist Ben Tucker, and drummer Chuck Flores. On March 31, 1957, Pepper performed on Bobby Troup's KABC Stars of Jazz Show, with pianists Larry Bunker and Victor Feldman, bassist Don Payne, and once again Chuck Flores behind the drum set. The vocalist on "Stormy Weather" was Pam Russell. The following day, the quartet heard on The Steve Allen Show reconvened and made a series of recordings for a company that pioneered the prerecorded stereo reel-to-reel tape format, then issued on the Aladdin label (see The Art of Pepper, Vol. 3 on Blue Note). Three alternate takes from this session are included here. Anyone familiar with the grim and at times horrifying details of Pepper's difficult life as a strung-out jailbird will understand the rather ominously intense nature of tracks eight through 10, culled from one of Ralph J. Gleason's Jazz Casual shows, recorded in and presumably televised from San Francisco on May 9, 1964. Fortunately, Gleason made room for the artists to stretch out and express themselves at length; "The Trip" runs for eight and a half minutes and a fascinatingly free-flying "D Section" expands to just under a quarter of an hour. The producers of this stunning Lone Hill Jazz compilation have mapped the progression from Pepper's West Coast cool bop to something decidedly darker, freer, and more complex, as the music evolved in ways that were commensurate with the dramatic changes that occurred throughout U.S. society during the late '50s and the early to mid-'60s. ~ arwulf arwulf
    This remastered CD gathers all the Pepper's Quartet recordings waxed in the Television studios between 1957 and 1964. First, two sessions from two Los Angeles shows, the famous The Steve Allen Show (with Carl Perkins on piano, Ben Tucker on bass, Chuck Flores on drums, and Pepper playing clarinet on one title), and the memorable Stars of Jazz Show, hosted by Bobby Troup (with Larry Bunker or Victor Feldman on piano, and others). Finally, a session from the legendary Ralph J. Gleason's Jazz Casual program (with pianist Frank Strazzeri). As bonus tracks, three alternate takes with the unforgettable pianist Carl Perkins, bassist Ben Tucker and drummer Chuck Flores, originally recorded for a company of pre-recorded stereo reel-to-reel tapes. These tracks, Cole Porter's 'Begin The Beguine', Bud Powell's 'Webb City', and George Gershwin's 'Fascinating Rhythm' are veritable rare collectors' items. Lonehill Jazz. 2005.

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